music poem

I can feel it goin through me
Can you fell it?
It like a high that I canít control
Itís better than weed
Better than ex
I feel like I canít stop moviní
I feel like I can touch the sky when I raise my arms
I feel the music vibrating in my head and the bass line surginí through my body
I canít get over it
Iím crazy for this
I crave this
I love this
I can feel the sweat drop from my nose
I can feel my hair so wet
I canít control it
It feels so good
It feels like Iím going to explode from the joy and sheer ecstasy
And as the last beat drops
And flows through my ears
Into my brain
Through my body
And down to my toes
I feel the last explosion my body can give me
The music that gives me pure ecstasy