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Actors & Lovers

“I don’t know about matt. One second he’s with me, and then he breaks up with me to go out with Lena. I’m sorry, but I still can’t understand how you are friends with her.” Ebonie said, into the phone. “ You think that’s bad! Ha! George has been ignoring me again. I think he’s trying to make me think that he’s not desperate, and obsessed with me. I swear why do we put up with these high school offies? Can you tell me? I’m ready to drop George and get a real man. I’ve been ready to drop him since I found out that he was lying to me. I hate it how one second he’s hot, and wants me. Then he’s cold, and ignores me and won’t return my calls. I know we are a whole city apart, but still. I’m going to call him and tell him that I don’t want to be in a relationship with him, and just be friends. I should have done that from the beginning.” Carres replied. “I don’t know what to tell you, hun. I say we go and shop our troubles away! I could use a great outfit right about now. What do you say? We can get some new shoes to go with our outfits, too. I know how you love shoes. Come on, you know you want to.” Ebonie said persuasively. Hoping to win her friend over. “O.K, I’ll go, But only because I need a distraction, and what better way to get a distraction is by shopping. I’ll be at your house in five minutes. Be ready and outside waiting. Bye!” Carres said quickly and hung up the phone. Carres jumped up and ran to her bedroom. She dragged on a pair of jeans and a red tank top. She didn’t bother with any makeup. In her opinion it took too much effort and time. All she did was brush down her hair, and grabbed her purse and keys. Carres got into her Lincoln Navigator. After she put on her seatbelt and turned on her car, she turned She turned her reggae music as loud as she could stand it, and backed out her driveway. She got to Ebonie’s house in 10 minutes. Sure enough Ebonie was not outside waiting as Carres had told her to do. Carres put her music louder, and Ebonie came rushing out. “Sorry, I couldn’t find my keys. You didn’t have to turn up the music. I can get in trouble for having music that loud, remember I live in a neighborhood full of old people.” Ebonie said laughing. Carres laughed and turned down the music, and backed out of the driveway into traffic. “So what are you going to do about George?” Ebonie asked. It was a good question. “Well I have no idea. I could leave things the way they are, or tell him to drop off. I don’t know. I want him as a friend, but it seems like he can’t handle that. I swear if he calls my cell phone one more time, I will knock him out. Look in the call log, his number is the majority numbers.” Carres detached to phone from her waist and handed it to Ebonie. I don’t know, he thinks that I have money like that to pay for his long as ever apologies and begging. I don’t want to hear it at all. I liked it better when we were just friends. I knew I should have never told him I liked in high school, because if I hadn’t he wouldn’t be acting like he’s obsessed with me now. It’s so aggravating.” Carres said. “Well, I don’t know what to tell you, and your right he really does call you a lot.” Just as Ebonie finished her sentence, the phone rang in her hands. She looked at the number. It was George. Carres told her to answer the phone, as they drove into the mall parking lot. Carres pulled over and took the phone from Ebonie. “Hello, George? Why are you calling me, again? I told you that I was busy today, and I didn’t want to talk to you. I don’t want to hear anything you say, because I’m never going to date you. I just want to be friends and if you can’t handle that, then too bad. Loosing you as a friend won’t kill me. Goodbye!” Carres hung up the phone quickly. They walked up to the mall in silence. As they were walking, they decided the first place to go would be Express. “ I say we try on the whole store. I remember the days when we couldn’t fit into these clothes because we were too fat. Oh how the days have changed. Come on, I wanna try on every thing.” Carres said as they walked into the store. They two women tried on every thing, but they still couldn’t fit anything. “Carres, I don’t think this store is for us. I still can’t fit anything my butt is too big! The only thing I can fit is the shirts. I think we should go to a different store, because I can’t buy anything in here.” Ebonie said. “Hey look at this.” Carres and Ebonie walked out of their dressing rooms at the same time. Carres was wearing a black and red dress, the bottom of the dress started a little above mid thigh and waved down to mid calf. Carres stood on her tiptoes to see how the dress would look with heels on. She turned around and showed Ebonie the dress. “That looks gorgeous on you, Carres. You should buy it and get another one in a different pattern.” Carres nodded in agreement. Carres walked out of the dressing room area, and looked around. She spotted a cute guy standing in the crowd. She walked up to him. “Do you think I look good in this dress?” She asked as she shook her head from side to side, showing off her wavy hair. The man that she asked stood wide mouthed, staring at her. She turned around in a circle, and asked again. He popped out of his daze, “ I think that dress looks great on you. If you don’t mind me asking, would you go out on a date with me?” At that same time, a girl a little shorter than Carres materialized at the young man’s side. Carres looked at the girl. “I would love to, but I think you already have your hands full.” She winked and walked back to the dressing room. Another guy came up to her, and asked for her number, but his girlfriend interrupted the process as well. Carres decided to take the dress. After the girls went to Lord and Taylor to buy a pair of shoes. Carres got a pair of black heels that crossed over the top and heel of the foot. She also bought a pair of knee length boots. Ebonie bought a pair of simple black heels, and a pair of khaki calf length boots. They left the store and went to Burger King for lunch. After ordering and sitting down the two joked back and forth about the men who were constantly pushing to be in their lives. As they were laughing, an older man walked up to the table. “Ladies, you have been specially selected to be involved in a production, please come to this address nine o’clock am on Saturday. Have a nice evening. I have one word left for you, XXX.” He walked away quickly. Ebonie and Carres looked at each other, both puzzled. “Well, that definitely rated a 8 on my Weird - Shit - O - Meter.” Carres said. “Who you telling, I want to know what he meant by XXX. The only 2 things I can think of are a porno and …” The idea clicked in both their heads at the same time. “Vin Diesel!” They said simultaneously. They both let their minds wander, on what could be going on that involved Vin Diesel. Neither of them spoke, until they had finished their meal. They got up and left the restaurant, talking a mile a minute about what they thought was going to happen. They went into various stores, and finally left the mall. When Carres drove into Ebonie’s driveway, she came up with an idea. “Hey, what if on Friday, tomorrow, night I come pick you up at work, and you sleep over so that we can go to the thing on Saturday? I’m off at five, and you get of at six right? You know I can even drop you at work, so you don‘t have to drive there. What time do you go to work in the morning? I don‘t have to be in until eight.” “That is a brilliant idea, I get of at five thirty actually on Friday. I go in at seven thirty. So I’ll just bring some clothes with me, on Friday. Call my cell when you are close by the store.” Ebonie said. “That’s fine, you know I would shop at your store more often if it wasn’t so expensive. I think I should get stuff for free once a month just because I’m your best friend.” Carres said laughing. “If I did that, I would loose profit, they whole idea of opening my own shop was to make profit. So I can’t help you, and it’s not that expensive. You just don’t want to spend the cash. Just call before you come. I’ll see you lata.” Ebonie got out of the car, and walked into her small condo/apartment. Carres backed out the driveway into traffic. She blasted her music again on the ten-minute commute between homes. As soon as Carres walked into her house, the phone rang. She dropped the bags and answered the phone. It was her friend Vivian. Vivian lived in Orlando. “Hello?” Carres answered as she sat down on the couch next to the phone. “Hey, what’s up?” Vivian said. Vivian sounded like she had some bad news. “So how have things been going?” Vivian asked. “Vivian if it’s about George I don’t want to hear it.” Carres said, already starting to get aggravated. “I can’t stop it Carres, he won’t leave me alone until you take him back. Even though we both know you never had him, but who would want him? Anyway, he is getting on my nerves. Can you please just talk to him, and get him to shut up for a while.” Vivian said in an exhausted, and angry voice. “Well, now you know what I go through when he calls me 24/7. If it means that much to you, I will call him when I finish what I’m doing, and take a shower. I have his number in my phone like a thousand times because he calls me so much. I’ll talk to you later, because I’m getting tired, and I have a ton of paper work to get up and do tomorrow at the office. I am so happy with my job. I still can’t believe I got into advertising. I never thought I would like it, but I do. Anyway, I’ll talk to you later.” Carres and Vivian said goodbye and hung up. As soon as Carres was about to get up, and go to her room the phone rang again. Carres hesitated and thought if she should leave the phone or not. She looked on the caller ID it was her friend Michael. “Yes, dear Michael. What do you need?” “Is everything ok?” Michael asked, concerned as usual. “Every time I get up to go take my shower the phone rings. I just want to be clean is that too hard to ask? (Sigh) But anyway, what’s up?” Carres said. Not really wanting to hear, but was interested anyway. “Ok, you remember that guy you dissed way back in Conard. Well some how he got my number, and is bothering me to talk to you so you can talk to him. Can you please just talk to him so he can loose my number?” Michael said. Carres let out a long and aggravated sigh. “I am going to call him tonight, Vivian already called and told me about him. I swear he didn’t want me when he had the chance, now that he doesn’t have any chance he won’t leave me alone. He will not be a nuisance any longer after tonight. As long as I get my shower, I will be happy. So I’m going to go now. Talk to you later.” Carres got up, and was finally able to go and put away her clothes, and take her shower. After her shower, she plopped down on her bed and took out her blue spiral diary. She wrote down a few lines about what was going on. She then picked up her cell phone. She noticed that there were messages on it. She listened to them, and all of them were from George. She erased them, and called his number. As soon as he picked up the phone, she hung up. Carres knew that she didn’t want to talk to him. She knew that she didn’t want to be with him, and that she didn’t want to have to think about him anymore. She got up and turned of the light, and laid on her bed. She put on some slow, calming music and fell asleep. About an hour after Carres had fallen asleep, the phone rang. Carres didn’t want to answer it, but it was the only way to stop the annoying noise. “Hello?” She said sleepily. “Carres? I’m sorry to call you so late. I know you called me before, and hung up. Please don’t hang up now…” “George… you just interrupted my sleep. I want you to leave me alone and go fuck yourself. Good night.” Carres angrily hung up the phone, and went back to sleep. That evening after work, Carres drove to Ebonie’s job to pick her up to spend to weekend, and to see what was going on with Vin Diesel. She called when she was on the highway there. Ebonie locked up the shop and was outside waiting for Carres to arrive. The girls drove to Carres’s condo in silence. As soon as they walked in, and put their stuff down, there was a mad dash for the bathroom. Ebonie managed to squeeze in front of Carres and make it to the bathroom first to take a shower. Laughter could be herd from Ebonie in the bathroom. Carres let her get into the shower, and the she entered, and started to wash her face. She put her hair up into a ponytail, and waited for Ebonie to get out of the shower. “You know, every time we have these little sleepovers, there is always a race to take a shower. Have you noticed that?” Carres jokingly asked Ebonie. “Yes, I did notice. Did you notice that I always beat you?” They laughed together. “You only win because you wait until I’m not paying attention before you go.” Carres said, and stuck out her tongue at Ebonie. They both laughed at the realization. Carres got undressed and got into the tub. After the girls showered and ate, they watched their favorite movie The Fast And The Furious, of course. The whole time gawking over Vin Diesel’s hot body, and great lines. Both of them together knew the whole movie by heart. After watching the movie, they talked endlessly about work, guys, movies, music, food, clothes, and most of all what the expected for tomorrow morning. They fell asleep in Carres’s bedroom at midnight. Carres woke up at seven thirty. She looked at the clock and realized she hadn’t set it the night before. She decided to set it for eight, but she figured that she better get up now, and get ready. She left Ebonie sleeping. She took a shower, and ironed her clothes and Ebonies clothes. She then went to the kitchen to prepare breakfast for the two of them. She made French toast, with eggs and hot chocolate. She then went to wake Ebonie up. When she walked past the main bathroom, she heard water running, and realized Ebonie was already up. She went to her room and put on her clothes and make up. She wore a black skirt, with a blue design, with the shirt and shoes to match. She just ran her fingers through her long hair and left it. Ebonie came out of the shower and put on her clothes and makeup. She wore a pair of black Capri’s with a red shirt to match, with red sneakers. She had to flat iron her hair, and curl it with a curling iron. They ate breakfast together, and were out of the house by eight thirty. They place they were looking for was fairly easy to find. They parked and walked into the building. The place looked deserted. They stopped in the middle of the lobby. “Is this really where we are supposed to be? It looks like a deserted building. Carres are you sure you got this place right?” Ebonie asked. Out of nowhere the same man that came up to them in the mall materialized. “Hello ladies. I am ecstatic that you could make it today. If you would please follow me, I will lead you in so that we may get started. It doesn’t look like any of the others left who were chosen are coming. You both are actually quite early. It’s very good of you to come on time. I must also compliment you on your style of clothing. It is truly impeccable. Please follow me this way.” He said. They didn’t even get a chance to ask his name. They followed him into a room with a lot of seats and the first two rows filled with women. The man led them to a seat. They both sat down. “This looks like some kind of audition.” Carres said. Ebonie nodded in agreement. At exactly nine o’clock, they started. The same man that led them in walked up to the podium in front of the room. “Ladies, My name is Michael Hays. You have been called here today, to privately audition for the new Vin Diesel movie. You all have been selected from observance. You will do a reading in front of three judges along with an actor to do it with you. The people who are walking out now will give you all numbers at random. You will be called to read, according to the number given to you. The process will start as soon as all numbers are given. Thank you, and good luck.” The man then walked away from the front of the room, into a side door. Carres got number 5, and Ebonie got number 8. They patiently sat and waited they didn’t speak. Finally they called number 5. Carres got up and walked to the side door that Mr. Hays walked to. When she went in she didn’t see him. She saw a panel of three, and on the side of the table there was an incredibly good-looking guy. Carres introduced herself to all of them. They were all actors and directors. They guy sitting in the chair, was an actor and a model. The lady in the middle seat handed Carres a packet. She instructed Carres to turn to the second page, and read from there. She gave Carres a couple minutes to look it over. Then they began. “So where have you been, I thought you were leaving?” Carres said she had a mean tone in her voice. She looked the guy in the eyes. “ I couldn’t leave in the middle of a mission. I couldn’t leave you.” The guy said. He took a step closer to her. “Oh, so you actually care. Well I don’t. I’m just trying to survive. So I think you should leave now.” Carres turned her back to him. “I’m not leaving until I finish the job.” He grabbed her arm and turned her to face him. “You don’t get it do you. You are going to get killed! I herd Nicholas talking, and he plans to kill you by midnight tomorrow. I have to stay because I will get killed if I don’t. Plus, I don’t love you, so you can’t say you are here for unreturned love.” Carres pulled her arm from him forcibly. She had an angry look on her face. She took a couple of paces away; when she felt a pair of strong hands settle on her waist. “I’m not leaving you here, but I need your help to stop Nicholas, and get out of here.” He spun her back around and looked into her eyes, and then he kissed her as instructed in the script. She quickly pushed him away. “I want to get the hell out of here. I hate Nicholas I hate this whole group! I know you can help me, but for me helping you, you have to promise to get me permanent citizenship in the U.S, and I want an apartment, and a job waiting for me. If that’s too much for you, then don’t expect anything from me.” She said with pure venom in her voice. “Fine. I only have one request before we start…” “What?” The actor bent down and kissed her again. This time she let him kiss her. They finally part, and Carres looked at the judges. They looked at her, with wide eyes. “That was excellent. You will definitely be one of the finalists.” Carres thanked them, and walked out. She sat next to Ebonie. She didn’t look at Ebonie at all. “Piece of cake.” That was all she said. Soon Ebonie was called up. When she came back all she said was “too easy.” They both smiled knowingly. They watched the responses on some of the other women’s faces, and smiled even more. Some came out looking nervous, angry, happy, and every other facial expression available. When every one had gone, Mr. Hays stepped up to the podium again. “Ladies, you all did wonderful. I will now call off the numbers of those who were picked to continue with the process. If