“Hey! I’m going to Stamford. What to come?” Carres said excitedly asking her friend Dee.
“Why are you going to Stamford? What’s in Stamford?” Dee asked curiously.
“Didn’t I tell you that Andre lived there? I’m going to see him this weekend. And I want you Eric to come with me. Eric already said yes. I want you to come. PLEASE!” Carres said.
“Well ok. I’ll go. We are only going for one day right?” Dee asked, still not sure about her decision to go, but she would always support her friend so she said yes.
“Yeah. I can only go for one day because Dre has work the next day. But we are leaving in the morning. I told Dre that I would be there around noon. So make sure your ready and I’ll come get you, and then get Eric on the way.”
“Alright. Does Dre have any cute friends?” Dee said jokingly.
“I don’t know. I’m interested in Dre.” Carres said laughing.
“I’m going to go call him now and let him know that I’m definitely coming, and call Eric and let him know to be ready. We have to leave out at like 10:30 and reach around noon. It’s like an hour and some change to get there. And I want to allow time for traffic, so be ready. Talk to you tomorrow.” Carres said quickly going over itinerary.
“Alright. I’ll see you in the morning.” Dee said and hung up.
Carres picked up her cell phone and found Eric’s number. “Ok. Everything is set for tomorrow be ready by 10:30.” Carres said hastily. “That’s early. But I’ll make sure I’m up to go. I swear if you weren’t my girl I would not go.” Eric said with a groan.
“Yes, thank you, I love you too.” Carres said.
She hung up with Eric and called Andre. She was a little nervous calling him even though she had done so a million times before. This was the first time she would be able to go and visit him. And she finally felt ready to be his girl, as he had once asked her before.
“Hello?” He answered
“Hey what’s up?” Carres said.
“Hey! How you doin’?” He asked.
“I’m good. Guess what?” She said, her excitement mounting, and hoping he felt the same.
“You can’t come tomorrow?” Andre said sounding dismayed.
“No…I can come!” Carres said.
“For real? What time are you coming again?” He asked, trying to play it cool when he was really damn excited that she was coming to see him.
“I’ll probably get there around noon. So you better be awake, because I know you love to sleep.” She said with a little laugh.
“I’ll be awake don’t worry. Just get here. I did give you the address right?” He asked.
“Yeah. I got directions off the Internet on how to get there so I should be fine. I’ll find my way. I’m bringing 2 friends with me. I think you will like them.” Carres said.
“That’s fine with me. I’ll make sure I get two of my friends to keep them occupied while we chill. But I got to go, my uncle needs the phone, and I’m about to go out for a minute. So I will definitely see you tomorrow.” He said trying to stifle the anticipation from his voice.
“Definitely. I’ll see you then.”
They hung up. With an hour before her hair appointment, Carres got up and went to her closet to find the perfect outfit. She finally decided on a pair of blue jeans and a blue v-neck shirt. As soon as she finished choosing an outfit she realized that it was almost time for her appointment.
In the morning Carres woke up at eight thirty and got ready. Before going to get Dee, she made sure she called. Surprisingly, and thankfully Dee was awake.
“I’ll be in front of your house in 10 minutes, make sure your ready and outside waiting.” Carres said with authority in her voice.
“ Yes sir!” Said Dee sarcastically. “I’m only kidding. I’m all ready so I will look out for you.” They hung up. Carres then called Eric.
“I’ll be at your house in 20 minutes. Make sure your ready and out side.” Carres said with the same tone in her voice.
“Yes sir!” Eric said laughing.
“You know that’s kinda funny because that’s the same thing that Dee said.” Carres said laughing.
“You know we think alike. I’ll see you when you get here.” Eric said, and hung up.
Carres laughed and went out to her car. Her newly painted, washed, and detailed Honda Accord. After getting on the highway and picking up Dee, the got on I-91 and got Eric. The trio was on their way.
An hour and a half later they arrived in Stamford. Carres got of the high way and asked Dee to tell her the directions from where they were. After driving around for a half an hour, and trying to find the right street between all the one-way streets that Stamford had, they finally found the right one.
