The following are terms often associate with diversity awareness. These are terms that everyone should be aware of because they affect our daily lives, and happen through out the world.

Anti – bias
Anti – bias is an active commitment to challenging prejudice, stereotyping and all forms of discrimination.

Bias is an inclination or preference either for or against an individual or group that interferes with impartial judgment.

Bigotry is an unreasonable or irrational attachment to negative stereotypes and prejudices.

Culture is the patterns of daily life learned consciously and unconsciously by a group of people. These patterns can be seen in language, governing practices, arts, customs, holiday celebrations, food, religion, dating rituals and clothing, to name a few.

Discrimination is the denial of justice and fair treatment by both individuals and institutions in many arenas, including employment, education, housing, banking and political rights. Discrimination is an action that can follow prejudicial thinking.

Diversity means different of varies. The population of the United States is made up of people from divers “races,” cultures and places.

Multicultural means many or multiple cultures. The United States is multicultural because it’s population consists of people from many different cultures.

Prejudice is pre judging or making a decision about a person or group of people without sufficient knowledge. Prejudicial thinking is frequently based on stereotypes.

Scapegoating is blaming an individual or group for something based on that person’s or group’s identity when, in reality, the person or group is not responsible. Prejudicial thinking and discriminatory acts can lead to scapegoating.

A stereotype is an oversimplified generalization about a person or group of people without regard for individual differences. Even seemingly positive stereotypes that link a person or group to a specific positive trait can have negative consequences.

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