your number is not called please leave now. We hope you had a good experience here today, and wish you luck in the future. For those whose number is called, please stay seated. Number 1,5, and 8.” Everyone else got up and left. Ebonie and Carres laughed. They were happy that the both of them made it. After everyone left, Mr. Hays continued. “Ladies, you are the only left. We now will have you read a monologue from the same character you had to play during the first portion of the audition. We will call you in by number, again. Good luck.” After everyone went, Mr. Hays came to announce who will play the part. “After great consideration, between the judges and myself, we have chosen…Carres Deer for the part. Ms. Deer you will be flying out to L.A in one week to start your training. I know it’s short notice, but we must begin training and filming as soon as possible.” Mr. Hays walked over, and shook Carres’s hand. Carres couldn’t stop smiling. The other girl who was left got mad and stomped out of the room. “Well, now that I know who will be my lead girl, lets go into another room, and you will get everything you need, and there are two tapes for you to watch before you leave.” “Oh, you don’t mind if Ebonie comes do you. We came together, so I’m her ride home. It isn’t a problem is it?” Carres asked. “Absolutely not. She can definitely come.” Mr. Hays smiled. They both got up and followed Mr. Hays into a nicely furnished room. There was a big mahogany desk, and two chairs in front of it. There was also a TV with two tapes on top of the v.c.r. Mr. Hays instructed them to sit down. He put in the first tape, which was from the head director of the movie. He explained that XXX2 is about the fight against terrorism that ended a couple of years before. He explains that the FBI, call in XXX to do another job. This time he has to defeat a group of young people who are trying to form another generation of Al Qaeda and Taliban forces. The FBI sends in XXX and gives him a female partner. They end up falling in love by the end of the movie. He also explained that people might wonder what happened to the girl from the first XXX, and that she left XXX and went back to Russia to settle some old grudges from her past, and begin work for her own government again. He said that she and XXX end their relationship on a bad note, which would be perfect for another to step in. They second video was from Vin Diesel. He basically was just saying hi to who ever got the part. And that he would be excited to meet them. After watching the videos, Mr. Hays started to explain how things would go. “Ok, Carres, you leave in exactly one week from today, on February14th. I have your ticket already. You will be leaving the airport at exactly nine in the morning. A limo will pick you up between seven and eight thirty. You must be ready and packed by then. I will make sure a good breakfast will be left for you in the limo. If I am not able to complete this, then there will be places at the airport that you can by something. You most likely won’t have to purchase anything. Make sure you get plenty of sleep. I suggest you bring something to do on the plane. Florida to L.A takes an incredibly long time. Here’s a packet that has information on things you need to bring, itineraries for the days necessary to plan out, and a rough copy of the script, you know it is liable to change. Just get used to your lines and character. Also, very important, there are contact numbers on here, do not give these numbers to everyone you know. I suggest you give it to only the most trusted people. You can’t have everyone calling you all the time. Give it to only those who won’t give it out, it’s only for emergencies. You know if someone dies, or if there’s a natural disaster and someone falls off the face of the earth, you know something like that. Please don’t allow anyone to call you. Before you leave, go and call everyone and let them know they can’t call you. If you want bring your cell phone and allow them to call you on it, and when you have some free time you can always use our phones to call them back. We do have long distance and everything. All you have to do now is sign this contract.“ He handed Carres a small packet. Carres quickly looked it over. She asked a few minor questions, and then signed. “So if there is nothing else, I will see you on set in a week.” He stood up, and shook Carres and Ebonie’s hand. They all left the room. Ebonie, and Carres left the building. Carres got into the drivers seat, and drove off. One the way home Carres and Ebonie were chattering on and on about how exciting the whole thing is. “Hey I’m only going to give the numbers to you and Michael. I know if I give it to anyone else they will want to call me every waking hour of the day. You already know what’s up. I got to get in touch with Michael. Maybe I shouldn’t give it to him though, because I know how it is when he’s bored and he’ll want to talk to me. I don’t know. Anyway. I have to go shopping for mad stuff after I look all this over. I know I’m definitely going to have to get some sports bras, and stuff like that. I don’t know. Do you want me to drop you off at your place, or are you coming to mine?” Carres asked “Which ever works better for you. I’m down with chillin at your place.” Ebonie said. Carres nodded in response. The girls drove to Carres’s home, and began to sort out what she would need for the trip. They made out a list and went shopping the next day for everything Carres needed. After the shopping extravaganza, Carres dropped Ebonie home. When She got home, she realized she had a lot of calls to make. She sat down on the couch, and reached for the phone. First she called her mother and sister. Then she called one of her best friends, Michael. “Hello? This is Carres is Michael home?” “Hey was up?” Michael said enthusiastically. “Nothin much. Guess what?” She said with a large grin on her face. “What?” “I said guess, don’t take away all my fun.” She said laughing. “Humm… you and George made up, so he can stop calling me?” Michael said sarcastically. Carres laughed. “No never! I got the part for a movie with Vin “Fine ass” Diesel!” Carres jumped up and down as she told Michael. “Ok, fist you made me guess, and now your playing jokes. Carres don’t play with me.” “I’m not playing, crackie. I’m serious; you can even ask Ebonie if you don’t believe me. She was with me. I’m leaving in a week. I’m flying to L.A. I have to learn the first scene of the script by next Saturday. You want to come and help me? You know I have a sucky memory.” Carres couldn’t stop laughing from Michael’s response to her news. “Sure, as long as I can chill at your house. I could sleep in the spare room next to yours.” Carres told him it was fine. They said good-bye and hung up. The next person that Carres called was the one person she didn’t want to talk to at all. She knew it was impossible to get rid of George unless she called him herself. When she called she got no answer. She decided to leave a message. “Hi George. It’s me, Carres. I was calling to set…” Instantly the phone picked up. “Hello? Carres? You still there?” The voice sounded very desperate. “Yes, George. I’m here. Look I just wanted to talk to you about what has been going on lately between us. I know you really like me, and what ever, but you and I can never go out. I mean, I gave you two chances and you didn’t take them. Now I just want to be your friend, nothing more nothing less. I don’t feel for you in the same way you do me. Got it, I don’t think I can make it any clearer.” She breathed a heavy sigh. “I got it. I just can’t accept it. Carres, I have always wanted you, but I couldn’t decide what I really wanted at the time. I thought it was Vivian, but it was you all along. I can’t stop trying. Please give me a chance?” Carres could hear his heart beating in anticipation over the phone. She couldn’t say anything to get him of her back. He just couldn’t take it at all. “George, no. I am going to be straight with you. I don’t want you. I don’t feel anything for you. If you continue to bother me all the time, I will no longer wish to be your friend. So therefore stop calling me 24/7, stop calling my friends searching for me, and stop obsessing over me. There is a girl out there for you, but she isn’t me. Get a grip and get over it!” Carres was already beginning to get angry. “Well, if that’s how you fell…” “It is how I fell. I just want you to understand. I don‘t want you to ever call me, or try to get in get in contact with me at all.” She said interrupting him. She could picture the heartache on his face. She knew he would get over it. Plus she would be gone for a very long time, so he won’t be able to reach her. “I have to go George. Go and think about what I said. Then follow what I said. Bye.” She hung up the phone before she could hear his response. She laid her head back on the arm of the couch. Carres reached behind her to the end table, and picked up the remote to her stereo. She turned on the CD player. A slow mix cd that she had made started to play. Then she picked up the phone to dial another number. She called her boss. Carres worked for the top advertisement firm in Miami. She of course was their best employee, she got paid a lot more than the people who did a lot more work than she did. All she had to do was come up with funny slogans. Being as creative as she was, there was no problem. “Hello, Coastal Sun Ads. Traci Peyton speaking, how may I help you?” Traci always had a very formal voice, but as soon as work was out, she was incredibly laid back. “Hey Traci. It’s Carres. I have some good news and some bad news. Which do you want first?” “Carres don’t play with me. Just say it.” “Well, I have been picked to star in a movie opposite Vin Diesel. They bad part is that I leave in a week for L.A. for training, and I’m not sure how long that will take. So therefore I have no idea when I will be back.” “Wow! Well you got to do what you got to do. So I say go and have fun. All I can do is put you for a leave of absence with out pay. As soon as you come back, you’ll still have your job. That’s the best I can do.” “Traci, that’s perfect. Thanks. So hows… Oh, sorry to cut short. But some one is here. I’ll talk to you either before I leave or, I don’t know I’ll talk to you. Bye.” They hung up giggling. Carres got up to answer the door. When she asked who is it there was no response. She didn’t open the door; she just sat back down on the couch. As soon as she sat down she herd the bell again. She asked who it was, and the voice said “George.” Carres sighed and let him in. “Yes, sir. How may I help you?” She looked at him sarcastically. “Carres, please hear me out. I love you. I want to be with you. I want to marry you…” “NO! George, we went over this. We will never be together. NEVER! I don’t want to say it again. Now, leave. I have too much to worry about. I already told you how I feel, and I have already heard how you fell. Just leave me alone. Right now, you don’t even have the hope of being my friend. George, please, let it go. You can’t have me, let me go. Good By.” She turned him around and pushed him out her door. After Carres closed the door, she heard a thud against it. George had perched himself outside her door. She couldn’t help but be angry. What was his problem? He couldn’t take no for an answer. The same thing happened with Vivian. She wasn’t interested, and he couldn’t take it. Carres sighed. She then called Vivian. “Hello?” “Hey. Guess who’s outside my door, sulking? George. He doesn’t get it. I don’t want to be with him. I’m fine on my own. I always have been. I don’t want him. And he won’t leave me alone. Vivian, help me.” Carres said, with a tone in her voice as if she was going to cry, she was only faking. “I don’t know what to tell you. He has finally left me alone. I don’t want him back. Besides that, what’s going on?” “I’m going to L.A. next week. I wanted to know if you wanted to house sit for me till I got back. I have no idea when I’m coming back, so don’t ask.” “Why are you going?” Vivian asked. She knew that California wasn’t Carres’s favorite place, only because of the infrequent earthquakes. “I begin training for the new XXX movie, with Vin Diesel. I got picked to be a secret agent in the movie. So I wanted to know if you could watch my house for me until I was done?” “Sure. I don’t mind. But If I herd you right, you get to meet Vin Diesel? Oh My God! You get to meet Vin Diesel!” Vivian became incredibly excited. “Yeah! And if I have read the script right, I get to fuck him in the movie too.” Carres said sarcastically, rolling her eyes. “REALLY!” Vivian sounded as if she was about to hyperventilate. “No, I was just kidding. It amuses me to drown your happiness. Gee, girl, calm down. It sounds like you’re about to have a whole heart attack and a half.” Carres said laughing. “You know what, Carres? That wasn’t funny.” She said laughing. The only thing Carres could do was laugh harder. “Anyway, I’m leaving on either Friday or Saturday. If you want you can come over Friday night. I’ll leave the spare key with you. I need you to pay my bills for me while I’m gone. I got to go though. I got some stuff to do. Lata hun.” “O.k. I’ll be there on Friday. I still can’t believe that George is on you front step. But I’ll see you Friday.” They hung up laughing. Carres went to the door, and opened it. George was gone. She sighed, and closed the door. She decided that she was going to go start packing. “Maybe.” She thought. ”I should get more cute outfits. If I have to go out I might as well look good doing it.” She walked into her room. Chapter 2 Actors & Lovers Today was the day. Carres set her alarm to wake her up at six thirty. Her bags were already packed, and set to go. She had to be at the airport by eight thirty. Her ride that was set up by Mr. Hayes was to arrive somewhere close to eight or eight thirty. She had to be on the plane by nine. She reluctantly got up. Carres was not a morning person. She turned down the volume of her stereo, which was her alarm. As soon as she was about to sit up the phone rang. She rolled over, and picked up the phone. It was Mr. Hays. He was calling to make sure she woke up on time. Carres didn’t really hear, much of what he said. She just hung up the phone and rolled out of bed. She went to her dresser, and turned up the volume on the stereo again by remote. Now that she was up, it didn’t matter what the volume was. She went into the bathroom that was attached to her bedroom. She washed her face, and turned on the shower. By the time she was out of the bathroom, she was much more awake than before. Carres had no idea what to wear. After going through her closet, or what was left of it since she packed, she decided on some jeans and a black tank top. She snatched a sweater to go with it. She turned off the stereo in her room and brought all her bags out to the living room. She made herself French toast with eggs, and sausages. She made a little extra incase the limo driver was hungry. She then sat down at the table and ate. The house was silent. Vivian was still sleeping in the room next to hers. Michael had left the night before. She turned on the stereo in the living room on, so she could hear the news, and some music before she left. After enjoying a well-balanced breakfast, Carres went to her room to get her shoes. It was almost seven thirty. The limo would be arriving soon. It was about half an hour to get from her house to the airport. She sat down, rested her head on the arm of the couch, and closed her eyes. She reviewed the script in her mind. She and Michael had been reviewing it over and over again all week. . Last night Carres and Michael performed the first scene for Vivian with out the script. She still remembered it. A smile crept over her face from the memory. Carres and Michael had a lot of fun together. At that moment, the doorbell rang. Carres sprang out of her thoughts. She opened the door. It was of course the Limo driver. She invited him in, and asked if he was hungry. He said yes. He hadn’t had a chance to eat so far this morning. Carres led him to the table, and handed him the warm food, with a cup of coffee. The driver couldn’t stop giving her praise on how good the food was, and how thoughtful it was of her to make him some as well. While the driver was eating, Carres scribbled a note for Vivian to let her know that she had left. “What is your name, sir?” Carres asked. She didn’t like having to call him Limo driver, or just plain driver. “My name? It’s Mark. What about you?” “My name is Carres. Nice to meet you.” He nodded in response, and downed the last bit of coffee. “Well, Carres, we had better get a move on. We don’t want to be late. It takes forever to get through baggage check.” He smiled and took her bags out to the car. He then opened the door to the limo. “Inside are some small snacks for you to eat on the way, and there is a radio and CD player. You can use and turn up all you want. If it gets to loud for me, I can just put up the screen and it will be blocked out. So have as much fun as you can.” He smiled at her brightly. Carres just nodded, and got in. He closed the door and they were off. When Carres got to the airport, Mark unloaded her bags and helped her to the right place to check her bags and then directed her where to go to get to the gait. She thanked him, and followed his instructions. It wasn’t very far from where they parted. On the way to the gate, Carres stopped to get some candy, a magazine, a book, and a pack of batteries. She then went to the gate. She went up to the attendant and checked in. The attendant told her that she didn’t have to wait. Carres gave her a funny look. She was then led by another attendant to a small room with refreshments, and was told to stay there until someone came to get her. She hadn’t been in the room for a full ten minutes when someone came in and escorted her to the plane. She was seated in first class. She was given a glass of champagne and a pillow. She just sat there amazed, but soon shook off the feeling. She began to relax. Then she felt the plane move. She opened her eyes. An attendant came up to her and said that they were bringing the plane to pick up the rest of the passengers. She just shrugged. There were two other passengers who came and sat in the same area as she did. A flight attendant came to her and gave her a message. “Mr. Hays wanted me to tell you, that you will have one hour in your hotel room, once we arrive in L.A. He says that there will be a limo to pick you up, and that you must dress in formal attire. Tonight you will be having dinner with the other attending party. I assume you know what he means by that. He wanted me to tell you, as soon as the flight got underway. Enjoy your flight. Oh, and we might be making a small stop in New York, we have to pick someone up. I’m not sure if that is still on, but unless things have changed, we will be stopping.” The attendant smiled, and walked away. The flight ended up not stopping, and they continued straight to L.A. When they arrived there were a line of men and women