Why is it that I get scolded for shit I didnít do?
Why is it that I get lectured for what I already know?
Why is it that I cannot be accepted within my own family?
Why is it that I cannot find peace?

Am I not enough for them to accept?
Am I a defect baby from the reject barn?
As much as I try to brush away the negative
And absorb the positive
I get torn down with words from them

Am I not a person?
With feeling and a mind just the same
Do I always have to put on this act?
Can I not be me the way itsí supposed to be?

Itís funny how they want to say what they feel about you
Yet still never know you
Itís funny how they can assume
But never really know
And you can never do the same thing they teach you to do
Because itís wrong yet they can do it

There is this double standard
Invisible yet visible
Not true but is lived as the truth
Canít we all just get along?
No we canít, that possibility has been shot down
Along with all the hopes and dreams that were fallen angels before it

Yet I canít find a reason
No matter how I search
Why these things go on
And break me down

Yet I am still strong and independent
Though I feel defeated
I feel like Egypt falling to Rome
I feel my confidence being drained
From my body heart and soul
There is nothing left but my faded spirit

Yet I still go on
For the one fact
That there will somewhere
I will find the one thing that will set me free
And I can stop asking