Carres pulled over in front of Andre’s building. Carres got out and stretched.
“O.k. Now that we are here, let me call Dre and see if we are actually in the right place.” Carres said taking out her cell phone. Just as she went to call Andre, she saw him walk out of the front door of the building. She smiled as he walked up. Dee and Eric just sat and watched the two of them.
Carres walked around the car, and stopped on the sidewalk. Andre walked up smiling.
“Carres.” Andre said, as Carres smiled.
“Andre.” Carres said in the same fashion.
“Come her girl!” Andre said as they embraced each other. The laughed together, enjoying the long embrace.
“I have been dying to see you all day. It’s about time you got here. Is it really that far from where you live?” Andre said.
“ I told you it’s a little more than an hour. And what is up with Stamford and all the one ways?” Said Carres totally caught up in talking to Andre and forgetting her friends in the car. She was drawn back to the fact that they were there when she heard the car door slam as Dee and Eric got out.
“Oh, oh, this is Dee, and Eric. These are the two I was telling you about.” Carres said introducing them.
“Well I got two of my friends up stairs. They are dying to meet you Carres, mostly because I made then come here really early, but what is early for me is late to you. But anyway, come on.” Andre said as he escorted them in. As Dre walked next to Carres, had his arm around her waist, in a nice comfortable spot. Carres looked over at him, and smiled, enjoying the feeling that was beginning to form within. She felt perfectly at ease as if nothing was out of place, as if this wasn’t the first time that she actually met Dre in person, as if they had been dating for the past few years even though they haven’t. Carres and Dre randomly met online one day about a year and a few months before, and never stopped talking. And talking on the Internet led to talking on the phone, which led to this day.
As they entered the apartment, Dre offered them drinks and snacks, which they all declined at the time. They sat in his living room and all began to get acquainted with some easy conversation.
Carres liked Dre’s friends. There was Alexia, who was Puerto Rican. She was really nice, and incredibly funny. Carres and Alexia automatically hit it off, with their sarcastic comments and funny examples gone wrong. Then there was James, who was a bit quiet but very cool. James was pretty cute, but Carres had her eyes set on Andre (wink wink). James seemed as a very down to earth person from what Carres saw. So far, everything was going great!
“Oh! Carres, I got to let you hear some new beats I made! Come on.” Andre said excitedly, taking Carres by the hand and leading her into his room. The rest of the group sat, still talking.
“Well he has gone into his own world now, and it looks like Carres is ready to go with him. Get that boy started on music, and he is just put into a trance.” James said.
“Carres is the same way. Leave her alone for a while listening to music, and she will just be in her own world either singing or humming or just relaxing. If you allow her to drive with music on, after a while she will just drive and maybe get lost or something because she would not be paying attention to where she’s going.” Dee said.
“Well I’m hungry, what about you guys. Them two probably don’t even remember what hunger feels like and probably wont’ eat till later. I saw we all go and get some food.” Alexia said rubbing her stomach.
“I agree. Carres made me wake up a bit too early for my tastes. I ate, but not a lot. I think we should just tell them we are leaving and go.” Said Eric. He was really feeling his hunger now that they were talking about it.
“I’ll go tell them.” Said Dee as she got up and knocked on Dre’s door. No one answered the door. She poked her head in to see the two sitting at the computer bobbing their heads to an instrumental and commenting on it.
“Hello? We are going to get something to eat, we will be back soon.” Dee said. “Ok. Have fun. And No you can not take my car, just incase you were going to ask.” Carres said returning her mind back to the music.
“Wasn’t going to ask. Later.” Dee said laughing.
“Let’s go, they are in the “zone” Dee said laughing again watching every one roll their eyes in understanding.

“Ok. This one is really hot! But for some reason there is something that sounds off with it. I think it might be the pitch of the woodwinds. I’m not sure listen.” Carres said as she hit replay on the track they were listening to. She listened for the part where there was an oddity in the music.
