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Untitled Story

“Why is it that I can never find a worth while man?” Carres complained to her friend.
“I don’t know. Where do you normally get them? They always seem so good and then do something negative after.” Evelyn commented.
“The last one cheated on me, and if I think back, including him three others cheated on me as well. Then there were two that lied to me about who they were. And the last two told me that they were not married and it turned out they were. Every guy I attract does something wrong or makes me mad. Is there something wrong with me?” Carres said, knowing there was absolutely nothing wrong with her only the guys she met. She chuckled with her comment.
“There is nothing wrong with you and you know it. Your confident, smart, creative, positive, enthusiastic, the list goes on. What guy would not want all that and then some? I think we need to go to different places to meet guys.” Evelyn said as she gave a small laugh to her comment.
“Well I have a bit of paper work to finish. I’m finally to the last of it, even though it only took me two days and I did the bulk of it yesterday. I think maybe after I’ll either stay home and relax or I will go relax somewhere. I don’t know, I’ll talk to you later.”
“By hun.” Evelyn said and hung up the phone.

Carres hung up the phone, and started her work again. She still had half an hour left in her hour break. She decided to get her work finished before she had more pilled on top of it. Carres worked as the CEO of Tigress. Tigress was the top, most successful wed design firm in Atlanta. Evelyn was Carres’s cousin, and best confident. Carres turned back to the paper work on her desk. She had to fill out papers for the company clientele list. She began to think that she should have someone who does this for her. She continued on with her paper work and other work.

She managed to leave the office at five thirty. Just in time for a good dinner, left over’s from the day before, always the best the day after. She parked her BMW in the underground parking garage, and took the elevator up to the fifth floor. She opened the door and stepped into her roomy condo slash loft, and dropped her keys into a basket on the small, round glass table next to the door. She walked through the living room, into the kitchen and opened the fridge; took out a bottle of apple juice and rum. Carres made herself a drink, and took it to her bedroom. She didn’t even bother to get something to eat first. Carres got undressed and laid naked on her bed, drinking the apple juice and rum. After each sip she laid on her back and enjoyed the feeling of the rum running through her tired body. After she was done, she went to the bathroom and set up a bubble bath. Carres pinned up her hair and got into the tube with the hot water. She could feel all the stress and tension ease out of her. She cleared her mind, and relaxed.

After a good hour in the tub, Carres got out with prune skin. She toweled off and rubbed lotion all over. Just as she was about to walk to her room, she heard a knock at the door. Carres was about to go get it, and realized that she was naked. She grabbed a towel that was a bit too short, and wrapped it around her body. Carres answered the door. Just as she was about to say hello, her eyes met with the body of the man standing in front of her. She looked him up and down. He had close cut hair, gorgeous dark brown eyes, and the smoothest brown skin a man could ever posses.
“Um… Hi.” Carres said. Still not believing that this man was real.
“Hi. My name is…um… Dexton. I just moved in here and I was…um…wondering if I could borrow your phone book. I… I… um… wanted to order take out… and... Ah… I don’t have one.”
Dexton fiddled with his fingers. Carres could feel his eyes on her, as she knew he felt her eyes on him.
“ I’m not exactly sure where it is at the moment. But if you come in for a quick second while I put on something… anything… I can find you a menu from a good place I order from.” Carres looked at him anxiously hoping he would say yes.
“Sure. That would be great.” Dexton scolded him self in his mind for sounding too excited. She moved aside, still clutching her towel. He walked in and immediately began to look around.
“You have a nice place here. I still have some moving in to do before I decorate.” Dexton turned to look at her, and noticed she was staring at him. She quickly looked up when she noticed his movement.
“Thanks. If you need any help setting up, let me know and I can always help.” Carres said, with a quick smile.
“Hey, make yourself comfortable. I’ll be back in a flash and get u that menu.” She dashed to her room.

Dexton looked around at the beautiful room. It had a pastel orange color, with a lot of pictures, along with a few paintings of tigers. He noticed a shelf with many awards and plaques on display. Most of them were for outstanding participation, and achievement in some company he didn’t know. He kept looking around. The furniture was a dark color; he almost mistook it for black, which it probably was. Dexton took a step and realized he was on carpet. He looked down at a tiger print area rug. That would explain the colors of the walls and furniture. This lady really loved tigers. He continued to look around. There were pictures with the lady with various people. There was one with her by herself. Dexton picked it up and stared at it. She was sitting at a table, with her legs crossed and in all black apparel. She had her hair down, and she looked very pensive. Just as he put the picture down, she walked into the room.