dressed in black suits holding signs. Carres looked at all the signs; she managed to find one with her last name on it. She walked up to the young man, and introduced herself. They walked off together to get her bags. Carres was escorted to the limo, and was driven to the Hilton Hotel. There was no need for her to check in, there was someone waiting for her to arrive and lead her to her room. Carres was given the Penthouse suit. There were multiple rooms through out the whole suit. Carres wondered who else was coming to stay here with her. She walked around and picked the room that had the most amount of red decoration. Carres first took out the outfit she would be wearing to dinner. After she ironed it, she turned up her music and took a quick shower. When Carres was finished, she stepped out of the shower. Carres turned around, and screamed. There, in the same bathroom as she was Vin Diesel! Carres was standing butt naked in a bathroom with Vin Diesel staring at her. She quickly grabbed a towel, and wrapped it around her wet body. “Hi, didn’t you realize some one was in here? Knocking would have been good.” Carres said outraged. “Well, your music was turned so loud, you wouldn’t have herd. I figured since you were a female you would take so long showering I would be in and out before you were done.” He said smoothly. Carres was getting cold standing there. “Well, you don’t’ mind if I dry of here do you. You’ve already seen me naked so it shouldn’t matter now, right?” He nodded in response. She began to towel off. After she was finished, she walked to her room, and got her flat iron. Carres set it to heat up, while she put on her dress. By the time she came back into the bathroom, she was fully dressed. She had used her favorite perfume, Shalimar. When she entered the bathroom again, Vin was in the process of drying off. “Hello, nice birthday suit, with a great present to go with it.” Carres laughed, and eyed his package. She then faced the mirror, and began to style her hair. After she put on her makeup, she walked out of the bathroom down the hall to her room. Her room was right next to Vin’s room. Carres noticed there was a cd player in her room, she took out her favorite reggae cd and turned up the volume. She walked around her room, putting things where they belonged, while dancing to her favorite songs. Vin then walked in, and leaned on the frame of the door. Carres suddenly turned around, and saw him. She walked over to the CD player, and turned down the volume. “May I help you?” She asked, ever so politely. Gracing him with a large toothy grin. “Your music could be a bit softer. There are other people in this building, including me.” He smiled back. “Well, if someone was kind enough to get me this expensive hotel room, to relax and have fun in, I’d be damned if I didn’t enjoy myself to the fullest. So, if you will excuse me, I have a dinner party to get ready for.” “Well, what do we have here? A little fire ball.“ He smiled charmingly. “Never call me a fire ball. It sounds terrible.“ She turned up the volume again on the stereo, and started to dance again. She winked at him, and continued to get ready. Not very long after, the phone rang. Carres turned down the music and answered the call. “Hello?” “Mrs. Deer?” “Yes?” “This is the front desk, we are calling to let you know that your limo is waiting. I hope you and Mr. Diesel are enjoying your room.” “Yes, the room is fine, thank you. We will be down shortly.” Carres hung up. She took one last look into the mirror, and walked out to get Vin. They walked down to the lobby together in silence. All the way to the lobby, Carres felt as if Vin was staring at her. She didn’t look back to see if he was. The limo was waiting outside. The driver was holding the door open for them. They got in, and left the hotel. They arrived at Moon Shadows. They were escorted to a private area. Mr. Hays walked up and welcomed them. He explained to them that the rest of the cast was yet to arrive. We would be sharing the hotel suit together during the training process. The only reason why Vin and Carres were there first was because producers wanted them to meet first. They were seated, and not too long after they arrived, the rest of the cast walked in. Carres recognized a lot of them from the first XXX. They all sat around the large table. Mr. Hays introduced them all to Carres. “So, Carres, where are you from?” Some one asked Carres didn’t see where the question was coming from. “Well, I was born in Connecticut, but I currently live in Florida.” “Really, which part?” Vin asked. He seemed really interested to know. “I live in Miami. You know every one in my family tried to warn me against moving down here. They were all saying how there a ton of snakes, and how the crime is bad. I said to them I have watched enough Crocodile Hunter to know how to handle a few snakes. And with the crime, I done seen enough stupid scream movies to know which direction to run.” They all laughed at her corny jokes. She laughed with them. She decided to take another stab at a joke. “Well, living in Florida is a lot better than Connecticut. My mother, who is originally from Jamaica, loves snow. I never understood why. I mean the way I figure it; if you’re from a hot country you should like heat. My mother loved cold. She would come home at night, and bundle up and go shovel. One time when I was on Christmas break, this woman came up to my room and dragged me from my nice warm bed to go out and shovel.” She paused, and looked around. Every one was already laughing. “I was sleeping like a baby, and this crazy Jamaican comes to wake me up to go into the one thing I hate. So my mother comes and shakes me. I push her away. She pushes me again. I turn right over. I still don’t know who is bothering me. Before I open my eyes and look I go and say ‘Look here, I don’t give a fuck what the hell is going on! I’m trying to get some damn sleep her, so back the fuck up.’ I swear I felt the biggest slap in my life. I open my eyes there was my mother fuming. I swear I got the ass whopping of my life!” Every one was laughing like crazy, except for one person. Carres couldn’t remember her name, but she looked right at her. She remembered that she was the woman who played Galena, or whatever the character name was. “So, Mrs. Deer, am I led to believe that your parents were abusive to you?” He looked at here with sarcasm in his eye. It seemed as if she was mocking Carres. “I didn’t say all that now, did I?” Carres looked at her. Carres knew she was trying to start something. “Well you just said your mother gave you the beating of your life. Why would she do that? Were you a terrible child? Did you always misbehave?” The girl raised her eyebrows as if to signal a verbal duel. “No, that’s not the point. I was not a bad child, and I only misbehaved when necessary. I guess I would have to explain it to you, discipline is not understood by everyone.” Carres stared the girl right in the eye. Vin noticed the competition starting. “You know maybe we should talk about something else. So… um… Mr. Hays, how is the set coming?” Vin tried to quickly change the subject. “Well, it’s going very well actually. We are right on schedule. We can probably film the part with the break up in about two to three weeks. You all have to start memorizing your lines.” Mr. Hayes nodded. “Let me ask you something about my character, Mr. Hays, Where is she from? I thought she might be from Europe, being as how that’s where Zander comes to get me, but there is no mention in the script of where I’m from, or if I have an accent or anything.” Carres turned to look at him. “You know that’s a good question. I’m not sure; they haven’t decided on that yet, which is why it’s not in the script. From reading the script myself, I would assume she is from the U.S. Not trying to sound stereotypical, but she does have the attitude of a strong American black woman, from what I have seen. I assume that’s the character, which is why we decided that you were perfect for the part.” Mr. Hays said with a smile, he knew he had squashed the rivalry that was surfacing for the time being. “Well, thank you Mr. Hays. I got the same feeling from reading the script also. The character does personify a black woman. To me she seems as if she had a tough life, which is why she is so good at being incredibly tough.” Carres smiled. “Well, what is it that makes you so tough?” The same girl was trying to start something again. “Well, if you really want to get into my life story?” Carres looked at her. Everyone could hear the venom in her voice; they knew Carres would not back down. “Yes, do tell us of your so called harsh background.” “Well, if you really want to. I grew up with a family full of Jamaicans. My father smoked weed, my mother was a work-o-holic, my sister was a bitch, and I was left at the back of the line being held back from anything I ever wanted to do. I had to be a maid to my father, and put up with all his rages, and his beatings, and his highness, the perfect teen to my mom, who was never there when I needed her, and a quit meek little person for everyone else. I never got to date, I never got to go to acting school, or dance school. Anything I wanted I had to pay for myself, and I never could go anywhere because I didn’t have any money, and because my parents wouldn‘t let me. My dad was too busy with his weed to pay any attention to anything beside himself. I was pushed around at school, until the day I decided to push back. So in a summary, I may not have had a really bad background, but it was too much for me to handle most times. I grew up with the notions that everything I did was bad; crying was a sign of weakness that was not allowed. Any word signaling pain was unacceptable, and I had to be, and act totally different that how I really was. I grew up being a depressed and oppressed little child. I have been trying to kill myself since I turned five, and found a razor blade. I have two different blood diseases, and a low tolerance level for pretty much everything. I have had to put up with more, than I figured god would give me, so therefore you can’t say anything about me, because you don’t know me.” Carres said, with daggers in her eyes, the whole while smiling sweetly. Vin looked over at here. Already he knew that Carres was not a force to be reckoned with. He decided to learn everything he can about this little fireball. ‘Maybe’ he thought ‘I should come up with a different name for her, before she roasts me for calling her a fireball.’ The dinner finally came. The only discussion that was accepted at this table was about the movie, and the people involved. After diner, the guests were led into a different room. There was an open bar, and seating everywhere. “You all should mingle, and get to know each other. You will be spending a lot of time with most of the people present, so get used to them.” Mr. Hays said. Carres circulated and spoke to every one. After she had managed to get used to everyone, she began to talk to the group of men that were talking in a circle. “ Hey, do you want anything to drink?” Vin asked her. Carres quickly turned her head. “ I think I will have a vodka straight mixed with Jamaican rum, and a tip of Bailey’s Irish Cream. That will do me for the night, thank you.” She said sweetly and winked at him. “Are you sure? That’s a whole lot of strong stuff. I don’t want to have to carry you to your room when we leave here.” Vin said half jokingly half serious. “Oh, I’m sure. I’ve been making stronger drinks than this since I was 15. I would take something stronger, but that would make me drunk for the next 2 days. Trust me. Oh and can you get all that mixed in a beer glass.” She looked at his amazed look. “Vin, it’s ok. I know how to handle my drinks. I grew up in a Jamaican family; we are all taught how to drink from the day we can walk. Trust me.” Carres said sternly so he would listen. He shrugged his shoulders, and walked off to get her drink. Carres turned and went back to her conversations. When they all got back to the hotel, every one was told that they were staying in the same suite, which is why there are so many rooms. The others had to settle in. Vin and Carres both took showers and prepared for bed. While Carres was taking out the clothes she would wear for the first day of training, Vin walked into her room. “So, are you drunk yet? I figured that drink would be a dozy for you.” Carres could tell he wanted to hear a “I told you so.” But to her pleasure, he would get no such satisfaction. “No, why? Oh yes, I remember now. You though I couldn’t handle my drink. Well, as you can see, I’m still in my right mind, able to function as usual. So how about you? You seem alright, but what did you have, because you finished your drink a bit too quickly.” Carres said, she enjoyed the rivalry between them and could tell Vin did also. “I actually had the same thing. I wanted to see which of us would hold it down the best. I guess we both win. See you tomorrow.” He winked and turned to walk out. Carres eyed him carefully. As he walked out the door, he stumbled a bit. If Carres wasn’t watching so closely she wouldn’t have caught it. “Hold on there Mr. I wish I was sober, I just saw you stumble, which I already know is something you don’t do. So therefore I win! And there is no way to prove me wrong. I am the expert when it comes to observing people!” Carres greatly expressed her triumph. Vin knew she was right, and all he could do was walk out. He was too dizzy to argue. Carres turned on the CD player and played a slow mix cd. She then laid on her bed and opened her book. Her mind kept wondering to Vin. She still couldn’t believe that Vin Diesel was in the same hotel, and right next door to her. She wondered what he was doing. There was no point sitting in suspense, so she got up and walked to his room. She knocked and entered when she heard his voice. She stopped in her tracks when she found him stretching and wearing a whit wife beater, and a pair of sweat pants. She goggled at he incredibly large muscles. “Why are you stretching? We don’t start training till tomorrow.” She said. “I always stretch before I go to bed, keeps me loose.” Vin said. “What do you need to be loose for? It’s not like you have anyone to be loose for. Remember there’s only one person in a room.” Carres said. Vin laughed. Carres always found someway to relate sex to a situation at the most random of times. Carres laughed with Vin. “Why is it that people laugh at my corny jokes? I’m not very funny.” Carres asked him. “It’s not the joke that funny, even though sometimes your jokes are really funny, it’s your facial expression and the way or tone that you say it. People just find it funny.” He laughed again. “Oh, well at least they don’t my singing funny, so that one good thing. I’ll sing for you if you want.” She looked at him. He stopped stretching, and turned to look at her. She took a deep breath and opened her mouth wide. She sang the best rendition of Alicia Keys Fallen. When she finished, Vin applauded for her. “You should make millions with that voice. What happened?” Vin asked while in the process of getting up. “I did make a demo when I was 16, but I didn’t send it anywhere because I wasn’t ready for it at the time. I’m not sure if I’m ready for it now either. But I’m glade you liked it.” She said shyly. She stared at him. He wasn’t much taller than she was. “You know, I think Asia is jealous of you. You do know that’s her name?” He said laughing. “I noticed. What is she mad that I’m getting all the attention? It’s not like I did anything. I didn’t even say Hi to the girl.” “I don‘t know. We will figure out eventually. She is really nice, but she can be an ice princess sometimes. Don‘t even sweat it.” Vin smiled at her in a reassuring expression. “Well, I’m going to go get some sleep. I’m not a morning person at all, so I better go set my alarm. Good night hun.” Carres said and walked out. Carres entered her room, and turned on the cd. She then turned of the lamp by her bed. Soon after she fell asleep. She wanted to be well rested for the first day of training. Carres’s alarm went of at five thirty. She turned over and tried to go back to sleep, which of course didn’t work. Carres finally got up and walked to the bathroom in the dark, as she usually did in the morning. She found her way to the bathroom and turned on the shower. Before Carres got into the bathtub she washed her face and brushed her teeth. She undressed and got in. Carres just stood in the middle of the tub and allowed the hot water to run over her body and wake her up. She yawned, and some hot water ran into her mouth. She instantly snapped out of her daze and spit out the hot water. Carres reached up for her body wash. She realized she had left it in her room. Carres swore under her breath. She looked around to see if any soap was in reach, all she found was the hotel soap. Carres shrugged and used the soap. She got out of the shower, and wrapped herself in a warm towel. As she reached for the doorknob to open the door, someone pushed through. It had to be Asia. Asia must not bee a morning person either, she looked incredibly angry. To Carres there was nothing new. Carres didn’t say anything, she just walked out. As soon as she got to her room, she put on her exercise clothes. She combed out all the knots from her hair that had developed during her excellent sleep, and put her hair in a ponytail. She snatched a sweater, and went down stairs to the kitchenette. Carres made a cup of hot chocolate. The night before Mr. Hays announced that they would all have breakfast together. Carres sat at the table with her cd player, and waited for everyone else. Slowly there was the sound of movement up stairs. Asia was the next to come down, then Vin, and everyone else. Asia made herself a cup of tea, and Vin had coffee. They both sat down at the table. Every one went around the kitchen getting what they needed and wanted. Carres sat silent. Everyone was silent. The phone suddenly rang. Asia was the only one who jumped at the sound. Tony Hawk answered the phone. He plays one of XXX friends in the beginning scenes of the movie. He answered a few questions and then hung up the phone. “Hey everyone, Mr. Hays wants us all downstairs for breakfast. We got to go now.” Everyone downed the last of what was in his or her cups, and slowly headed out of the hotel suit. Carres walked at the back of the pack. Vin slowed to walk with her. She noticed, but said nothing. “So, don’t I get a good morning? No hello?” Vin said. “ Sometimes I don’t like to speak in the morning. I’m not a morning person. The only thing about morning I like is that I get to wake up and live another day. Besides that I don’t like morning. I’m going back to being silent. It requires less morning energy.” Carres looked over at him, nodded and then looked straight ahead. “Well then. I will be quiet so you may enjoy your silence. I’m not a morning person either, but I’m used to having to wake up at terrible hours.” Vin nodded in the same fashion as Carres and went silent. When the group got to the lobby there was