“ Listen really good right…. here.” She said.
“I hear what you mean. I never noticed that before. I think it should really be a C sharp, lets try it and see what happens.” Dre said. He changed that portion, and everything then flowed perfectly.
“I’m surprised I noticed that. It sounds perfect right now as it is. The bass is really good.” Carres said.
“ Thanks ma.” Dre said giving her a kiss on the cheek. Carres smiled.
“You want to go for a walk? There’s a really nice park down the street.” Andre asked.
“Sure. That would be nice.” Carres said smiling. She noticed that she hadn’t stopped smiling since she woke up this morning.
They got up and put on their shoes, and left. They walked down the street hand in hand, talking. Andre continually making Carres laugh with his little jokes.
“You know, it’s kinda funny how at east I feel with you. I mean, I know we have been talking for a while, but I didn’t expect to feel this comfortable, you know?” Carres said looking over at him.
“I actually do. But like I told you before you good people, and you have a great personality.” He said as they entered the park. They found a bench and sat down. Andre put his arm around Carres shoulders as she leaned on him for comfort. Carres began to get comfortable, and let out a little laugh. Andre looked down at her with a smile.
“What’s so funny?” He asked.
“ Leaning on you reminds me of the time you told me you were really comfortable, like a teddy bear or something. And I was getting really comfortable and that thought entered my head. I just found it kinda funny. But it’s true you are quite comfortable.” Carres said wrapping her arm around his waist and snuggling in. They sat together in a comfortable silence, just enjoying the presence and feel of each other. After a while they decided to get up and continue their walk. On the way the flirted quite a bit, and talked about various things going on in their life. Andre told Carres about how school was going for him, which it was going wonderfully. Carres told him about her plans to take Business management and Entrepreneurship, so that she could get the knowledge to start her own record label, and she also went off into her dreams to have a record label and work with international talent, and then to branch out and have divisions in fashion, modeling, and computer graphics and programming.
“Its’ amazing to me that you already have your whole plan on what you want to do. I think that’s great.” Andre said.
“Well it’s about time I have a plan. I just took all my interests and combined them, plus it feels good to finally do what I want to do and not have to compromise what I want to suite someone else, but we wont’ go into that because you know where that would lead and I’m enjoying to positivity.” Carres said.
“So you like being with me?” Andre said jokingly even though he already knew her answer.
“Definitely! But don’t act like you got me now.” She said in a flirting way.
“Oh really I don’t got you…” Andre said pulling her to him so he could kiss her. He slowly ended the kiss and whispered, “I don’t got you?”
“Maybe just a little.” Carres said breathlessly.
They finished their walk through the park and headed back to Andre’s home. They walked together with Andre’s hand comfortably around Carres’s waist, and her hand around his. They appeared as the perfect couple. As they walked up to the house, they saw their group of friends sitting on the curb.
“Where have you guys been? We come back from eating, and end up getting locked out of the apartment.” Alexia said.
“Sorry, I forgot. We went for a walk in the park. Speaking of eating I am hungry. What about you Carres?” Andre asked looking over at her.
“I am too, I kinda forgot about eating.” Carres said with a little laugh.
“Is there some where close we can get something quick to eat? What’s really good in Stamford?” She said.
“Well there is a Burger King, and a Friendly’s. Those are about the best and quickest places in walking distance, anything really good is a restaurant and they are kinda far from here.” James answered.
“Alright, I think I will opt for Burger King. That’s cool with you Dre?” Carres asked. Dre nodded in response.
They all walked down the street to the Burger King. Carres noticed that Eric and Alexia walked together, and Dee and James walked together. Carres looked over at Andre.
“ Did you notice that they have all paired off?” Carres whispered so the others wouldn’t hear.
“Yeah, I just noticed that too. Weren’t they sitting in pairs when we came too?” Dre replied.
“Come to think of it, your right. See we have a positive influence on them.” Carres said laughing. Andre wrapped his around her shoulders and held her close while smiling at her. He then kissed her head, and moved his hand back to its spot on her waist.