“I’m back. Let me see now where did I put that menu?” Carres sounded bubbly. She gave Dexton a quick smile, and headed into the kitchen.
“Would you like something to drink while you wait?” She asked hospitably.
“I’m ok thanks.” Dexton walked into the kitchen and sat on a chair. Dexton sat there looking at her in the boxers and tank top she put on. She looked incredibly sexy at that moment.
“You actually came at a good time. I was beginning to get hungry. I just got home about an hour ago. O.k. this is a bit weird. I just used the thing last night and now I can’t find it. I use it so rarely, I never know where it is.” Carres said chuckling as she began to search around again.
“You know what don’t trouble your self. Since we are both hungry, why don’t we just go out to dinner together. My treat for you kindness and effort.” Dexton suggested.
“Really? Wow! That’s very nice of you. I would love to go. Where should we go though. I’m not too picky so It’s basically where ever you choose.” She said as she leaned on the counter.
“Well. What are you in the mood for?” He asked.
“To be honest. I really feel like a burger with some fries and a milk shake. Oh! You know the best place to get that? Friendly’s! It’s a bit far out, but it is the best!” Carres said with excitement. It has been a while since she ate at Friendly’s. Dexton watched her face light up, and couldn’t help smiling.
“Well it’s decided. Friendly’s it is. I do have to change though. How about I come back here in about half an hour, and we go.” He said.
“That’s great! If you want we can take my car, or would u prefer yours?” She asked.
“We can take mine. My treat my ride. I’ll be back in half an hour.” He got up and they walked to the door. Just as he reached to open it, he turned around.
“By the way, what’s your name? I forgot to ask before.” Dexton asked.
“Oh my, I’m sorry. I’m Carres. You pronounce it like Caress the body wash. Mine is just spelt different.” Carres said with a big smile on her face.
“That is a beautiful name. It almost exceeds the beauty of the beholder.” He said smoothly, just as he opened the door and walked out.

Carres took a step from the door, and took a deep breath. “What a gorgeous man?” She thought. She pictured his image in her mind. He had the deepest dark brown eyes. With a luscious lips, well-muscled and toned body. Carres made a girlish squeal, and ran to her room. She turned on her stereo, and put in a reggae cd. She then turned to her closet and tried to decide what to wear. She wanted to look casual but not too casual.

She finally decided on a pair of hip-hugger jeans, a red tank top, and a jean jacket. She combed her hair down and teased it a bit. Just as she was taking out a pair of shoes, she heard a knock. She ran to the door to get it. Carres opened the door and allowed him in.
“If you could wait just two seconds, I just need to put on my shoes.” She said. He nodded in response. He was wearing a pair of jeans, with timberlands, and a red rocca wear shirt.
Carres walked to her room, and put on her red Nikes, put on her red cherry necklace, and sprayed a little perfume. She shook her head from side to side and then grabbed her keys and purse.
“Ok. Lets go!” Carres said. Dexton walked to the door, and held it open for her. They walked down the car garage.
“I’m starving. It’s about time I get to eat.” He said.
“Oh! I know what you mean. I haven’t eaten since five thirty this morning. I had to work through lunch. I wanted to eliminate any work that I would normally have to do over the weekend. I’m having my cousin visit. So I wanted to finish everything. I know I will have a whole different stack waiting for me on Monday.” Carres said as she stuck out her tongue to the last comment.
“What do you do?” Dexton asked. He was genuinely interested.
“Well, currently, I own my own company. It’s a computer communications firm. It’s called Tigress. At my company we do graphics, advertising, various forms of media editing, web design, computer programming, we work with the technical parts of computers too. We do a lot more, but there is too much to describe. I’m trying to be able to get a part of the company to be able to make our own line of computers, and design our own software and things. Then after we do that, I want to be able to put them on the market and make them a huge success. So now that I’m done with my babbling, what do you do?” By the time Carres had said all that, they reached the car garage. They walked up to Dexton’s car. It was a Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder.
“Wow! This is a hot car! I was going to get another kind of Eclipse when I went to get my car. It’s my favorite color! I love Eclipse models, they look so sleek and sexy.” Carres said with incredible excitement. He opened the door for her and waited till she got in, and then went to the other side and got in.
“Well I noticed everyone around here has luxury cars. Good thing I got my new job recently to be able to buy mine. What kind do u have?”
“Well I have a BMW 760iL. I love my car to death. It’s a v-12 engine, has so much power and everything. I had subwoofers put in I have a banging system. I have leather interior, and the whole nine. But the way things going now, I could trade it in and get a brand new car, but I’m so attached to mine.” Carres said with a large smile on her face.
“I see you’re a car lover like myself.” Dexton commented. He was tryin to say as little as possible to be able to get to know this lovely lady.
“I am. I love cars. Since I was in high school I have loved the Mazda 6. It’s a regular sedan but it has such a sporty look, like it could be a fierce tiger looking back at you. If you hadn’t noticed I love cars, music, tiger, and the color red. Oh and my job, I forgot that one.” She said. The continued conversation all the way until they reached Friendly’s. When he parked, he got out and opened the door for her.
“Your such a gentleman. I’m highly impressed.” Carres said winking at him. She got out and waited for him to lock the car. They went in and ordered, eating and having lively conversation. While eating desert, they sampled each other’s ice cream, and laughed till they could laugh no more. They discussed music, cars, hobbies, work, friends, funny memories, and everything in between. As they were leaving the restaurant, they were holding hands. Neither of them noticed it at all, it just happened. Dexton opened the car door for her, and went to the other side. As they were driving back, the rode in a comfortable silence listening to some soft music and relaxing. They reached their building not too soon after, all too soon to suit either of them.
“Well we’re here. I had fun, we should do this again.” Dexton said, before he got out to open her door.
“You know your right. Hey which apartment are you in? You already know mine.” Carres said with a small smile.
“I’m in D, right across the hall from you.” Dexton said.
“Really! You aren’t serious. Well then in that case. You will be seeing me more often. Really, we should chill more; it’s fun and a great stress reliever. I was all to bent up when I got home. I feel like watching a movie. Hey you want to come over and watch one
with me. I don’t have to get my cousin until eleven and now it’s eight.” Carres offered.
“Sure. Not like I have anything to do, except un pack and I would rather watch a movie, so lets go.” Dexton said.

