will you

I want to run away
Will you come with me?
As my friend
Will you help me in my time of need?
As my lover
Will you still love me?

I want to be free
I need to be me
Will you accept me?
Wonít you shun me like others have done?
Will you still be Mr. Wonderful?

Together we are one and the same
With a hot base for a heat
Music for blood
Lyrical emotion for a mind
With all this together results in you and I
As friend now
But more to come?

Will you take me?
Hold me embrace me?
When my world seems to crumble
Will you be there to help me put it back together?

I know what you said
Yet I want to know
Can you handle what I bring?

I am high maintenance
I require attention
I require care
I require love
I require everything I donít get now

Once you have me
You got me
Once you say youíre my friend
I will be yours forever
I will be loyal and kind
I will care for you
And tend to your needs
Thatís all I can give
Thatís al I am
I give you me in return for you
Will you still love me?