They arrived at the Burger King fairly quickly. Carres and Andre ordered, and Andre paid for the both of them while Carres protested that he didn’t have to. They all sat and continued their conversation, basically leaving off from where they left off earlier that day. After eating, they walked back.
When they got home, and entered the apartment everyone headed to sit on the couch except Andre and Carres. They headed into his room, and sat on the bed.
“ I’m really glad that you came today.” Andre said lying down. Carres moved to lie next to him.
“ Me too, it was a lot better than I thought it would be. I mean I expected it to be great, but I just felt a lot more.” She said as she moved her head from the pillow, to his chest and snuggled up to his warmth. He closed his arms around her, and gently rubbed her back.
“ I want to stay longer.” She said as she played with the necklace that he was wearing; she hadn’t noticed it earlier. It was a gold chain with a gold cross to match.
“ I want you to stay longer.” He said in response.
“I might possibly be able to come more often if I get accepted into Bridgeport University. I think it will be beast that I go there, because I can do a double major in their business program and also in music management. No other college I’m interested in has that, so we will see what happens. If I do go, then I won’t have to miss all of your shows anymore. I can come support you.” She said giggling thinking back to all the open-mic shows that she wanted to go to just to see Andre perform.
“ Thanks ma. I really appreciate your support.” He said leaning down to kiss her forehead.
They both relaxed and closed their eyes to fully enjoy the feeling. But all too soon, there was a knock at the door. It was Eric.
“Carres it’s eight o’clock. We got to go, if you plan to get home in time.” He said closing the door.
Carres groaned in her dismay of leaving her comfortable position.
“ I don’t want to go.” She said holding on to Andre.
“I know.” He said holding her.
“ Come on ma, let’s get you out of here so you don’t get in trouble and can come back and see me again.” Carres sat up and turned around to look at him. He sat up and kissed her slowly and passionately. They ended the kiss and got up. Everyone else was outside at the car when Carres and Andre walked down the stairs to the front door. Just as they stepped outside the door, Andre stopped Carres. He turned to her and held her hand.
“So…when you gonna be my girl?” He asked.
“Today.” Carres said smiling.
“Really?” Andre said. Carres nodded in response. He embraced her in a gentle hug, and giving her a kiss on the cheek after he let go.
“Well since you’re my girl now, I want you to wear this as long as we are together.” Andre said as he took the chain he was wearing off his neck and put around hers.
“Dre, I can’t take your necklace.” Carres said, ready to give him back the chain.
“No. It’s ok, I want you to wear it.” He put his finger over her lips as she opened her mouth to protest again. He took her hand and escorted her to her car. He said good by to Dee and Eric, and then brought Carres around to the drivers side. She leaned against the car, and allowed Dre to rest his hands on her waist.
“I’m glad you came. It’s been a long time to wait to see you girl.” He said smiling. “I’m sayin’. I think I’ve been wanting to see you since the second conversation we had.” Carres said laughing.
“So you aren’t going to do me wrong as soon as I drive off are you?” She asked half seriously, half jokingly.
“ Never. You my boo, I can’t do you wrong.” He said smiling and drawing her into a hug.
“Carres, look.” Carres turned to see Dee and Eric hesitating to say good by to their newly made friends.
“Looks like we had a positive effect on them. I bet they will be staying in touch.” Carres said whispering and laughing.
“All right, it’s time to go children. Let’s break up the heart feast and go home.” Carres said. Eric and Dee got into the car after giving one final hug.
Carres turned and gave Dre a kiss.
“I got to go.” Carres whispered leaning her head on Dre’s shoulder. He kissed her head, and gently moved her to the side. He opened the door, and closed it after she sat down. He watched her put on her seatbelt, and then kissed her one last time before she left. He waved to Dee and Eric, and then walked back to the curb to stand by his friends. They all watched as Carres, Dee, and Eric drove down the street. Dre smiled as he watched, knowing that it was the best day of his life, and also knowing that Carres felt the same way.