They walked up to Carres’s apartment. Dexton went across to his apartment and put on a tee shirt and a pair of sleep pants while Carres put on some pajamas. Carres made popcorn while Dexton picked the movie. They got into comfortable positions on opposite sides of Carres’s couch. Dexton picked Blue Streak, with Martin Lawrence. After the movie the two relaxed and conversed.

“That was so funny. Next time we have to watch the Chris Rock movie I have. That one is hilarious.” Carres said smiling.
“You have bigger and blacker? I do too I love that movie. Oh the best part is when he’s talking about the government being drug dealers! I have the Def Comedy Jam DVDs, the old ones with Martin and Chris Tucker. Those are more than hilarious.”
“You want something to drink? I’m thirsty now. By the way what time is it?” Carres said while getting up.
“Yeah, I’ll take what ever you have. Now it is ten o’clock give or take a minute.” Dexton said sitting up.
“OH SHIT! Are you kidding me? I have to get my cousin in an hour and the traffic at the airport is terrible. I got to get out of here. I’m so sorry I wasn’t even watching the time. Damn! Ok I need to go change.” Carres said rushed.

Dexton got up to leave, and was a little surprised when Carres slowed down enough to walk him to the door and give him a quick hug. He walked across the hall and went into his apartment. About five minutes later he heard Carres’s door slam as she left. He went into his bathroom and took a quick shower. After getting something to drink he took a good book and laid in bed.

Carres was speeding down the highway on her way to the airport to catch her cousin’s flight in time. It was a good thing that her car had police radar in it. Every time it went off she slowed to the speed limit, and busted off again. Luckily the airport wasn’t far from her house. Carres managed to reach the airport by ten forty five. Now all she had to do was find a close parking spot to the gate her cousin’s flight came in. After ten minutes she finally got a good space. Then she sprinted from her car and to the gate. Just as she got there and sat down, the flight arrived. Carres scanned the crowd for her cousin.

She saw Evelyn in a pair of jeans and a red tee shirt with a backpack. Evelyn stopped to talk to a flight attendant, and then stopped to search through the crowd for Carres. Carres got up and went over to her, and gave her a big huge hug.

“I missed you. Your finally here!” Carres squeezed her cousin tight and her cousin squeezed back. After they let go, the looked at each other trying to find any physical changes since the last time they saw each other.
“ We have to go to customs. I have to get my bags.” Carres nodded. They walked down to customs laughing and talking. They got Evelyn’s bags and exited out of the airport. On the drive home, Evelyn admired her cousin’s car, as Carres talked about her company. “So enough with the corporate stuff. Tell me about new stuff.” Evelyn said.
“There hasn’t been any new stuff really.” Carres said, not wanting to tell Evelyn quite yet about Dexton.
“You Lie! I know there is something new. I can tell it in your voice. You’re hiding something from me.” Evelyn said knowingly.
“Fine. I met a guy.” Carres said plainly as if it was nothing big.
“Really! Tell me about him. Waite, I just talked to you today how long have you know this guy?”
“I met him just today. When I got home from work, I was planning on just relaxing until it was time to get you. But after I got out of the tub, he knocked on my door. So I grab a towel and go to get the door. He had come over to ask me for a phone book, because he had just moved in. Evelyn I swear when I looked at him, I was like damn! He lives in apartment D and I live in C so we are right across from each other. So anyway, here I am in a towel, and he’s in some grimy clothes from his unpacking and decorating. And I’m like ‘come in, and I’ll change and get you the menu.’ So I go and change into some boxers and a tank top, and I couldn’t find the menu or the phonebook. Then he offers to take me out to dinner. I was like sure. It was really casual. We went to Friendly’s. He gave me choice and I was feelin like a burger and some fries. So we go. He is so cool, and a perfect gentleman. He opened doors for me and everything, and he paid. He has an Eclipse Spyder. Those are one of the hottest convertibles out there right now. We talked about cars, music, books, everything. And then after I, randomly, felt like watching a movie. So I invited him to join me. He said yes. So we both changed into pajamas, and then when he came back he chose Corky Romano. It was so funny. And then right after I was going to make us some drinks and I was like ‘damn! Got to come get you.’ So I left and he went back to his apartment. And that was about it.” Carres said. She took a deep breath as if she had said all that in one big breath.
“So it has been a rather productive weekend.” Carres commented lastly.
“Well it sure has. I want to meet him, this weekend.” Evelyn said excitedly.
“No! I just met him. The next time you come I’ll let you meet him. Let me get to meet him a little more before you do. Gee just met the guy today and already you want to initiate play matchmaker.” Carres said while smiling at her cousin.
“Well fine. Do you have any liquor at your house? I’m kind of in the mood for some. We can chill in your room and talk about stuff, and stuff.”
“Sure we can style our hair and paint our nails and talk about girl stuff.” Carres said laughing. They continued the ride to Carres’s house. Which was rather short. Carres drove up to her building, and drove to the underground garage. The unloaded Evelyn’s bags and brought them upstairs. When Carres opened her door and allowed Evelyn to enter first she heard a big gasp.
“Wow!” That was the only word that came out of Evelyn’s mouth.
“Did you get a decorator to do this? This is so cool. I love the color, and I can tell you still love tigers.” Still in amazement.
“Actually I did it myself. I just used my wonderful creativity. Come on lets get you settled.” Carres closed the door and helped Evelyn bring her bags to the bedroom.

That night Evelyn and Carres talked until two in the morning. They slept late and enjoyed cooking breakfast and listening to music. That day they decided to go to the mall for a little shopping.

