A New Person

A new person who can make me happy
A new person who can make me smile
A new person who can take away the pain that was in my mind and heart

With hair black as night and soft as silk
Eyes deep brown with a kindness that surpasses most
A body that displays the strength of his mind and heart
Lips that are soft to the touch
A voice that calm the fiercest spirit
Hands smooth like a sweet melody
Arms that embrace and give comfort
Giving me a feeling that I never want to loose

Soft and silk hair but also thick rooted
Skin is a mellow caramel chocolate
Voice as cherubic as a gospel vocalist
Figure like an hourglass with much more time to spare
Eyes gazing toward you warming you heart
Entire body is comforting not comparing to the mind
The feelings I experience fill my soul with satisfaction
New love keep your youth but mature with time