an associate waiting to escort them to the dinning hall. Mr. Hays was sitting at the head of the large cedar wood table. There were places set for all of them. Soon after they sat down waiters entered the room, wheeling in carts of food. Everyone sat and ate in silence. Carres was the one to break the silence. “What kind of training are we going to do?” “Well, I’m not sure. Everyday there is something different. I’m not sure what you will be doing. I know that with in the course of your training you will learn the proper techniques of combat, and also other things. You will have to practice quite a bit to get it right and make the scenes authentic. You might have to do a lot of weight lifting and other conditional training.” Carres nodded in response to his statement. After they finished breakfast, everyone was escorted out to a black Expedition with tinted windows. They all got in and sat in silence. Asia pushed Carres out of the way of the door, and jumped in to sit next to Vin. Carres had and incredibly urge to pull her out by the hair, and go in ahead of her. Carres shot her a dirty look, and got in the car. It seemed to Carres as if Asia was competing for Vin. Well as far as Carres could tell, Asia could have him. As much as Carres likes Vin, she doesn’t care if he wants to go with her or not. They drove to a private, and secluded building. Everyone got out. They were led into the building. It was rather small from the front view. It was only one level, with brick siding outside. As Carres stepped through the front doors she found herself in what looked like a gym. To the left and right were male and female locker rooms. They were all given locker numbers and were allowed to go into the locker rooms and put down their things. They all joined up again in the main exercise room. There was a large muscular man standing with his hands on his hips and his feet shoulder width apart. He had black hair and dark brown eyes. He was wearing some sweat pants and a tight wife beater. Carres sat down on a piece of equipment and waited for everything to begin. She looked around the room. There was state of the art equipment everywhere. There were treadmills, bow flexes, every piece of equipment that she had ever seen, plus the ones on TV. She then look at what she was sitting on, it was a cushioned bench press. She looked up at the muscled man again, he smiled at her, and she smiled back. Just then Vin walked through the door, Asia on his arm. He stood with her. Carres waved hi, all he could do was smile. Asia gave Carres a look with competition written on her face. Carres looked away. The muscled man clapped his hands once, very loudly, to get everyone’s attention. He began to speak. “Hello everyone. My name is Mark Walters. I’ll be your trainer through out the production process. First we are going to start out with a conditioning workout first thing when you all arrive, then in the afternoon we will work on your choreography. I will first meet with all of you to assess what workout is appropriate for you. So I will call you all in to an adjoining room one at a time. You all can get started with a warm up of a five to seven minute jog and a stretch. The first person I’ll call is Ka-Reese? I hope I said it right?” Carres was used to people saying her name wrong on the first try. She stood up and corrected him; she then followed him into the other room. “You pronounce my name Carres, just like the body wash.” Carres said, smiling as if she was trying to hide an annoyance. “ Oh, I’m sorry. It’s a beautiful and original name. Well you can call me mark.” He smiled and pointed to seat in front of the desk. ‘Wow! I can call you Mark, does everyone else have to call you Mr. Walters?’ Carres sarcastically thought as she sat down. “So, what kind of exercise do you like most, Carres?” He was looking at her very intently. “I like weight lifting, I hate running, and I hate things like tae-bo, Richard Simmons, and eight minute abs. What do you think?” He nodded. She wondered what was going on in his head. “Have you ever done any kind of martial arts?” “Well, I did when I was little, but I haven’t really picked it back up. Which isn’t very good, I was really into it. I got up to purple belt when I had to quite because of transportation and finance issues.” She looked at him trying to read his expression. He looked deep in thought. Carres thought that if he started thinking too much his head might explode. She smiled at the thought. “Well this is what I can do for you. During the times you guys are here we break up the time into two shifts, the first is workout and the second is choreography. So for the first half I can have you do cardio three times per week, and weights in between. So on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays you can do cardio for the bulk of your workout, and weights on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday. That work for you?” Carres reviewed it in her mind. It sounded all right, nothing hard. She nodded. “That sounds good. Are you going to write out how many reps and stuff like that?” She asked “Well, I already have them typed out, I have various different plans typed out, and I just have to put names to them. So you will be the one who get the best plan. So now that it’s all settled you can go out and start your warm up, and call Asia in here please.” He gave her the sheet that had her workout schedule a bright smile. She walked out of the room, with the paper he handed her. She walked out of the room, and looked around for Vin and Asia. She noticed them in the same spot where they were before she went in to talk to Mark. She walked over to them. She noticed something in Vin‘s face, almost as if it was a relief. Carres smiled sweetly and told Asia it was her turn. Carres took Asia’s place besides Vin. She stood and imitated him. She folded her arms over her breast, and pushed out her chest. She tried to flex her arms to make them look tight and extra muscled. She constantly looked forward, with an annoyed and angry look on her face. Carres knew Vin was looking at her, and was dying to laugh. She looked at him out the corner of her eye. “So, was she boring you with chatter? Or do you always stand like this?” She tried hard to not laugh, and stay as still as possible. “ I can’t stay still. She is really getting on my nerves. It wasn’t like this the last time. She wasn’t attaching herself to me as if I was the last Testosterone filled human left on earth. I would much rather chill with you. At least your fun to talk to.” They both started to laugh. Asia soon came out of the room, and notified Vin that it was his turn to go in. Asia gave Carres a jealous look. Carres sharply turned her head, and walked over to the treadmills to start her warm up. She put on her headphones, turned on her cd player, and started the treadmill. She was listening to a reggae mix that she had created a few months before. She was going at a good pace. She noticed that two people came up to the treadmills next to her. It was Vin and Asia. Vin got on the treadmill on Carres’s right, and Asia got on the one to the right of Vin. Vin looked at Carres wide eyed. Carres understood his message. Vin was tired of Asia and it was only the first day of training. After finishing her jog. Carres got of the treadmill and began to stretch. While she was stretching, she got the feeling as if someone was watching her. Carres inconspicuously looked around to see who was looking at her. She still couldn’t tell who it was. Her first work out of the day was to lift twenty pound free weights fifty times for three reps. By the time she finished doing that exercise she could hardly lift her arms. She then had to move on to leg press sixty times for two reps. it was a good thing that Carres didn’t have to do more leg press. Even though she could have handled it, by the time she was done she might not have been able to walk straight for a while. On her paper her instructions were to rest for fifteen minutes after her first two sets of weights. Afterwards she had to stretch again, and then do different exercises. Carres went into the lobby and sat on a bench to rest. She laid back on the bench and closed her eyes. She suddenly got the feeling that someone was watching her again. While doing her exercise she had forgot the feeling. She tried to play it off as if she didn’t notice. Carres slowly opened her eyes. There was no one around. She sat up and looked good. She still didn’t see anyone. She gave one last slow look around. No one. She looked at her watch and realized that fifteen minutes were up. Carres got up and suspiciously walked balk into the exercise room. She went back to the free weights and did thirty lunges with ten pound weights, for three reps. Afterwards, Carres had to switch the weight bar. She asked Vin to be her spotter. It was the first time all day she had managed to spot Vin by himself. He was glade to spot for her. He put on the weights for her, and basically held the bar for her. “You do know that I’m not entirely week? I want you to spot me, not life for me.” She said jokingly. He eased up, and just let his hands follow with the bar. “Did you finally tell Asia to leave you alone, or is it just a miracle that I managed to see you alone? She is really crowding you.” Carres looked up at him. “She had to go to the bathroom. I really want to know why she’s attaching to me, and hating you. For the past twenty minutes all she’s been talking about it how much she doesn’t like you. I don’t know what going on with her. What do you think? How many of these do you have to do?” He looked down at her. He really looked bothered. “Well, I have to do three reps of thirty, and so far if I have counted right I am almost done with the second set. And I think that Asia is jealous. Let me explain why. Every time I come to talk to you, she gets an attitude, every time I walk by you and say hi, she gives me dirty looks. In my opinion, it seems as if she is your woman. Maybe it’s because she is afraid she will loose your friendship if you hang with me too much. I don’t know. You should just sit her down and ask her… and then come and tell me.” Carres smiled. “ Your just too good of a man, Vin, she wants you all to her self.” Carres said and smiled. Vin didn’t reply. Carres finished her set, and sat up. “So on to more lighter things, I’m finished with my work out. How about you?” She looked at him. She was hoping he would jump back to reality and start joking around again; it was easier to talk to him that way. He just nodded yes in response to her question. “Do you wanna be alone for a while? What’s up, talk to me.” Carres said giving him a concerned look. “No. I’m just really hungry. When can we eat?” Vin had a funny look in his eyes. He looked like he was in his own little world. “I was thinking the same thing. I’ll go ask Mark. You coming? I’m dieing to eat. I feel for some Jamaican food, probably curry goat. Come on, let’s go.” Carres grabbed his hand and dragged him with her. She looked around the room for Mark. She spotted him with Asia. Carres shook her head. “Looks like Asia already got him. Oh well, I’m hungry, shoot.” Carres dropped Vin’s hand and walked over to Mark. She could already see the daggers flying out of Asia’s eyes. Carres didn’t care. “Excuse me, Mark. When are we going to get lunch? I am really hungry. That work out you gave me took all my energy from breakfast.” Carres said sweetly. She hopped that if she asked with sugar on top he would let them eat. Mark looked down at him watch. “Well, you can leave to go eat at any time, but you can only go to the places on the list posted in the lobby on the gray bulletin board. Carres‘s eyebrow shot up. “ I can only go to certain places? But I wanted some curry goat, I wanted Jamaican food.” Carres looked at him with dismay. “I can’t have you all eating grease when you just took all that effort to work the grease off. No, no, no, you can only eat at healthy places. I’ll know where you went to eat; so don’t try to fool me. Plus you get free food at the listed places, because the company sponsors them. So I suggest you go to the hotel get some cash, and eat up.” He looked at her with a bright smile. Carres sarcastically smiled back, and turned around sharply. Vin looked hungry as ever. She walked up to him. He was incredibly anxious to hear what Mark had said. “ What did he say? Can we go? Come on, I’m hungry even if he didn’t say yes.” Vin said. “He said we can go, but we can only eat at healthy places. We have to go to the restaurants listed on some bulletin board in the lobby. Man! I want Jamaican food. I could really go for a patty and cocoa bread, with a small curry goat and cola champagne. Come on, lets go see what’s on the list.” They walked out together in search of a good restaurant. They found the gray bulletin board. Carres looked down the list. None of the places she saw rang a bell. She would have figured they put some places on there that one would know about. Carres looked out the corner of her eye at Vin. She figured the thing with Asia was on his mind. She didn’t say anything though. Carres put her attention back to the list. She really couldn’t help commenting on the selections made. Maybe it would be better if they just went to the supermarket and bought some stuff to cook. Carres looked over at Vin again. “What are all these places? I’ve never herd of any of them. I say we just go to the hotel and order room service. That way we get what we want.” “Actually, these places are really good. I had the same reaction when I had to do the last movie. I say we go to VD; it’s a restaurant that has really good vegetarian food. I’m not into the veggie stuff, but during training I eat what ever they recommend. Trust me, it helps to eat healthy when your training, it’s make it somewhat easier.” He turned around and looked at her. He noticed a slight gleam in her eyes, and the softness of her lips. If Vin didn’t have so much control he would have kissed her on the spot. He pushed the images to the back of his head. “Well then, lets go. I suggest we head back to the hotel and change, and then come back here after we eat. Sounds good?” Carres asked. Vin only nodded. They walked out of the building together, and got into the van outside. The driver took them to the hotel, and then on to the restaurant. They were seated at a table by the window, and were given menus. Vin wore a pair of jeans and an open front button down tee shirt. He left the first couple of buttons open. Carres got a nice view of his large muscles. She wore a short jean skirt, and a red tank top to match. Carres decided to leave her hair down. She was glad today was a good hair day. Carres looked down at the menu, after reluctantly pulling her eyes from Vin. Everything on the menu had vegetables, which weren’t Carres’s favorite. She looked up at Vin. He looked as if he knew what he wanted. “I have no idea what to order. Why don’t you order for me, I’ll probably like it? You know, you look really nice.” Carres quickly shut her eyes. She hadn’t meant for that last part to slip out. She opened her eyes again quickly and smiled. “Well, I’ll order you the chicken teriyaki with seasoned rice and mixed vegetables. Sound good? Oh and you look great.” He flashed her a smile. Carres nearly melted in her seat. Fortunately the waiter came up to take their order. The waiter looked somewhat surprised when Vin ordered for her. Carres couldn’t help smiling. She noticed Vin looking at her. “What are you always smiling about?” Vain couldn’t help to notice her smile. Whenever she smiled there would always be a twinkle in her eye, and she would flasher her pearly whites. Vin had a weak spot for beautiful women, but his Achilles heal was beautiful women with a great smile. Vin stared at her as she flipped her hair, and shyly looked down. He wished she would look at him so he could see her eyes. “I don’t know why, I just do. Maybe it’s you.” She slowly looked up and came into eye contact with him. She bit her bottom lip, as if to hold back something that was threatening to erupt inside her. Her eyes moved down to his lips. Carres could only fantasize about what it would be like to kiss those perfectly sized lips. She slowly ran her tongue across her lips and stared at him in a fixed daze. She finally noticed what she was doing and broke her trance. She looked down and started to blush. She noticed that she was smiling like a blushing idiot. She tried to stop but it wouldn’t work. “How about we go for some ice cream when we finish eating? My treat. I feel like having a little extra sweetness in my life right now.” Carres suddenly looked up at him. Amazed at what he said. ‘I see he has game. Well I got some too.’ Carres thought. If he wanted to flirt, then so would she. If she was going to be stuck with a hot guy for such a long time, she might as well enjoy it. “ I do believe you are flirting with me, Mr. Diesel.” Carres looked at him as if she was posing a challenge. “Well, I do believe I am. Are you flirting with me?” “ I’d be a liar if I said no. I‘d also be a liar if I didn‘t say that I was enjoying it.” She smiled, and looked him straight in the eyes, those beautiful eyes of his. They locked eyes again. Suddenly the waiter walked up with their meals. The meal started off quite. Neither of them knew what to say. Carres was too busy trying to think of what to say. She was somewhat nervous. Carres was now aware that he knew she had a little thing for him, But then again so does ninety five percent of the female population in the world. The only thing that set Carres apart is that she actually had him in the flesh and blood. “It’s a good thing you ordered for me, this food is delicious.” Carres commented, breaking the silence. “Well, I figured, since we get along so well we probably like the same food. It’s a little corny but it works. I’m glade you like it.” He gave her a quick glance. “You know what I think we should do? I say after we eat and get our ice cream, we go dancing. Is there any good reggae clubs around here? I really want to go dancing. I haven’t been able to recently, because of my job, and also taking care of my business back home. I have been dying to dance.” Carres looked at him. She was really amped about going out dancing. “I would love to go, but the only problem is that I can’t dance.” Vin looked at her with a little embarrassment. “ This is reggae we are talking about. You’re a guy, you don’t have to anything but put your hands on my waist and wiggle your dick. It’s as simple as that. Trust me, I’ll show you.” She put her hand on top of his, and looked into his eyes. “ As terrible as this may sound, to me dancing reggae is basically the same thing as having sex. The only difference is that you and I won’t be butt naked, and we won’t actually be having sex. It’s a pretty good way of thinking about it. Works for me.” She gave him a mischievous smile. “I say we go out and don’t get back to the hotel till three, and when we get into the suite we talk really loud and wake everyone up. Or we could just make Asia jealous. Oh wow! I could come up with a whole plane to make this so much fun. What do you say? Do you wanna join me?” Carres said persuading Vin. She still held her hand. It looked as if it belonged there. She took his hand in hers and turned it palm up. She drew little circles in his palm, and waited for his answer. She finally stopped and intertwined her fingers in his. “I’m game. I haven’t been to any clubs lately. And it would be fun to see Asia’s face. What did you have in mind?” Vin said. Vin noticed something move beyond Carres’s head. When he looked up, he saw Asia. “Waite? If that isn’t the devil herself.” Carres inconspicuously looked up. It really was Asia! Carres slowly turned her head around. Ideas were bubbling over in her mind. “You want to start now?” Vin nodded. “Ok. This is what we do. I’ll feed you, and you just keep playing with my hand. And we got to give each other lover eyes.” Carres started to feed Vin out of her plate. He played with her hands. They looked like they were the perfect couple having a romantic evening. “ Yum.” Said Vin. “You are doing such a good job. I might be enjoying myself a bit too much.” Vin laughed in between Carres feeding him. “ As much fun as I am having, it is really annoying having her watch us. I can feel her staring at us. But I don’t really care, as long as I don’t have to hear her talk.” Carres put a piece of chicken in her mouth. “I don’t think, I want anymore of this. As yummy as it is, I really want some ice cream.” Vin still played with her hand. “ You and I think so much alike.” Vin called for the check. He paid the bill, but wouldn’t let Carres see the amount. They got up and left the restaurant holding hands. They both could feel Asia’s eyes on them. As soon as we got out of the door, Vin wrapped his arms around Carres and kissed her neck. He felt somewhat surprised at his actions, but he didn’t care. It felt too right to be wrong. He could feel Carres laughing and getting closer. “So who are we making jealous again?” Vin asked jokingly. “The world!” Carres responded. As she said so, she turned around and kissed him full on the lips. Vin pulled her closer. “ Yum.” She said. He let go of her and they walked down the street hand in hand. “I think we should go to this club. What do you think?” Vin suggested. Carres listened to the music blasting out through the open doors. “It’s reggae! This is it! Lets go!” Carres grabbed his hand, and dragged him up to the doors. They were easily let in and Carres immediately began to dance. “Loosen up! Come one dance with me. Remember, reggae is a sexy kind of dancing, just act like we are having sex.” Carres smiled and held both his hands behind her leading him to the floor. She began to dance. Vin just shrugged and danced behind her. She felt his arms wrap around her waist. She intended to show him a good time. After a few hours of dancing Carres noticed a familiar figure dancing very badly very close to them. Carres paused and looked at the figure properly. It was of course Asia. Carres looked up at Vin. “It’s her, isn’t it?” Carres nodded. A playful smile spread across Vin’s face. “Who are we making jealous tonight?” Carres smiled brightly. “The world.” They began to dance again. They danced together endlessly. They didn’t leave until the club was closing. By the time the reached back to the hotel it was four thirty, and they had to wake up in another hour. They quietly walked up the steps leading to the bedrooms. They kissed at Vin’s door. Carres walked into her room and quickly changed. She walked into the bathroom grinning like a little schoolgirl after her first date. Carres brushed her teeth. Just as she finished washing her face, Vin quietly crept into the bathroom. He walked up behind her and wrapped his arms around her. She smiled and turned to face him. “ Oh my God! I have the greatest idea. What if I sleep in your room and tomorrow morning we come out together. I can put my clothes in your room so I don’t have to go back to my room in the morning. I swear if Asia sees us, whom she most likely will, she will be shocked. And we will have all the fun in the world.” Carres wrapped her arms around his neck. He couldn’t help but say yes. The plan was too good, and the woman in his arms was too good. They kissed and reluctantly parted. Vin brushed his teeth and washed his face. While Carres was putting on her clothes in his room. While she was waiting for him, she began to dance to one of her favorite songs, no letting go. She hummed the tune in her head, while moving her body to the beat. He back was to the door, and she didn’t notice anyone was in the room. When she turned around, she saw Asia. Carres immediately froze. “ I want to know what is going on between you and Vin?” Asia looked furious. “ Nothing. We just went out together and had a great time. I thought you already knew what we did. You were following us the whole time.” Carres was not going to back down and let Asia get the best of her. “What was with you feeding him at the restaurant and you holding his hand, and that kiss outside! How could you!”? Carres saw that Asia’s face was red as ever. “ Very easily. Want to see me do it again. You can follow us again the next time we go out.” Carres smiled triumphantly. “And just what exactly are you doing in his room?” “I was just about to ask you the same thing. I’m pretty sure he didn’t give you permission to be in here.” Just at that moment, Vin walked in. He looked shocked to find the both of them against each other in a verbal battle. “Vin, I insist to know what she is doing in your room.” Vin didn’t know how to respond. He just looked at Carres and followed her pattern. “I told her she could be in here. Now, what are you doing in here?” Asia fumed and stomped out of the room. Carres exploded into laughter. Vin couldn’t resist and laughed also. “Come one, let’s get to bed, we have to wake up in an hour.” They climbed into bed next to each other. Soon after they fell asleep. What felt like half an hour later someone knocked on the door. It was one of the housemaids. Vin got up and walked to the door. And opened it. “Mr. Diesel, Mr. Walters gave me this note to give you and Mrs. Deer. Have a nice day.” She handed him the note and turned down the stairs. Vin closed the door and walked over to the bed. He sat down on the side next to Carres. He began to read the note aloud. I hope you enjoyed your exciting night. Since you were so inclined on staying in bed today, I’m giving you the day off. I’m not happy with your actions, but I’d rather have two fully rested people, rather than two sleepy heads. I hope this won’t happen again. Mark. “Well, he doesn’t seem as mad and I thought he would be.” Carres muttered with a slight laugh. She stretched and sat up. “I feel like I only slept for half an hour. Do we really have to get up now? I mean, Mark said we could have the day off. I don’t want to get up yet.” Carres wined to Vin. “ We should, but we’re not going to, because I’m going back to sleep.” Vin smiled and crawled over her and laid in the space behind her. Carres stretched and turned over to face him. “We might get in trouble for this, but it was worth it.” Carres smiled and cuddled into his chest. He wrapped his arms around her, and they soon fell asleep again. Vin woke up before Carres. He looked over at the clock. The time was two thirty. He carefully unwrapped his arms from around her so he wouldn’t disturb her. He looked down at her. “You are so beautiful.” He whispered over her. Vin bent down and laid a small kiss on her forehead. He got up and walked to the bathroom. He splashed some water on his face and looked in the mirror. “What am I getting myself into?” He said. He knew he couldn’t get involved with Carres. He didn’t know what to say to himself. He brushed his teeth and went back to his room. Just as he entered Carres sat up and stretched. She ran her fingers through her hair, not noticing that Vin was in the room. She laid back down and turned on her side. He heard her groan, and roll over. “I don’t want to get up. I want to stay nice and warm.” Carres rolled over again. She reached her arm out and noticed there was nothing there. She lifted her head, and propped herself on one elbow. “Where did he go? Actually it’s probably better that he’s not here. I am not the best looking when I wake up.” Carres chuckled to herself. She stretched again, and looked towards the door. There was Vin with his arms folded watching her. Carres’s eyes slowly widened. “How long have you been standing there?” Carres was still in shock that he was seeing her in the messy state her appearance was in. “I’ve been here since you first woke up. You look incredibly beautiful when you first wake up disheveled hair and all. You look even better when you’re sleeping.” Vin smiled and waked over to where she sat. He sat next to her, and leaned in for a kiss. Carres backed away, and held up her hand. “I don’t give any form of affection before I brush my teeth. I may take risks but not ones that drastic.” Vin laughed and got up. “Well then go brush your teeth and then get changed. Even though we aren’t working out with everyone else, we are still going to work out. I’m going to teach you the basics that you need to know for the fighting sequences.” Vin walked over to the dresser and took out a tee shirt and some sweat pants. Carres reluctantly got up, and walked to the bathroom. She brushed her teeth and washed her face quickly. She went to her room and looked for the clothes she had taken out to wear. She wandered into Vin’s room looking for them. She looked in a couple drawers, and on top of some pieces of furniture. She finally found them on a chair underneath some of Vin’s clothes. She undressed and changed in his room. She used his brush to comb her hair into a tight ponytail. She grabbed her sneakers, that she had also left in Vin’s room, and headed down stairs. She found Vin making coffee, toast, and scrambled eggs. Carres walked down into the kitchen. “Are we going to the exercise room down stairs, right?” Carres walked behind him and sat at the table. “No, I can’t go down there. There will be too many people, and I will get recognized, and I don’t want to have to put up with that today. I figure we just most the furniture, and use the space up here.” Carres got up and started to move the furniture out of the way. She then walked over the stereo, and turned it on. She couldn’t find anything worth listening to. She ran upstairs and brought down her case of cds. She put in a reggae cd, that she had made. She began to stretch. Vin looked over at her. “You shouldn’t stretch before you have eaten. You’ll lose your appetite, and then what would we do with the wonderful breakfast I have made. Come and sit over here, I’m almost done.” Vin turned his attention back to the scrambled eggs. Carres walked over and sat down. “Is the coffee ready? I’m thirsty.” Vin pointed his head to the right where the coffee mugs were. Carres brought them over to the table and set them across from each other. She got up and got plates for the food, and took out the toast from the toaster. She buttered them, and laid them on the plates. Vin shared out the eggs at the same time. Carres took them to the table. She waited for Vin to sit down before she ate anything. They had a quiet breakfast. After which they cleaned up the kitchen, and began to stretch together. “Can you do me a favor? Push my leg towards me, so I can stretch it.” Carres asked Vin. He got up and knelt in front of her. Carres laid on her back and lifted her leg. Vin placed his hands no her calf and her thigh. He slowly put his weight on her leg. He pushed down until Carres’s knee was almost to her chest. “Ok.” Vin stopped pushing and held her leg in place. Carres closed her eyes and counted to thirty. She switched legs, and counted again. “Ok, lets get started. What do you want to do first?” Vin asked her, as she sat up. “I don’t know. Lets do sit ups and push-ups. Those are the ones I hate the most. I never understand how I can lift nearly one hundred pounds for 5 reps of 30, but I can’t lift my own weight. Aren’t push-ups basically the same thing as lifting with a bar? All you have to do with push-ups is lift your own weight. But I can’t.” “Well, we can do those. Just go till you get tired. We’ll see who can last the longest.” “We could make it interesting. Even though I know I’m going to loose this one, I say that we see who can hold out the longest on both exercises. If I win you have to take me dancing, give me a massage whenever I want, and cook my dinner, all that for 3 weekends. If you win… well what do you want?” Carres looked at him with a competitive stare. She knew she was going to loose, but how bad would it be? “I want you to… gee, I don‘t know… I’ll just take the same thing as you. What could possibly be better than having a beautiful woman take me dancing, give me a massage, and cook my dinner. A man could never want anything more. Agreed?” He held out his hand. He knew he could out do her. Carres had some kind of spirit and confidence, though. He hoped he had enough energy to beat her. “Agreed. I’m going to get my music, and then we can start. I don’t think I can beat you with out my energy source. That massage will do me some good when we’re done.” She ran up the stairs smiling. She grabbed her mix cd, and ran back down stairs. She put it in the CD player, and put it at a loud but suitable volume. “Lets start with push ups.” The both of them got on the floor, and got into starting position facing each other, with their heads side by side. “ One, two, three GO!” They started at the same time. Carres keeping close count in her head. At twenty she began to tire out. She took a quick look at Vin. He looked like he was never going to even break a sweat. Carres knew she couldn’t let him beat her. She kept going. Carres managed to get to fifty with out stopping. She still felt tired, but the pain in her arms went away, she couldn’t feel anything but her elbows moving up and down. She looked over at Vin. He was breathing in and out as he went up and down. She could see sweat forming on his forehead. She started too breath in and out in the same fashion. Carres began to go a little slower. She figured if she paced herself she could possibly do more than him. Carres concentrated on her breathing, and let the music take control. She soon was going the same pace as the beat of the music. Every time the beat changed, Carres pushed up and down with it. She looked over at Vin. He was getting tired. Carres hadn’t noticed that she had done seventy-five pushups. She smiled and continued to concentrate and count. After reaching ninety, Carres started to feel the pain come back into her arms, she also began to fell a pain in her back, and legs. Vin was going slower and slower. Carres knew she couldn’t keep going. Her arms gave out, and she made a loud thud on the floor. She looked over at Vin. He was in starting position ready to do another push up, next to her. He stopped, and kneeled up. She looked at him with her eyes wide open. “Oh My GOD! I managed to do... Ninety push-ups? Only God knows how that is possible. Normally I can‘t do more than thirty. And that’s since I got skinny. When I was fat I couldn‘t do more than fifteen.” She kneeled next to him. “I just couldn’t concentrate with the music being so loud. And watching you go, tired me out. My arms hurt like hell, and normally they don’t hurt at two fifty.” Vin looked at her. He looked as if he did this every day. It looked like all that work did nothing to affect him at all. “ I did two hundred and fifty push ups.” Vin couldn’t help laughing. Carres looked wide-eyed, still in shock that she managed to do so much. “Well, I could have actually done a few more. I reached two fifty by the time you did ninety. The thing is that after you pass the first twenty push-ups your arms become accustomed to your body weight and they stop hurting. If you have good enough concentration you can go one for a really long time. I didn’t have good concentration at all that’s why I got tired so quickly.” “So quickly? So quickly? You did two fifty. I did ninety. Think about that one. Damn, my arms hurt like hell. I am never doing that again.” Vin reached over, and started to massage her arms. He sat himself in front of her and slowly but thoroughly rubbed her arms. She looked at him in a surprised manner. Her arms did feel a lot better. It felt as if he was drawing the pain out of her arms. He took so much care. An urge came across Carres. She most definitely could not loose to him again. If it felt this good when he massaged her arms, imagine the rest of her body. Carres allowed him to finish, and then she got down on her back. He followed her. Their knees lined up. “Are you sure you want to start so quickly? Maybe we should rest first?” Carres said no, in response. She relaxed her muscles and prepared her mind. She knew she was going to loose, but what would it hurt to make herself think she would win. Carres would probably do better in push-ups, because she had to do so many to get her stomach as flat as it was. “Ready?” Vin called. “Ready like Freddy. One, two, three GO!” Carres called, and they started. Neither of them realized that it was almost four thirty. They had started at three thirty. Their roommates would be arriving at five thirty. Carres felt her stomach start to hurt after she reached fifty. She kept going; she knew she had done way more than fifty before so there was no reason why she couldn’t do it now. She kept going, but at a very slow rate. Vin had already managed to get to one hundred, by the time Carres got to fifty. She was having a hard time keeping up with him. He had no doubt that he was going to win. Just as he sat up for his one hundred and seventy fifth sit up the door opened. All of his roommates came in. He was hoping that he and Carres wouldn’t be here when they came. Vin didn’t want to hear anything from them about yesterday and this morning. Carres finally dropped after doing one hundred and ten sit-ups. She lay out of breath holding her stomach. “How many…” She looked over at Vin and at the same time saw the roommates walk in. She rolled her head over and looked at the ceiling. She knew what was coming. Long lectures from everyone, she didn’t want to hear all that. Vin stood up, and held out his hand. Carres took it and he helped her up. Everyone walked in and stopped in front of Vin and Carres. Asia was at the front of the group. She gave both of them a furious and bitter look. “I hope you had fun. At least you’re still exercising. Can’t say you totally abandoned your training.” Asia said. She then walked off angrily. After she left, the others commented. It seemed as if no had a real problem with it. They thought it was good that Vin and Carres were still doing some form of training. Everyone went up stairs to change and take showers. “ O.k. I’m tired, my stomach hurts, and I’m hungry. What are we going to do next? The quicker we finish the quicker we eat.” Carres still had her hand on her stomach. “ Are you sure you want to do more? The only thing left would be for me to show you the basic moves so you can learn