“I suggest we look out for some cute guys. That should be fun. Even though so far I haven’t seen any cute guys.” Evelyn suggested humorously.
“Don’t you already have a man?” Carres asked.
“Yes but see looking is different from having, and I’m only looking because I already have.” Evelyn said.
“Well technically that made no sense, but I do know what you mean. It can’t hurt to look for a few guys to flirt with can it? Besides I don’t have anyone to worry about, because I don’t have a man.” Carres said, both girls laughing. They took a turn, and walked into Forever 21.
“I don’t know why I always come in here. My but is too big to fit into any of the clothes they have here. I can only fit their shirts.”
“Really? I find their clothes to be comfortable.” Evelyn commented.
“It’s funny when I was fat I couldn’t fit into these clothes, and now that I’m skinny I still can’t fit because I got me a badunkadunk. I got too much hip and dip.” Carres said, laughing and making Evelyn bust out laughing as well.
“ Well just for that reason I’m going to make you try on some things. Maybe we may find a hot outfit, you never know.” Evelyn said still giggling form her cousin’s comment.

Evelyn made Carres try on various jeans and shirts. All of the shirts looked fabulous, but the jeans didn’t look too good on Carres. They either were too tight, or didn’t have enough hip room, or was too low, or too high. There were too many complications to count. Evelyn finally picked out a dress that she figured would look nice on Carres. The dress was shot and red with black print. The dress had small slits in the side and was sleeveless. It had an Asian style to it, and looked incredibly nice.

“Wow! This dress is great.” Carres said while trying on the dress in the dressing room. “Come out let me see you. You can do a bit of modeling for me.” Evelyn said excited from Carres’s reaction to the dress. Carres came out and Evelyn was stunned.
“You were right it does suite you. You should definitely get that one. You could wear it on your next date with Mr. Across the hall.” Evelyn said with a devilish smile.
“I think this is a pretty great dress. Something that will turn heads everywhere. After I wear it out it will be the dress seen around the world. Just for kicks, it might take the place of the J. Lo dress!” Carres joked. She decided to buy the dress. Afterwards they went to Pay Less. The only place to buy more than one pair of cute shoes for a cute price.

By the time the left the mall their arms were full of bags. They got in the car and blasted the radio on the way home. Before they got to Carres’s house they stopped at the supermarket to get some things to make fried fish with rice and peas. Evelyn knew how much Carres loved fried snapper, and it was one of her favorite things to make.

They parked in the parking garage and divided up the bags. They were overloaded with bags and cracking up with joke after joke that each made. Just as they reached Carres’s door, still laughing with Carres searching for her key, Dexton came out of his apartment. Carres turned around as she heard the door close.
“Hey! How are you?” Carres said trying to stop laughing.
“I’m great. I see that you are as well. Is this your cousin?” He asked.
“Yes! Dexton this is my cousin Evelyn, Evelyn this is Dexton.” She introduced.
“Nice to meet you.” They both said.
“So where are you off to?” Carres asked Dexton.
“I have a meeting at work and I have some work to pick up as well. Aren’t you glad you finished yours? I got to get going before I’m late. See you both later.” Dexton said with a smile and continued on his way down the hallway.
“He really is cute. I just thought you were exaggerating.” Evelyn said with surprise.
“No he is really that damn sexy. Anyway, I found the key lets get this stuff inside, I want to match shoes and outfits.

The girls went in and spent the rest of the night trying on clothes and shoes and laughing and having a wonderful time. They decided to watch a movie and eat pizza for dinner, instead of fish and rice.The next day during lunch the girls decided

“Maybe we should make some fish with rice and peas and vegetables?” Evelyn suggested. “Snapper would be very nice.” She commented again.
“You have been thinking about this for a while haven’t you?” Carres said.
“Actually yes, because I’ve been craving to cook and eat some fish from a while before I came to visit you. I just never got around to it when I was at home.”
“Alright that’s what we will have for dinner. But remember when I cook, it tastes great but doesn’t look all that. I’m getting better at making it look great, now it only looks good.” They laughed. After eating lunch they stopped at Carres’s office. Carres just wanted to stop and check on things, and she took home a light workload to do at home. Afterwards they went to the super market to pick up the ingredients for their dinner. Carres was cleaning the fish while Eve was preparing the seasonings and the frying pan. The peas were on the stove cooking, almost ready for the rice to be added. The juice was already made and cooling in the fridge. The only thing left was to fry the fish and finish the rice.

“You know if I had known that you were so much fun I would visit more often.” Eve said winking
“Ha ha ha. We are just too busy but it’s all good.” Carres said.
“Yeah, but you know what you need to hurry up with them fish. I got to season them.”
“ O.K. but if you wanted them they were sitting in the bowl in the sink. I just finished them, Slick!” Carres said laughing.
“What ever.” Eve said rolling her eyes at Carres. Suddenly there was a knock at the door.

“I wonder who that is? I’m not expecting anyone.” Carres wiped her hands on a towel and went to open the door.

