From The Diary Of...

This poem is taken from the Diary of Carres Deer (Lady Tiger).
June 1,2002
I'm half crazy like Musiq Soul Child I wish I didn't miss you like Angie Stone I'm more than a woman like Aalyiah I'm your angel like Monica I'm your lady just like Tyrese said I'm a nubian princess according to Les Nubiannes But you don't know me like Brandy I'm going to have to fly away like Lenny Kravitz Only to find you again I"m a butterfly like Mariah And through this all you make me laugh at your anticks I've heard it all before with Sunshine Anderson But I need you tonight like the Backstreet Boys Today, tonight, whenever Only you, but it's easier said than done I don't think it's love like Musiq, but it's close to something close