the new ones easier.” Carres nodded. She took her hand from her stomach. “Teach me.” She said confidently. “Ok, well since you previously had karate show me what you remember.” Vin stood back and folded his arms over his chest. Carres did a number of various kicks and punches. When she was done, she turned and looked at Vin. “So, what else do I need to learn?” Vin was impressed that she remembered all of that from her experience with karate. If he remembered correctly she had taken karate when she was a little girl. “ Everything you did was exactly what I was going to show you. But you already know it. I think you will end up learning everything very quickly. Once you learn the moves you have to learn the fight sequencings. Those are really easy. And we have to learn the lines of course. They give out the finalized script a couple days before we go on vacation. After vacation we have to do the first fourth of the movie and catch it on tape.” “Some good stuff. Well now that that is over, I am going to go shower, change, and get something to eat. Are you going to come with me?” Carres looked at him. Her hand returned to her stomach. “ Yeah, I’ll go with you. Lets go to the same place as we did yesterday. That food was good.” Vin suggested. “ Yeah!” Carres said excitedly. “I’ll race you to the bathroom. I think I can beat you there, because I want to shower badly.” Carres said. “GO!” Vin shouted. Carres took off, and pushed him out of the way to get the stairs. She almost slid past the bathroom door and nearly fell in to the room on her way in. It didn’t help that Vin was trying to push her out of the way. She managed to push back and slip into the bathroom ahead of him. She slammed the door after she got in. “HA! I told you I could beat you! I’ll be out in five minutes.” Carres laughed, and set the water in the shower. After she got out she looked around for a spare towel. There, of course, weren’t any left. Carres started to pace the bathroom. “I can either run to my room in my birthday suit, or I can ask someone to get me my towel. The only person close enough to hear me is Vin. He probably won’t do it for me, just to spite me because I beat him to the bathroom. Lets try asking first.” Carres poked her head out the door, and looked up and down the hall. No one was around. She called for Vin. He didn’t answer. Carres pulled her head back into the bathroom. “Oh no! No one is around to get me my towel. I’m going to have to run for it!” Carres stuck her head out the door again, and still saw no one. She quickly opened the door, and darted for her room. At the same moment Carres ran from the bathroom, Mr. Hays walked into the living room. Carres didn’t see him enter. He looked up at the balcony when he heard the bathroom door slam. Mr. Hays saw Carres run to her room, naked and clutching her clothes. He laughed. After about ten minutes, Carres walked out of her room fully dressed. She walked over to Vin’s room. He wasn’t there. She checked the other rooms. No one was anywhere to be seen. “Where is every one? If they were leaving they could have knocked on the door and let me know. I mean come one, clue me in.” Carres said with heavy sarcasm in her voice. She walked down the stairs and saw Mr. Hays sitting on the couch. Carres looked somewhat surprised to see him. “Hello. Do you happen to know where everyone went while I was in the shower?” Carres said. “ Actually I do. They are in a short meeting to discuss itineraries for the rest of the training term. They are waiting for you. Let’s go. I told them not to start with out you.” Mr. Hays smiled and escorted Carres to the door. “Waite. I have no shoes on. Let me go grab some.” Carres quickly smiled and then sprinted up to her room. She came back quickly with her blue timberlands on. “Ok. Now we can go.” The two of them walked down to the meeting room together. Carres sat in the closest empty chair. She was given a packet, and the meeting began. “Ok. Lets get started, now that everyone is fresh and clean. I got a lot to say and I want to do it quick.” Mark was the one talking to the group. As he mentioned the fresh and clean part, Carres could her muffled laughs from everyone. She just shrugged in response and smiled. “Ok, obviously this is the beginning of your training. You will be in L.A for three months. The fourth month you will be able to go home, for the whole month. Everyone else can go home relax for a full month. Then come back for another three months. Also, you will get Christmas off for a break. For the last three months we are going to be switching locations. We have to begin filming right after, but we will still be doing minor training during that time. We have to get the first fight sequences down, but that will come during training. We also have the finalized script, so we will give that out so you all can start learning your lines by scene. Make sure you grab one on your way out. Also, weekends are reserved for your relaxation time. I know it’s hard for you guys to do so much training and not be able to get a little time off. We are going to start moving a little faster, so be prepared for that. I thought there was more but there really isn’t. So you guys can go, I’ll see you all in training.” They all got up and walked out grabbing a script on the way. Carres walked over to Vin. “You could have knocked on the door and let me know you all were going to a meeting. I was taking extra long just to spit you.” Carres said while smiling. “Sorry. I was going to but I was already downstairs and Mr. Hays told us we had to go to a meeting now. I told him you were in the bathroom. “It’s straight. Well now that I know that we get party rights on weekends, I won’t have to skip out during the week. Come on, let’s get back up stairs and start learning our lines.” They went up to the suite together. After Vin took his shower, they met in Carres’s room and began to learn the script together. Over the three-month period Carres and Vin became fast and close friends. They were almost inseparable. Each night they would go to sleep in separate rooms, but in the middle of the night they would wake up, and find each other then fall asleep talking. They would work out together, and practice fight moves with each other. They would spend hours talking or learning lines together. Vin would help Carres with the moves, and she would help him with lines. They always ate dinner together. On the weekends they went out together. Carres noticed that she was beginning to become very fond of Vin. She saw him as a friend and as something that could possibly be more. Carres constantly wondered if he felt the same, but she never dared bring up the subject. She welcomed his flirtatious behavior, and friendly affection. What Carres didn’t know was that Vin felt the same way about her. He knew she wasn’t involved with anyone and felt that he could move in and have her as more than a friend. The only problem was that he was unsure how and when to make the move. Vin loved the comfort of having her by his side all the time. He knew what he wanted, but for the first time he couldn’t come up with a way to get it. He needed to figure it out, the first half would be over. He didn’t want her to get involved with anyone during the break. Vin decided to just leave things alone and let them take their own course. “Hey, Vin. What are you going to do over the break?” Carres asked him the last night before it was time to leave. Both of them had already started packing and getting their clothes together. “I’m just gonna go home and relax. Not much else to do. I really don’t do much when I’m on vacations during productions. What about you?” He asked, slightly looking over. He had a strange feeling that she was going to ask him to do something. He often got that feeling when she subtly asked questions, as she was doing now. “Well, I figure do a little work to get some money into my account. Since Vivian has been house sitting for me, she paid my bills out of my checking account. I might do a performance or two. Basically just chill.” Carres walked over to Vin. She stood by his side, and looked at him. “Would you like to spend the break with me at my house? I think it would be cool; I have a spare room next to mine that you can stay in. What do you think?” She asked nudging him. What could he say? Of course he was going to accept. It’s not like there could be any harm in staying at her place. Plus it would give him time to really get to know her, and try to find the best way to win her over. “Sure, I’d love to. Only on one condition though.” He folded his arms, and they faced each other. “The next time we have a break, you come to my home. Deal?” He held out his hand for the agreement. “Really, how great would that be? Deal!” She shook his hand, and winked. Carres plopped down on his bed, and handed him things to fold. “ I think some of my stuff is in your room, and you still haven’t finished packing yet. I know your not going to pack in the morning, so lets go get my stuff and you are going to start packing instead of sitting in here talking like you don’t have anything to go do.” She frowned jokingly and got up. Vin gently slapped her bottom. She turned to look at him and laugh. She grabbed his hand and dragged him to her room. She pulled her suitcase onto the bed, and threw a large pile of clothes onto the bed. They sorted through the pile, and Vin pulled out his things. He went back to his room to pack them with his things. Carres couldn’t help smiling. She was glad she had asked him to come. Carres almost thought he would say no. But she was graced with acceptance. She could only imagine the amount of fun they would have together. As she was about to finish packing, Asia stuck her head into the room. “Carres, you have a call. It’s Mr. Hays.” Asia left just as quickly as she came. Carres went to answer to phone. “Hello.” “Hello, Carres. This is Mr. Hays. I wanted to know what you and Vin will be doing over the break?” “ We are both going to my place. Why, what’s up?” “Well, we need to both of you to do some press for the movie. All you have to do is appear together at a dinner, and act like you are a little closer than you really are. I don’t think it will be a problem for you two. The object is to promote the movie, and the two main characters. It’s only for one night, we know you both are tired so we aren’t asking you to do any more than that.” “ It’s not a problem for me. Let me go ask Vin what he thinks. Can I call you back, or do you want to wait?” I’ll wait, thank you.” “ Ok. I’ll be right back.” Carres ran upstairs, into Vin’s room. She explained the proposal from Mr. Hays. He agreed. She quickly ran back downstairs, and told Mr. Hays it was ok. He said that he would call after they reached Florida and let them know the details. Carres hung up the phone. She walked to the kitchen and grabbed a bottle of water. Carres headed back to her room to finish packing. After a short while, Asia was back again. “Carres? Can I talk to you for a minute?” Asia said quietly. Carres turned to look at her, and nodded in response. “Well, I know I haven’t actually been the nicest since you have come here. I just wanted to apologize. I have no excuse for my behavior, and I know that I have missed out on being your friend. I just wanted to apologize and hope the we can start fresh when we come back from break.” Carres felt touched by her gesture. She noticed the whole time Asia was fidgeting with her fingers. Carres smiled. “I really appreciate you saying that. And you are right, your behavior has been rotten, but…I’m not one to hold a grudge. I would really like it if we could be friends. You seem really nice, but I haven’t gotten a chance to get to know you. So, yes, lets start fresh. But we can start now, if you would like.” Carres said openly. A smile spread across Asia’s face. She nodded, turned and walked out of the room silently. Carres sighed contentedly. How much better could this one day be. Carres turned to her bed, and took out a pair of jeans and a tank top to wear on the trip home. She took her shower and got herself ready for bed, and the journey home. After her shower, she called Vivian. Vivian didn’t answer. Carres looked at the time and realized that Vivian was probably asleep. Carres left a message to let Vivian know when she was coming home, and when to pick her up. She hoped Vivian would get it. Before she went to sleep, she went to the rooms of the other cast members to say good night. She then went to Vin’s room to tell him good night. She slowly opened the door. His room was dark. She crept in and walked silently to the bed. She crawled up to the top. She laid next to him, and kissed his cheek. His arms circled around her, and held her gently. She crept under the covers, and snuggled closer to him. “ I just came to say good night, but it looks like I will be spending the night instead. I hope you set your alarm” Carres whispered to him. “ I like the company, so you’re going to have to spend the night. I set it a long time ago.” Vin whispered back. He felt her move closer to his body. Her head rested on his arm. Soon after they both fell asleep. At six o’clock in the morning, Carres herd a low beeping through her sleep. She turned over and laid her head on Vin’s chest. She still heard the beeping. She put a pillow over her head, and hoped the noise would go away, and stop interrupting her sleep. She groaned, and sat up. “What the hell is that damn noise!” She ran her hands through her disheveled hair. She felt Vin move beside her. “It’s the alarm slick. It’s time for us to get up and get ready. Now hurry up and get up, before you turn of the alarm and go back to sleep.” Vin sat up and stretched. Carres groaned, and crawled out of his bed. She walked to her room grabbed her towel, and went to take a shower. Vin laid back down. He waited until he heard her walk by his room before he got up to go take his shower. Carres was already dressed by the time he finished his shower. He walked to his room and put on a pair of jeans with a red wife beater, and a hoodie. Carres simply wore a pair of jeans, with a blue tank top, and the sneakers to match. She walked down to the kitchen to make a cup of coffee. She turned around to see Vin coming down the stairs. She smiled at what he wore. “Where do you think your going, New York? You won’t need the hoodie in Florida, unless you’re planning to be out late at night.” She laughed. “Well, I’m keeping my hoodie. It might get cold on the plane. I am well aware I won’t need it, but at least I won’t be cold if push comes to shove.” He walked past her to get a cup for himself. “Sure, buddy.” She sat at the table, and sipped her coffee. “What time do we have to be out of here? I don’t remember when the flight is, and it looks like everyone else is just waking up now.” Vin said as he sat down across from her. As soon as he was about to take a sip of his coffee, Asia came running down the stairs. “Hey Asia, what time are we supposed to leave out to get the tickets?” Carres’s eyes followed her around the kitchen, as she hastily prepared a cup of tea for herself. “We are supposed to be leaving out of here in about twenty minutes, and I haven’t finished packing. I was supposed to be up at six, and it’s not six forty! I still don’t know what I’m wearing home. Everyone else is just now getting up to, I have to take a shower, and get dressed!” She then ran out of the kitchen as quickly as she had ran in. Carres looked over at Vin, who was also looking at her. They sat and talked for a little while longer. At ten to seven, they took their suitcases and walked down to the lobby. They called out to let everyone know they were going down. They herd quick responses from everyone. They walked down the hall to the elevators, and got in. Vin pushed the button for the lobby floor. Suddenly Carres’s cell phone rang. “Hello?” “Hey C. What’s up?” “Tiger?” “Yeah. I haven’t talked to you in a long time.” “I didn’t know you still remembered my number. How has life been going?” “It’s been alright. The kids are good, the wife is happy, I’m happy. What about you?” “Man, I’m on cloud nine and a half. So many things have happened recently, I still can’t believe it’s me. But listen I’m in L.A. right now, and I got to hop a plane to Florida to get home. So when I get home, I’ll call you back.” “O.k. Bye.” Carres hung up the phone. She put it back in its case that was attached to her pant’s waist. “I can’t believe how long it’s been since I talked to him.” Carres said. Mostly to herself partially to Vin, reminiscent and pensive. Carres then found herself immersed in her own thoughts and memories. Vin didn’t bother to ask her what she was thinking; he figured it was none of his business. They reached the lobby floor, and got off the elevator. They looked around and didn’t see Mr. Hayes anywhere. They walked to the concierge and asked him if there was any special arrangement. He said that there was none. They figured they might as well wait. They took seats next to each other in the lobby. They didn’t talk at all. Carres decided to call Vivian again. She still didn’t get an answer, so she left another message. Suddenly Vin saw Carres turn around out the corner of his eye. He turned to see what had disturbed her peace. He saw Mr. Hays. “Good morning to you both. Where is the rest of the group? They should be down here now. I bet no one packed from last night did they?” He said in a sarcastic and disapproving tone. “I don’t know about them, but I packed from last night, and Vin and I both took showers and ate breakfast. They were all in a rush when they woke up. They should be down soon.” Carres said, and looked towards the elevator. She didn’t see anyone. Mr. Hayes took a seat next to her. “Well no is a good a time as any to let you two know about what you will be doing for the promo’s. All you really have to do is vaguely answer the questions asked to you. It should only be about an hour or two, maybe not that long. Answer the questions but don’t give too much away, you know what I mean. Vin you’ve done this before, so I expect you to help Carres out with this. I don’t think you will have any trouble at all Carres, but incase you do you will have Vin to help you. The dress is casual formal. You don’t have to wear a gown and tux, just a nice dress and some slacks or something. Carres if they ask you about how you got picked or anything about your acting background just say that you have never acted before and randomly auditioned not knowing it was for this movie and you got selected. Don’t get to elaborate about it, if you want you guys can make up a better excuse if you want. The less you give away, the more they will want to see the movie. If you have anymore questions, you know you can always call me.” Mr. Hayes looked between the two of them. Carres took out her cell phone and programmed his number in it. Suddenly they herd a bell. Both Vin and Carres looked over to the elevators. The rest of the group pilled out. Carres looked at the time on her cell phone, it was exactly seven o’clock. Carres raised her eyebrow in thought; they were good they got her exactly