“Hey! How are you? Come in.” She said warmly.
“Thanks. I’m good and you?” Dexton said entering the apartment.
“I’m doing pretty good thanks. So what’s going on?” Carres asked.
“Well I just wanted to know if you would be willing to go with me to a company party. I need a date and you are the best candidate.” Dexton had a look in his eye like he was hoping that she would say yes.
“ We I don’t know I mean my cousin is here and all…OUCH!” Evelyn pinched Carres. “What!” Carres turned to her cousin and said through clenched teeth.
“Can I talk to you for a minute?” They walked into the kitchen.
“What?” Carres said whispering.
“ Why are you turning him down? You are such an idiot.” Evelyn said.
“Because you’re here and I want to spend as much time as possible with you.” Carres justified.
“Do you actually want to go?”
“I would but only because it’s him.” Carres said.
“ I’ll be fine. Go he looks like a worthwhile catch. Go for it! You’ll be and idiot to say no!”
“O.K. I’ll go!” Carres said somewhat excitedly. “I actually want to go too that’s the crazy part.”
“Go I’ll be fine.”

Carres walked back to the living room where Dexton was sitting. Evelyn was attending to the fish, hoping that they hadn’t burned.
“So what should I wear?” Carres asked Dexton.
“You’ll go?”
“ Yeah, my cousin is always around one night without me won’t make her more lonely than usual.”
“Well I’ll come and get you tomorrow at say seven?” He asked.
“Sure. Is it a formal event?” Carres said trying to picture an outfit in her mind.
“Yeah it is, but knowing you, you’ll look great in anything.” Dexton says smoothly and winks at her.
“Well, thank you.” Carres says in a flirtatious tone.
“O.K. I’ll see you guys later. I’m going to go and get something to eat.”
“We are actually making fried snapper, if you want to stay for dinner.” Carres said. Carres turned to the kitchen and called out to her cousin inquiring if there was enough for three.
“There’s plenty. I’m putting them on now, and the rice and peas is going.” Eve confirmed.
“So there’s enough we don’t mind you staying. You should. When was the last time you had good snapper?” Carres said with a smile trying to persuade him.
“Not in a long time. If your really don’t’ mind I would love to stay.” Dexton said.
“Cool! Well have a seat, if you want at the table while we finish up.”
“Sure. Is there anything I can do to help?” He asked.
“Of course. You can set the table. Oh what do you want to drink?” Carres said.
“What do you have?”
“I have coke, apple juice, hypnotic, Bailey’s Irish cream, rum, and water.” Carres said as she took stock of her fridge.
“No alcohol for me. I’ll have apple juice.” Dexton said.
“Cool.” Carres said laughing. Thinking how she had a fridge full of liquor and the man doesn’t drink. He must think that she is a drunk. When truly she didn’t drink very often and when she did drink she drank in small amounts. Carres just liked to have a variety in her selection of beverages.
“Do you cook?” Evelyn asked starting up a new conversation.
“Of course I do! I love to cook.” Dexton answered with enthusiasm.

While Dexton finished setting the table, Evelyn finished cooking the last of the fish, and Carres made some iced tea. They all finished what they were doing and sat at the table.

“Lets say grace.” Said Evelyn.
“Since when do you say grace?” Carres said knowing that Evelyn wasn’t particularly religious enough to say grace at a meal.
“Don’t question your elders.” Evelyn said trying to use what ever “elder” power she had over Carres.
“Fine…elder by two years.” Carres’s sarcasm laid heavily in that comment.
“Shh…bow your heads…GOD we ask you to bless the food we are about to eat. Bless the hands that prepared it and a big blessing to the one who set the able and bless my cousin with a little more charm so he will like her. Amen.”
Evelyn didn’t look around after she finished her obvious prayer. She immediately headed for the fish and started to dish her plate. After Carres said amen and looked at her cousin. Non-verbally scolding her.
Everyone served themselves and began to eat. After dinner they all sat and talked about politics, economy, music, and other topics. Sharing funny experiences, and laughing at embarrassing moments. For desert they had ice cream.

“Well thank you ladies, for the wonderful evening, but I must be going I have to get to work early so I can leave early tomorrow.” Dexton said while getting up and clearing his plate.
“Sure. I’m glad you had fun.” Carres got up and walked him to the door.
“See you tomorrow.” He said going through the door.
“See you tomorrow.” Carres said watching him cross the hallway.
“Oh. I’ll make sure I call you before I come over.” Dexton said turning around.
“Ok. Waite do you have my number?” Carres said raising an eyebrow inquisitively.
“You know I don’t think so.”
“Hold on a second.” Carres went in and wrote her number on a post it note.
“Here you go, and I will see you tomorrow.” Carres said leaning on the doorframe.
Dexton nodded and turned back to his own door to open it. Carres closed the door behind him and smiled. She leaned on the door with eyes closed. Suddenly her eyes flew open.
“What am I going to wear?” Carres said with an almost scared look on her face. “Shit! What am I going to wear? Evelyn…”
“Come on don’t freak out on me now. Let’s go check your closet.”

Together the two of them went through Carres’s closet. They came down to three outfits. One was a black spaghetti strap dress. The second was a red and black dress with the shoes to match. The dress had a hem that slanted down from mid-thigh down to the calf. The third dress was an evening gown that was a white and black tube top with a flower design with white and black shoes to match.

