My Fairly Offie Parents

Do you know me?
NO you donít!
Do you try to know me?
NO you donít!
So why do you act like you care?
I donít care about you
You try to play the role you were given but donít realize that I am way ahead
I donít need your protection because I have realized things that you were supposed to teach on my own

You talk about me as if I donít exist but to me you donít exist
Youíre so far off my radar you donít even show up
When you do things for me you call it love
I call it trying to buy my happiness because you know you have failed
You havenít failed me because I am superior and I can do for me what you canít
You have failed yourself because you created a child that doesnít fit your ideal
Sucks for you but here and I ainít goin anywhere

I will rise up to do what I want
I will rise up to do what you said I couldnít
I will rise up and do to you what you have done to me
You have put me down for far to long
I will not be held, contained, beat, whipped,
or anything else fitting in this description
I am strong and you are weak
I am smart and you are dumb
I will prosper and you have already failed

Now that you know Iíll put you in your room and you can think about it
But donít hurt yourself because thinking is not your strong suit
Oh and just to let you know that last line was an insult but your so dense you wouldnít have known that would you?