“I don’t’ kwon just how formal this is. I’m going to call Dexton and ask. Oh crap! I don’t have his number I’ll have to go over. Ok I’ll be right back.” She was out the door before Evelyn could say anything, while wearing the third dress. Carres knocked on Dexton’s door. Shortly he opened the door in a tux shirt and pants.
“What’s up? I wasn’t expecting to see you so dressed up until tomorrow.” Dexton said with a small smile.
“I came to ask you just how formal is this. I have managed to narrow it down to three outfits. The one I have on included.”
“Well, what a coincidence I’m trying to pick what to wear as well. How about you help me pick and I’ll help you pick.” Dexton said.
“That’s a pretty good idea, but then that would ruin the surprise of how great we both will look.” Carres said and smiled flirtatiously.
“True, true. Ok give me a short summery of your choices and I’ll try and give you an opinion and you do the same for me.” Dexton said refining his suggestion.
“Ok. The first one is a black spaghetti strap dress. The second is a red and black spaghetti strap. The hem, it goes from mid-thigh down. And the third I have on.”
“Ok. I have a vague picture of the other 2. I can narrow you down to 2 dresses. The black and red or the one you’re wearing. Now for me, I have a black pin striped tux with a white shirt and black tie. Or I have a plain black tux with a black vest. And lastly a dark blue pin striped tux with a white shirt blue vest and no tie.”
“I can see you in the black or blue pin stripe.” Carres said.
“I was beginning to narrow it down to that anyway.” He said.
“Well I guess we should to figure it out and blow each other away tomorrow.”
Carres said. Dexton nodded in agreement. “See you then.”
Carres turned and went into her own apartment. She walked to her bedroom and saw her cousin lying on the bed waiting for her.
“We narrowed it down to 2 dresses. Numbers 2 and 3, I personally like 2, and I do believe that is my choice. Now all we have to do is figure out my hair. The outfit was the hard part.” Carres said with a weary smile looking at her cousin. Evelyn got up and they went to work teasing Carres’s hair into various styles. They tried up styles, and various looks Carres could wear down. The style they picked was a down style with waves and a few curly tendrils at the side.
“It’s about time we finish my hair. I am so tired, and I have to wake up to go to work early to leave early. So lets go to bed. We can readjust my hair tomorrow. Good night.” Carres said as she climbed into bed. Evelyn didn’t feel like going to be yet. She went into the kitchen and got some water, and laid on the couch and watched some TV until she fell asleep.

The next morning Carres woke up at 4:30 and got to work at 5:30. She raced through her paper work and continued a few programming projects she was working on. Carres decided to work through lunch to be able to get out earlier. She managed to finish everything by 3:30, and decided to go home and take a nap until 5:00. That way the ten hours she had put in that day would wear off enough to give her energy to enjoy the night with Dexton.

Chapter 2

At 5:00 Evelyn finished making herself something to eat, and went to wake up Carres.
“WAKE UP!” Evelyn shouted. Carres slowly opened her eyes and looked at her cousin.
“That is a rude and horrific way to wake anyone. I’m going to roll over and you try that again.” Carres whispered.
“WAKE YOUR ASS UP!” Evelyn shouted again. Carres rolled over again and stuck up her middle finger at Evelyn.
“I’m awake. I need a shower, and then we can get to work.” Carres got up and stretched and headed to the bathroom.
When she came out, Evelyn had already taken out her dress and shoes and the curling iron on.
“Alright chic, sit your behind down and lets get to work.” Evelyn said taking command. Evelyn started work on Carres’s hair, which didn’t take long because Carres had a relaxer that made her hair very easy to work with. After the hair, Carres put on lotion on her body and put on her underwear. She looked at the time and it said six thirty. Carres then put on the outfit she chose. She looked in the mirror and nodded in approval, everything fit together nicely. She then went to her closet and took out a small black purse. She put her cell phone, id, lip-gloss, compact, and keys in it. Evelyn was surprised that so much fit in such a little bag. They then headed to Carres’s jewelry box, and chose a simple silver necklace with the earrings, and bracelet to match. Carres then put on her shoes and brushed a quick coat of nail polish, which matched the shade of red on her dress, over her nails. Just as she was putting on her perfume, the phone rang. It was Dexton, calling two minutes before seven. Carres answered the phone.

“Good evening, I was calling to inquire if you were all ready to depart for tonight’s festivities?” Dexton said in a smooth accent.
“Why yes I am, monsieur.” Carres said.
“Well I will be over in just two minutes, I just have to put on my shoes and I will be right over.” He said.
“Alright.” They hung up the phone. Carres looked in the mirror and then looked at Evelyn, getting a nod of approval. By the time Carres grabbed a black jacket out of her closet and walked to the kitchen to get a sip of water, Dexton was at the door. Evelyn half ushered and half shoved Carres into her room, and went to open the door.
“Good evening, don’t you look sharp. I see you chose the black one, very nice very nice.” Evelyn said sounding as if she was trying to butter up Dexton.
“Well let see how miss miss in there turned out. Carres, sweetheart, would you please grace us with your presence.” Evelyn cooed.
Carres walked through her room door with her head high, shoulders back, and a bright smile on her face.

“Bon soir, Monsieur!” Carres said happily in French.
“Oh man, not French, I don’t remember it that well.” Dexton said laughing.
“O.K. I’m going to try. Vous…avez…trés belle! Did I do that right?” He said.
“Oui, tu fais bien. I just said yes, you did good.” Carres said smiling even more at his effort.
“Well my dear, are you ready to go?” Dexton said.
“I suddenly wish I had a camera to take a picture of you two.” Evelyn said and they all laughed. Dexton held out his arm and Carres put hers through and they walked down the hall to the parking garage to Dexton’s car. He opened the door for Carres and allowed her to get in and then went around. On the way there, Dexton put on some reggae music, and of course Carres turned it up. They arrived in style, with some loud attention grabbing music. They got out of the car laughing about it. Dexton handed his keys to the valet, and escorted Carres inside.
The hotel was gorgeous. As they walked through the front door there was a large chandelier, and the floors were gold marble tile, there were Doric columns everywhere. Dexton escorted her into a large ballroom off to the side of the entrance hall. Carres looked around in total awe. She noticed that all the people who worked there wore black tux pants and jackets with a gold tie and a white shirt. The tables were covered with gold and white tablecloths and the chairs had golden slipcovers over them. Dexton gave his name at the table right next to the entrance of the ballroom, and was then escorted to the table they were seated at. There were 3 couples already seated at the table, all of them who Dexton knew from work.

“Carres Deer, I would like you to meet Derek Johnson, Mike Daily, and David Romano. Derek, Mike, and David, this is my date Carres Deer.” They all said hello, as Dexton slid out Carres’s chair for her and waited for her to sit down before seating himself. “Carres, this is my girlfriend Sarah.” Derek said. Carres smiled in acknowledgement. “This is my friend Ashley.” Said Mike, again Carres responded with a smile. “Allow me to present my wife, Karen.” Said David looking affectionately at his wife. Carres nodded and smiled.

“So Dexton how did you and Ms. Carres meet?” Derek asked.
“Well, actually we are neighbors, we live across the hall from each other.” Dexton said looking over at Carres.
“Its’ kind of funny how we actually met though. I had just came home from work, and was taking a bath, when Dexton here knocked on my door to ask me for a take out menu so that he could order dinner, since he had just moved in and all.” Carres said.
“Oh, but you can’t forget, that I ended up knocking on your door just as you got out of the shower and was answering the door wrapped in a towel. And after we figured out that she didn’t have a menu, I decided to take her out for dinner and we enjoyed a wonderful meal together.” Dexter said laughing with Carres.
“Ah yes, funny how that happens isn’t it.” Karen said.
“ David and I met actually in the co-ed showers in our dorms during college, and have been friends ever since.” Karen said.

“Karen, you don’t do our story justice. What had happened was, I had just come from working out in the gym, and I went to my room and got what I needed for a shower. I walked into the shower room and noticed that in the adjoining bathroom next to the shower stalls was a girl that I really did not want to see at the time. So I ducked into a shower stall, and it turned out that Karen occupied it. She nearly jumped out of her skin and screamed, but I had to cover her mouth to stop her. After she calmed down I told her to continue what she was doing, and for some reason she did. So I took my shower behind her, and that was how we met, and took our first shower together. After that we just kept bumping into each other until we became friends and then started dating, and hear we are.” David said laughing at the story. Carres looked over at Dexton while laughing and gave him a look that expressed her comical disbelief. The group continued discussing how they all met and other funny memories as dinner was being served.

Through out the night Dexton introduced Carres to some of the most influential people in his company, and other colleagues. The last person he introduced her to was a fairly older woman, who was the wife of the Senior President of the company. The lady was introduced as Mrs. Wilde. After Dexton introduced Carres, she asked to have a word with Carres.

“My dear you are incredibly intelligent and I can see that just from your positive attitude.” She said as she smiled.
“Thank you for the compliment. I can see from your attitude that you are a very important and influential person who knows how to use your power.” Carres said trying to come up with a positive statement that could out do the lady as she started to little verbal banter.
“Ahh, you compete! A wonderful trait for the business world. What do you do my dear?” Mrs. Wilde asked.
“Well, I own my own computer graphics and programming firm. I hope to soon be branching off into creating my own record label, and clothing line as well as a modeling agency. But for right now I am the owner and president of Tigress Graphics.” Carres said proudly.
“Wow! You have a lot on your plate, now and for the future. Well I will be willing to help you in any way that I can. I like you, I can see that you are an excellent businessperson and you are also a good person in general. Here is my card and I want you to call me every so often, you know being an old lady as I am the memory doesn’t work as well.” She laughed, as Carres giggled at her side.
“You aren’t old until you don’t have the ability to be as vibrant as you are.” Carres said and they laughed even more. Just as Carres was about to depart from the lady, she heard Dexton.
“Excuse me ladies, I must interrupt and take me date back.” He said smiling.
“ Of course, Carres remember what I have told you.” Mrs. Wilde said as she winked openly at Carres. Carres shook the lady’s hand and turned her attention to Dexton.
“I didn’t realize but your phone was ringing. I didn’t hear it until it was on the last ring. I didn’t want to go through you purse but when I looked and it said office. So I figured it was important. Maybe you should go outside and take that call.” He said.
“Alright, will you come with me outside?” She asked. He nodded in response.

Carres grabbed her purse as they both excused themselves form their dinner mates. Dexton escorted her outside and while she made the call he stood behind. As it turned out there was nothing wrong at the company, an employee and pressed the wrong button on the phone when making and extension call and it led to her phone. Carres hung up and gave a small laugh. She looked up at Dexton, and told him what was wrong and he laughed as well. The walked back hand in hand. They walked into the ballroom to find most of the crowd dancing on the floor. Dexton looked over at Carres with a look that said ‘may I have this dance?’ Carres had the replying look in her eyes to answer him. He guided her to the floor and they began to dance the night away with the rest of the “young” associates of the company.

By the time they got back. It was well after midnight. They were giggling and trying to whisper down the hall.
“Hey, you want to come in for some coffee or something to drink?” Dexton said as they reached their doors.
“Sure. That would be nice.” Carres replied. Dexton opened the door and held it for her. She walked in and saw a room that was simple yet sophisticated. Dexton’s walls were white and he had blue accessories such as frames, couch cushions, paintings, and a blue patterned area rug. Carres walked in and instantly headed to the pictures that were on the mantle. Dexton closed the door and walked into the kitchen allowing Carres to explore. He put on the kettle to make a cup of coffee for him self. He then walked out into the living room to see Carres looking at the books on his shelf.

“Would you like coffee or sparkling cider?” Dexton said calmly.
“I’ll have coffee thank you. You have a great selection of books, I might have to borrow some of them.” Carres said barley taking her eyes of the prized books appearing as if she didn’t know that Dexton was there. He walked back into the kitchen and took out another cup. He came back to see her at the stereo looking at his selection of cds. She then selected on and put it into the stereo, and pushed play. She had put in a mix cd that Dexton had made. The first song to play was “Come as You Are” by Eric Benét. Carres closed her eyes as she remembered how much she loved this song. She was about to turn around, as she then felt a pair of strong arms encircle her waist. She allowed Dexton to hold her close to him as they swayed to the song. Carres rested her head on Dexton’s shoulder. He let it rest there for a moment and then leaned down and kissed her. Carres, being caught in the moment, kissed back. The kiss was slow and sweet. As Dexton slowly ended the kiss, Carres slowly opened her eyes. She turned around to face him and then kissed him again. His arms automatically wrapped around her and slowly drew her in; she didn’t decline. Carres felt a ripple down her spine and brought the kiss to an end, knowing that the ripple meant it was getting to be too much and she didn’t want it to. She looked at him and kissed his cheek.

“I have to go. Thank you for a wonderful night, I had fun.” She said, and she looked and felt a little flustered. She smiled coyly, and turned to the door. Dexton stood looking after her not really sure what to think about what just happened. He walked up to the door and closed it after she walked out. He then went and sat on the couch and took a sip of his coffee.

“It’s not like I was expecting sex.” He said to himself, being along it didn’t matter that he would talk to himself.
“ I mean I wasn’t really thinking. I just had the urge to hold her. Not that the whole thing was all that bad. But I wonder if I should have kissed her. It’s not like it was a whole plan and I expected all this to happen. It was just one of those caught in the moment type things. I mean she kissed me back. It’s not like we are doing anything bad either since we are both single.” He said, still not sure how Carres would act tomorrow if he saw her then. He leaned back with the coffee cup in hand. He then sipped pensively.
“I wonder if she liked it? She seemed to, and she looked like she was a bit embarrassed. I hope what I did doesn’t ruin the whole thing. I like her…” He took another sip. “As a friend!” He quickly added. “But what if she wants to be more than friends? It’s not like I would mind.” He sighed and took the last drop and brought the two cups to the kitchen and rinsed them out. He went to his room, undressed and took a shower. After finishing in the bathroom he went to bed.

Carres walked across the hall with a lazy smile on her face. She really could not believe she kissed him back, but then again why not? He’s hot! It’s not like he’s hot and they have nothing in common. She started to look through her purse for her key. Just as soon as she found it, the door opened and she stood face to face with Evelyn.

“Late night?” Evelyn said letting her cousin in.
“Alright tell me all about it!” She said excitedly. They sat together on the couch. “Well my dear, quite a bit has occurred in a short period of time. Let me tell you. All right first we got to the hotel, and it was gorgeous! And we sit and eat dinner with some of his friends from work. They are all really really cool! And then he introduced me to a ton of important people in his company and I got to do a lot of networking tonight, I have a lot of them interested in my company and it’s a good thing that I had a few cards in my purse. Then I had a nice conversation with this older woman who is the wife of the Senior President of the company. She is so sweet. Then after wards Dexton and I danced and he is an incredible dancer.” Carres said smiling and acting like a giddy high school teen and her first boyfriend.

“Then after we just came home. He invited me in for coffee. So while he’s making it I’m looking around at the pictures and stuff that he had around. And then I found my way to the stereo; you know I had to look at his music collection. He has a lot of the same tastes I have. So I pick this cd that is some kind of mix. The first song to play is “Come as You Are” by Eric Benét. You know I love that song to death. So I am just caught in the moment of enjoying the first tones of the song, and he was in the room but I didn’t hear him or notice him until I felt his arms around me. He was, one second, not there, and then all of a sudden he has his arms around me. Well I can tell you right now, I neither had nor have any objections. So anyway, we just start vibin’ and swayin’ to the music, and I lean my head on his shoulder. Then like a moment later, he kisses me! I was like oh my GOD! His lips were so unbelievably soft and oh my GOD!” Carres said as she looked towards heaven, holding her hand at the base of her neck.

“And that’s not even the half. He stopped and looked at me and I turned around and kissed him back! I couldn’t believe myself. Never in a million years would I normally have done that. I just couldn’t help it though! And then I was like oh man! I’m kissing him. So I kinda pulled back and I was kinda embarrassed and I was like I think it’s time for me to go before I let it go to far. So…(deep breath)… that was my wonderful night.” Carres said as she allowed herself to fall back onto the couch.

“Wow! You did better than I thought you would. Well, there is not a word in the English language that I can possibly think to say in response. So I suggest that you get out of your dress and into the shower and go to bed.” Evelyn said, and she got up and walked into the bedroom to return to the book she was reading before her cousin’s arrival. After Carres finished in the shower she went to be reveling in the fact that she didn’t have to get up early for work and most of all the nights events. She fell asleep smiling.

***To Be Continued***