on time with a few seconds to spare. She knew Mr. Hayes would have preferred it if they were earlier. They all sat down, and Mr. Hayes passed out the tickets. As soon as he was finished, they all got up and walked to the front of the hotel to get into the bus that waiting to take them to the airport. They were silent on the ride there. Carres, Vin, and Asia sat next to each other. It was a short a ride. They all it was a short walk to each of the gates. After hugs, and “I will miss you” everyone separated. The group got smaller and smaller until there was only Vin and Carres. Their flight left at eight thirty. When Carres looked at her watch it was eight twenty five. When she looked up she herd the announcement for boarding. She took out her ticket and nudged Vin. He was getting up at the same time. They walked over to the counter and handed in their tickets and boarding passes. They walked to the little corridor leading to the plane. The flight attendant led them to the first class section of the plane. As soon as they sat down Carres took out her CD player, and put in a cd. Vin did the same thing. Carres rested in her seat, closed her eyes and leaned her head against Vin’s shoulder. They sat in silence. An attendant came up to them to ask if they wanted any refreshments. They both declined. During the flight, Carres and Vin sat next to each other without saying a word. Carres randomly pulled out a deck of uno cards. They played game after game. Then they got bored. They played games that were programmed on their cell phones, they talked about everything that had no form of logic to it, and they did everything under the sun to stay awake and occupied. Carres got so tired at one point she curled up and laid her head in Vin’s lap and used him as a pillow. When she woke up and looked at her watch she realized that they still had a long way to fly before they got anywhere close to Florida. Carres hated flying for so long. At seven o’clock Carres called her house. Vivian still didn’t pick up the phone. She figured she might as well call someone else, but none of her friends were home. So Carres decided that they would just have to call a cab and pay the overly expensive fee. The flight from L.A to Miami took forever. They left LAX airport at eight thirty, and got to Miami at seven forty-nine. Carres couldn’t believe that it was about eight and a half hours. She was ecstatic to get of the plane. It was the longest eight and a half hours of her life. For some reason it didn’t seem as long when she flew there the first time around. When they got of the plane, Carres saw a line of limo drivers holding up signs. Vin tapped her. He pointed out one of the drivers that had a sign with both their last names on it. They walked over to the driver, and found out that Mr. Hayes had arranged a limo for them. Carres sighed relief; she wouldn’t have to pay a taxi anymore. They found their belongings quickly and packed them into the limo. It was only a half hour from the airport to Carres’s home. Carres was happy to finally be home. She called Vivian again and still got no answer. She sat back, and closed her eyes. She felt very tight and soar from sitting in the plane for so long. She decided that she was going to take a shower and get into her favorite pajamas and go to sleep. She felt the limo make a turn and stop. Carres assumed they were in her driveway. She opened her eyes, and looked over at Vin. He breathed heavily and opened the door. The driver was unloading the luggage. They thanked the driver and pulled their bags to the door, Carres reached into her purse and pulled out her keys to open the door. Carres was hoping that her house was as nice and as clean as she had left it. They walked into a clean and empty house. Carres walked around the house. She checked the guest bedroom to see if Vivian’s things were still there. There was nothing in the room. Carres told Vin to put his stuff in the bedroom. She checked the answering machine and heard all the messages she had left for Vivian. She also got one from Vivian saying that she had to leave because of a family emergency. Which would explain why Carres could never get her. Carres put her stuff in her room, and then plopped on the couch. Vin came and sat next to her. “I need a massage. I hate long plain rides.” Vin said. He turned to look at her. “I know exactly what you mean. I don’t know how you do it all the time when u have to make movies and stuff.” She turned to look at him. “I honestly don’t know. You owe me some massages I say you start now. My back is so soar.” Vin said. Carres’s mind jogged back to the bet they had made in L.A. “I ‘m going to take a shower and go to my room. I’m tired, I’ll give you one tomorrow.” She said lazily. “Fine. I’m too tired to contest it. I am going to go take out some pajamas, and then take my shower after you. So get up now and hurry up.” Carres slowly got up, and Vin lightly slapped her butt. She laughed and turned around. He stuck out his tongue at her as she continued her walk to the bathroom. She quickly undressed and showered. She dried off and walked out of the bathroom to her room naked. Vin was lying on the bed in the guest room with the door open. His head was at the foot of the bed; he could see the bathroom from where he was. He saw Carres walk out. To him the world stopped, he saw her walk in slow motion. There was not one flaw in her smooth brown skin, tight ass, flat stomach, and perfectly shaped breasts. He replayed the picture in his mind. He heard her door close and rose to go take a shower. He let the water run over his body. He still though about Carres’s body. He quickly got out, and changed. He knocked on Carres’s door and entered when her heard her answer. She was lying at the foot of the bed, up side down. Her long hair dusted the floor. She waved to him as he stood at the door looking at her. She was wearing a large red tee shirt with red and blue moon panties. She looked quite sexy to him at that moment. She rolled over, and sat up. She waved him to come over to the bed. Vin sat down, next to her. “ I do that every once in a while. I used to do it on my bed when I was little but then I got to tall, and I’m the perfect height to do it now on this bed. Plus it feels funny when the blood rushed to my head. I got to stop doing that though, it’s not good for me.” Carres said. “ I’m not going to comment on that one. I like your room though. You weren’t kidding when u said you loved tigers. I like the one over your bed. It’s hot.” Vin said while looking up at it. “ Yeah that one is my favorite. Oh wait stand up.” Carres and Vin stood up, she pointed to the bedspread. There was a huge tiger on it. It looked like the tiger was walking through the jungle ready to pounce on anything in it way. “That is gorgeous. It’s really soft too. I think I’m going to sleep in your room tonight. You don’t mind do you?” Vin knew she wasn’t going to say no. They have been sharing beds for the past three months, so it shouldn’t be anything new. “No, I was actually planning to bug you into staying in here tonight. I’ve gotten used to sleeping with you it would feel funny not to be with you.” Carres said. She replayed the sentence in her mind. It sounded more sexual that friendly. She knew Vin understood the meaning of the sentence though. He sat back down on the bed. On impulse Carres straddled his lap. She hugged him close to her body. “I hope you don’t mind. It was just impulse, and your really comfortable.” She said. He didn’t say anything; he just held her closer. They sat like this for a good while. Both feeling more than they should. Carres’s mind went back to the first day they met, and she saw him naked. For some reason sex was suddenly the topic of interest in her mind. She didn’t realize that Vin was thinking the same exact thing. Vin wrapped his arms around her. It felt all to right to be holding her. He felt like kissing her, and touching her, and rubbing her body. He didn’t dare make any move though, he wanted to. He just held on to the feeling of her body in his arms. Suddenly his thoughts were interrupted. “I’m sleepy. Lets go to bed.” Carres said with out releasing him. “ Yeah. I want to sleep. Then we can wake up at any time tomorrow, and not have to worry about missing training.” Vin said chuckling. Carres could feel the low vibration. She reluctantly pulled from him, and lifted herself of his lap. She slowly crawled up to the top of the bed. Vin got up and walked around. She got under the covers, and Vin followed her. She turned of the lamp, and turned on the stereo. The cd she had made, that had only slow songs, was still in the CD player. She felt Vin move, and she instantly cuddled up next to him. His arms wrapped warmly around her. They quickly fell asleep in each other’s arms. While Carres was wrapped in deep sleep, she heard some one yelling her name in the distance. She rolled over, and tried to ignore it. It sounded a lot like Ebonie. Suddenly she heard a big yell, as a bright light entered her room. Carres jolted up out of her sleep. Sure enough it was Ebonie. Vin slowly pushed himself up to his elbows. “Ebonie, get out of my room now! I will be out in a few minutes, do not say a word just exit!” Carres said in a cranky and annoyed voice. Carres dropped back down into the bed. She didn’t want to get up yet, but she had to now. “Go back to sleep hun, I’ll go take care of her. I’ll be back.” Carres sighed and got up. She grabbed a pair of sweatpants and pulled them over her legs. She walked out of the room with squinting eyes adjusting to the light. “What are you doing here? I’m trying to sleep, and your interrupting me. Do you not know how much I hate being interrupted when I’m sleeping? You know I’m not a waking up kind of person. What time is it? Where is Vivian, I came here and she wasn’t here? She has my spare key.” Carres said as she sat on the couch. “Well it’s nice to see you too. I missed you so much. How was your trip?” Ebonie said sarcastically to her best friend. “I’m sorry. You know I get grumpy when people wake me up. How are you hun? I missed you so so so so so much. Come here and give me a hug. I haven’t seen my best friend in three months.” They hugged each other. “ So what is with the man in your bed? What were you doing last night? Carres…be honest.” Ebonie said, half jokingly half inquisitive. Carres knew what Ebonie was thinking. “That is a friend of mine. He’s in the movie with me. And I invited him to stay with me over the vacation. And last night we were in my room talking and listening to music and fell asleep. I hope that stops your wandering mind because nothing happened.” Carres said in a factual tone. “ What is his name? He has to have one.” Carres was afraid that Ebonie would ask that. Ebonie liked Vin diesel, but Carres wasn’t sure of how Ebonie would react if she knew that Vin Diesel was in the next room. Carres sighed heavily. “It’s Vin Diesel. Don’t go screaming or anything. He’s trying to sleep. We got in at about nine. I swear I didn’t realize how long it was from Miami to L.A. it’s eight and a half hours. I don’t know how we did it with out loosing our minds. I was all too happy to get to bed last night. And Vin came in to say good night to me. He lied down next to me to give me a hug and two minutes later we were both sleeping.” Carres laid her head on the couch, and waited for Ebonie’s reply. “ So you and Vin Diesel slept together? Wow, you’re good.” Ebonie said in shock, and disbelief. “Well, I’ve kinda been used to it. In L.A we would always sleep in the same bed. Don’t worry I haven’t done anything with him besides sleep. He’s actually very comfortable. Anyways, what have you been doing since I left?” Carres asked. “Well, first of all George has stopped bothering everyone. And I have a new guy who is pretty cool, but I’m still trying to judge. His name is Darien, girl he is black and fine two combinations I always love! Someone has gotten really sick in Vivian’s family so she had to go back to Connecticut, I don’t really know anything about that so I won’t get into it. And that’s really it. I don’t feel like going into detail about everything right now, though. I just wanted to see if you were home yet. If you had called me I would have come and get you at the airport. How did you guys get home by the way?” Ebonie asked. Carres was still processing everything that Ebonie said. “ Mr. Hays had a limo for us. It was very nice of him. He always seems to have everything set. He’s really cool.” Carres said, she laid her head back on the couch, and slowly closed her eyes. “I can see that you’re still tired. Go rest up. Tomorrow we defiantly go out though. Plus I have some work to go do anyway.” Ebonie got up. Carres slowly stood, to giver her friend a hug. They walked arm in arm to the door, and said good-bye for the day. Carres closed the door and walked back to her room. She looked at the clock next to her bed. It was three o’clock. Vin was sound asleep. Carres resumed her spot on the bed next to him. She soon fell asleep. She felt safe and sound sleeping by Vin’s side. After a few hours of blissful sleep, the phone rang. Carres slowly opened her eyes. She looked at the clock by her bed. It said seven thirty. She picked up the phone and answered sleepily. “Hello? Who is this?” Carres said, wanting to get of the phone badly so she could go back to her comfort zone. “Carres? Your home? Can I come over to talk to you? This is George by the way.” Carres had the biggest urge to hang up the phone, but she didn’t have the heart to do it. “George I just got home. I’m trying to sleep. You cannot come over. I told you before I left that I don’t want to talk to you or see you. Why can’t you just accept it and leave me alone?” Carres was now sitting up, not fully awake but enough to listen to what was going on. “I want you Carres. I know you’re the right one for me. I want to make that clear for you. But you won’t give me a chance.” He said, more confidently than he should. “Would you like to know why I wouldn’t give you the time of day? It’s because you are not what I am looking for. I gave you the chance to be with me before and you didn’t take it, so I moved on with no worries. That’s what you need to do. I was fine with being your friend, but it looks like you can’t handle that. I am currently seeing someone. I have found what I am looking for. You need to go elsewhere and find what you need. George, you have moved from being my friend to being a pain in my ass. I don’t need that right now, or ever. I don’t know how else to tell you.” Carres said. She ended with a heavy sigh. She hoped that she would be able to get through to him. “Who is he? Do I know him?” He asked after a long pause. “You don’t know him. George I’m sorry but there is no other way to get through to you. I’m really tired from my flight. I’m going to go. I want you to think about what I said, and for once take my advice. Good bye.” She hung up the phone and sighed. She hoped that would get rid of him. “Is that the guy from high school you were telling me about?” Vin said. Carres hadn’t noticed that he had woke up. “Yeah. I hope he finally decided to leave me alone. I may not like being single but it doesn’t mean I want him.” Carres said, repositioning herself on the bed. “So who are you going out with now? I’d like to know ahead of time so I don’t go flirting with you when I’m not supposed to.” Vin said while winking. He knew that Carres want’ seeing anyone. “ You already know that answer. Now I can’t go back to sleep. I liked my little dream world. As usual George had to interrupt it. Do you know how many times he’s done that? It’s so annoying. But we are going to stop talking about George, and go back to relaxing.” Carres said. She turned her body to face Vin. He casually draped an arm over her waist. “Guess what I want.” Vin said. He knew she would probably forget about the promised massages. “I know you want your massages. I haven’t forgotten but I bet you thought I would. O.k. take of your clothes and lie down on your stomach. I will be right back I have to get something.” She got of the bed, and walked into the bathroom adjoined to her room. Vin could see that she was looking on the shelf above the toilet. Vin took of his shirt and pajama pants; he only left on his boxers. He then laid on his stomach and waited for her to return. “Ok. I have some massage oils that I haven’t gotten around to using yet. So I will try them out on you. I can’t decide which one to use. Smell these two and tell me which one you want me to use.” Carres said walking over to the bed. She held the first one in front of his nose and then the second one. “ I like the second one.” Vin said. Carres walked back to the bathroom and put away the rejected scent. “Ok. Lie in the middle of the bed, and wait until I come back.” Carres walked out of the room and closed the door. She walked to the kitchen, and put the tiny bottle into the microwave for five seconds just to warm up the liquid. She then washed her hands in warm water. She was going to make sure that Vin enjoyed this as much as possible. Before she went back into the room she let her hair down. On her way back to her bedroom, she passed her cd rack. She picked out a cd she had made that had a lot of relaxing songs on it, she grabbed it and took it with her. Vin was lying on her bed, quite comfortably. He heard the door quietly open. Carres walked over to the bed, and put down the bottle and the cd. She turned on the stereo above her bed and put in the cd. She lit a few candles that were placed around the room and then came back to the bed. “You better enjoy this.” Carres said. She climbed on the bed and kneeled next to Vin’s body. She poured some of the oil on his back and in her hands. She gently placed her hands on his shoulders and began to massage them in tiny circles getting bigger after every rotation. “Can you make it harder?” Vin asked. Carres repeated the maneuver harder. She ran her hands smoothly over Vin’s back. She eased every tension out of his body. After a short while she could hear Vin moaning in response to her touch. She straddled his hips to put more pressure into her touch. She knew Vin would love her massaging. She decided to do his legs as well. She shifted her body to be able to reach his legs and poured more oil into her hands. Vin could feel her hands playing on his body. Never in his life had he ever felt something so good. Every tension was eased out of his body. He could feel her hands pushing hard on his muscles, but it felt like nothing he had ever felt. Soon he felt her hands move to his legs. That feeling was heaven. Carres did everything she knew would bring him pleasure and she massaged his whole body until she could massage no more. When she finished she ended with Vin lying on his back with her straddling his hips. After her last touch, she got up and laid tired by his side. They laid side by side in a calm silence. Carres could feel that she had done a good job from his reaction. She turned her head and looked at the clock. It was eight o’clock. Carres knew she should get up and go take a shower. She was starting to feel hungry. “Are you hungry? I am but I don’t feel like cooking.” Carres said. “Well as good as I fell I can always go and make us something if you want. Or we could order something. What do you want?” Vin said, still lying on his back with a blissful look on his face. “Oh! I know what I want. I want pizza! I haven’t had pizza in such a long time. And we never get to eat anything but healthy food when we’re on set. You like pizza right. Of course you do, you’re a New Yorker.” Carres said excitedly, as she pop into a sitting position. “Lets get pizza. I haven’t had pizza in the longest! I love pizza! Let go order some.” Carres and Vin jumped out of the bed as if they were happy children on Christmas. Carres jumped on the couch and pulled the phone book from within the small end table the phone was placed on top of. She found the listing for Pizza Hut. They decided to order a large meat lover pizza with green peppers, and onions. They waited in anticipation for the pizza to come. They watched T.V until the food arrived. After they paid the delivery boy, the placed the pizza on the coffee table, got a bottle of orange soda. Carres put in Rush Hour 2 in the DVD player. “What could be more perfect pizza, orange soda, a hot guy, and my favorite movie? Life is good!” Carres said as the movie began. Between the two of them they finished off the whole pizza and the bottle of soda. They laughed together fully stuffed on Carres’s couch. After the movie, Carres got up to take a shower, and Vin waited on the couch for her to finish so she could. He reclined in his seat and put his feet up on the table. Out of the blue, he heard the doorbell ring. Carres yelled to him to answer it for her. He got up and went to the door. “Who is it?” He called. No one answered. He looked through the peephole. A short Dominican looking guy was standing there. Vin opened the door. “Can I help you?” “No. Is Carres home?” “Yes, but she’s in the shower. What is your name so I can tell her to call you when she gets out?” Vin said. He had a feeling that this was the George that Carres was telling him about. “I’m George. You must be the new man.” George sounded as if he was ready to start a duel with Vin. “ Actually… I am.” Vin wasn’t originally going to say that he was the new guy, but he might as well make Carres’s fib seem realistic. “Can you just tell her I stopped by? Thank you.” George said curtly, and walked away. Vin laughed and closed the door. At the same time he closed the door Carres stepped out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel. She walked over to Vin. “Was that George? It sounded like him.” Carres said. “Yes, it was George. He seemed jealous. I told him I was the other guy. Hopefully he’ll leave you alone for a while.” Vin said shrugging it off. “You did? Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! My pain is the ass is gone!” She yelled as she fiercely hugged Vin. He hugged her back and enjoyed the affection he was receiving. “I say that we celebrate! We should go clubbing. That would be fun. You, Ebonie, or whichever one of my friends has a guy right now, and Me. It is so much fun when you party with more than one person! Definitely! What do you think?” Carres said excitedly. “ You have made an offer I can’t refuse. I say you call up some people and we go have fun!” Carres made a girlish squeal. Carres smiled and ran to her room. Vin watched her happily go. Something was happening to him. Only, he couldn’t tell what it was. Vin could feel himself pulling towards Carres at every minute. Vin was getting attached. He didn’t know how to respond. All he could do was go with the flow. It seemed to him that if he were to be able to spend his life with her by his side he would be perfectly happy. Yet, at the same time Vin only thought of Carres as a friend. He didn’t know what he felt. He walked into the bathroom and started the shower. As soon as he steeped out of the bathroom, Carres walked out of her room. “My sister Michelle is coming with us. She normally never goes with a date, but leaves with a date. So we’ll be straight. Michelle is coming in an hour so let go get ready.” Carres said with a huge smile. “It’s not going to take me an hour to get ready.” Vin said. “True, but it will take Michelle and me an hour to get ready, and you can help me pick what I am wearing after I do my hair. So go, shoo, go get ready!” Carres quickly turned and went back into her room. He could hear the music blasting from her room. Vin walked into the room next to hers. For some reason it felt weird to him to be going into a different room than her. Vin chose to wear a pair of Tims with a red Sean Jean tee shirt and a pair of Sean Jean jeans. He sprayed on a bit of curve cologne and then went to knock on Carres’s door. She was standing in her room in a bra and thong and a curling iron in her hair. Most of her hair was curly already. She was in the process of creating the last curl as soon as Vin walked in. She had her back to him, but she had heard his entrance. “Hey, can you look at the outfits on the bed and pick which one you like the best I can decide?” Carres asked him. Vin walked over to the bed and looked at each outfit. In his mind he pictured Carres in each one. To him she would look sexy in anything. She could be wearing the ugliest thing in the world and still look sexy. On the bed Carres had a black skirt with a black tank top, a pair of black tight pants and a red tank top cut short to show of her abs, and lastly there was a black shirt that was short and split up past mid thigh, with a tank top that was split at the sides right up the sides of her breast, and was tight across the bust. Vin couldn’t make up his mind. Vin still hadn’t decided by the time Carres had put the finishing touches on her hair. She stood next to him, and looked at him. “Well, have you decided?” She said. Vin shook his head no. “Ok. I’m going to go do my make up and you can sit and decide. I’m wearing what ever you decided.” She walked into the bathroom adjoined to her room. Vin still couldn’t make up his mind, He just decided on the black skirt and shirt with the splits. When Carres came out of the bathroom, it looked at if she hadn’t put on any make up. “ I personally like the last one.” Vin said. The both stood at a contemplative stance, looking at the last outfit. “ I agree. I was going to pick that one but I wasn’t sure. I like that one. Thank you Vin. Now who said you wouldn’t come in handy to me.” Carres said with a big smile. She grabbed the shirt and pulled it over her head, and then put on the skirt. She adjusted and tucked until she looked just right. She stood before Vin and asked him opinion. He was speechless, he felt the sudden urge to lay her down on the bed and not go anywhere. He just nodded. At the same moment the telephone rang. Carres answered it. It was Michelle who was waiting outside for them. Carres pulled on her heels and grabbed her purse. She and Vin were out the door. “ What up, chic? It’s about time you call me. We never chill anymore. And you say you’re my sister.” Michelle said, and Carres and Vin entered the car. “ Hi. Nice to see you too, I think we should hit Gold. It’s reggae and hip-hop night! Right now I don’t want to hear anything less. Hello Curtis. Long time no see.” Carres said. Curtis was Michelle’s longest relationship. “ Hi Carres.” He replied. “ All right Gold it is. So who is this cutie with you Carres?” Michelle asked. Carres had the feeling that Michelle wouldn’t realize that it was the famous Vin Diesel. “ This is my friend Mark Vincent. Mark meet my sister Michelle and her boyfriend Curtis.” Carres looked over at Vin. He looked surprised that she knew his real name. Carres just smiled. “ Nice to meet you Mark.” Michelle and Curtis said in unison. “Nice to meet you both.” Vin said courteously. “ So where did you both meet?” Michelle asked nosily. Carres rested her hand on Vin’s arm to let him know to let her handle it. “We met at a advertising conference that I went too.” Carres said. “ How nice. You both have the same job.” Michelle commented. Carres could tell that she was trying to get more information on the relationship between Vin and Carres. “Actually Mark does more of the delivery part. I come up with the advertising and it’s Mark’s job to get it out to the consumers. We hold the same status in our companies though. I do office work and Mark does distribution.” Carres said sweetly. She knew that Michelle would grill her later on the matter. “Can we get some music going? We all know how much I hate living in silence.” Carres said as she leaned through the two front seats to get to the radio. She scanned the radio stations for the best reggae station. They reached the club at ten thirty. Everyone got out and walked up to the door. They could hear the music pumping from inside the club. Carres led them to the door. They walked right up to the door. There stood a huge man guarding the door. There was a whole line of people trying to push to get into the club. Carres looked back and told everyone to take out ten dollars to get in, and hold it tight. Carres walked right up to the door with the other three following her. “ Tony! What’s poppin’ man? I’m tryin’ to hop in here, so I can just chill. I got three others with me. Can we get in?” Carres said confidently. “For you, anything girl. Who are you bringin in, those three behind you? If that’s it you can head right in. Marco is right inside the door to collect. Tonight is reggae night you came the right night. Enjoy!” Tony said as he let them in. As soon as they entered Marco was seen leaning against the wall. They all paid, and walked in. Carres turned and grabbed Vin’s hand. “Michelle, I don’t know about you, but I got to dance. We will meet back here at midnight just to check in.” Carres said and led Vin to the dance floor. They danced together for what seems like half an hour, but was really an hour and a half. Carres looked down at her watch and realized it was midnight. She grabbed Vin’s hand and walked him over to the area where she was supposed to meet up with Michelle. Michelle was already waiting with Curtis. She saw Carres coming. “Well. We have a choice. We can either stay here or go unwind at Jazzie’s before it closes at two. Or we could go to IHOP when this place closes. It’s up to you.” Michelle said. “I say we go to Jazzie’s. I love that place, it would be nice to get a proper drink and relax from the loudness. Plus I’m tired from dancing but I don’t feel like sleeping at all.” Carres said. “Definitely. Let’s go.” Michelle said. They all walked out of the club, Carres saying goodbye to both Marco and Tony on the way out. They piled into Michelle’s car, and drove the ten minutes ride to Jazzie’s. The club was not as packed as it normally was. But the answer to that led to the time, which was twelve thirty. They walked in and sat at a table. A jazz band was playing on the stage. The group sat in silence and listened. After the song finished, a man in a black tux got up on stage. Carres knew the man well from her previous visits to the club. His name was Nipsy. He gave a large smile to the audience. “Ladies and gentlemen, I have the pleasure of making thins announcement. Our angel, Carres Deer, is here tonight.” Carres herd claps everywhere. They all looked around, and then stared at Carres. “We hope that she will bless us with a song tonight.” The man said, as he extended his arm in her direction. All of a sudden a spotlight focused on Carres. Carres could do nothing more than smile, even though she felt like disappearing. Normally she would not have felt nervous, but she did now because she had not prepared at all for this. She heard everyone cheering her on. Automatically her body rose up and walked to the stage. As she stepped on the stage, her nervousness started to fade. She walked over Nipsy and gave him a quick hug. “I’ll get you for this.” Carres whispered in his ear as she hugged him. “ I know.” He replied. They let go of each other and Nipsy walked of stage. Carres turned to the audience. She took a deep breath and smiled. She appeared not to be nervous. “Hello everyone. My name, as you already know is Carres. As you can tell, I’m not very prepared to sing tonight and was put on the spot. So I don’t really know what to sing. So how about this you all can request any song that you have herd me sing here, and that’s the one I will do.” Carres said. A hand quickly rose. “Yes sir? What would you like to hear?” Carres looked at the man sitting a few tables away from the stage. “Could you sing butterflies by Alicia Keys?” The man said. Carres nodded. She looked at the man, and had the feeling that she knew him. Yet he didn’t look like someone she saw more than once. “Ok. I can defiantly do that one. Let me just get a drink of water and I will sing that song just for you.” Carres turned to get of the stage to get the water, and there was Nipsy standing with a cup of water. Carres accepted the cup and took a few sips. She turned to the band and asked them if they would play accompaniment, but none of them knew the song. She rested the cup on the stool behind her. Carres was going to sing the song a cappella. She took another sip and turned to face the crowd. “Ok, I’ll be singing this one a cappella. So enjoy.” Carres took a deep breath and began her song. “Humm Hum Lately when I look into your eyes I realize you the only one I need in my life Baby I just don’t know how to describe How lovely you make me feel inside You give me butterflies Got me flying so high in the sky I can’t control the Butterflies You give me butterflies Got me flying so high in the sky I can’t control the butterflies It seems like the light you give From the start you told me I would be your queen But never had I imagined such a feeling Joy is what you bring I want to give you every thing You give me butterflies Got me flying so high in the sky I can’t control the butterflies You give me butterflies Got me flying so high in the sky I can’t control these butterflies You and I are destiny I don’t know why You were made for me Ohhh I can’t control it It’s driving me Taking over me You give me Butterflies Got me flying so high in the sky I can’t control the butterflies You give me Butterflies Got me flying so High in the sky You give me butterflies Got me flying so high in the sky I can’t control it I can’t control it You give me butterflies I can’t control it Oh oh No You give me something I just can’t deny Something that’s so real I just can’t get over the way I feel Oh oh No Oh ohh no I just can’t get over the way I fell I’ve never felt like this” Carres stood still on the stage. She could hear clapping bringing her back to reality. She slowly opened her eyes, and looked around the room. She looked as if she just woke up and was not aware of her surroundings. She then fixed her gaze on Vin. He was staring right back at her. “ Thank you. I’m glade you enjoyed my song. Next time I will come more prepared to sing for you. I hope you all have a wonderful evening. Thank you.” Carres curtsied and walked of stage. She walked to the table and motioned for Michelle to come with her to the bathroom. They quickly walked in silence. As they entered Carres checked the stalls for anyone, and then locked the door. She quickly started to pace the bathroom. “What did I do when I was singing? I didn’t look silly or stupid did I?” Carres asked while fidgeting with her fingers. “ No, you looked great. You had this really intense look on you face, and then every time you opened you eyes it looked like you were starring at Vin the whole time. I swear you were singing to him. That is so sweet.” Michelle said. “ Oh man! I hope he doesn’t realize how much I like him. I mean I think he knows, but I don’t want him to know. I don’t even know if he likes me like that. Hell, I don’t even know if I like him. I know I feel strongly for him but I don’t know if it’s just friendship or if I want it to be more. I don’t know I’m confused about the whole thing. I’ve been doing good the hide it from him, but I mean, I don’t know.” Carres still paced the bathroom, nervously. “ I think he realizes that you have some kind of feelings for him, but I don’t know. I can’t really give you advice on this because I don’t know Vin, and I don’t have any idea what he’s like.” Michelle said while leaning on the counter. Carres stopped pacing, and stood in front of Michelle. “We have been gone a long time, haven’t we? I think we should go back now. First, how’s my hair and stuff? Fix anything that’s out of place. Give me your lip-gloss; let’s make it look like we did something.” Carres said quickly. “You look great, and I left my purse with the lip-gloss at the table, so you will just have to do with out. Lets go.” Michelle said, grabbing Carres’s arm. Carres took a deep breath and then walked out of the bathroom. She looked like the epitome of confidence. They both calmly sat at the table. The men were in the middle of a joke. Carres looked at Michelle and winked. “So what have you two been talking about while we were gone?” Michelle started the new conversation. At the same moment the same man that requested the song that Carres sang, came up to the table with a woman on his arm. He stopped next to Carres and smiled. “ Your song was wonderful. I just wanted to let you know that I took your advice and it worked well thank you.” The man said. Carres still hadn’t figured out who it was until he smiled at her. “Waite? George? Is that you?” Carres said astonished. “Yes. I got myself together, got over you, and found a great lady. Carres this is my girlfriend Petronia. Petronia, this is a friend of mine, Carres.” George smiled brightly. He seemed as if he was extra happy to be over Carres. No one could be happier than Carres. Carres’s facial expression changed when she heard the girl’s name. “I’m sorry Petronia, but do you know what your name means?” Carres asked, hoping the girl would say yes. Carres knew that she had to tell the girl, since she had brought it up. “Well, your name by definition means country bumpkin. It’s derived from the Latin word Petra which means rock.” Petronia’s friendly face got brighter. She looked at Carres with interest. “That is really interesting. You’re so smart. Thank you.” Petronia said with a heavy country accent. “Where are you from Petronia?” Carres asked out of curiosity. She could tell that everyone at her table wanted to laugh. “Why, I’m from the proud back waters of Mississippi!” She said excitedly. Carres nearly bubbled over with laughter. “Well, it was nice meeting you. I’m very happy for you both.” Carres said with a smile. As they walked away Carres turned around and laid her head in her hands, tryin to wait till George and his date left. As soon as they went through the door, she busted out laughing. “ I can’t believe it. She didn’t know what her name meant? Oh my goodness, George went from great to bad in less than a day. Oh my god, that poor man. Hell will be coming for her if she ever breaks up with him. He will stalk her till he dies.” Carres said. Every one was laughing at what had just happened. “Hell if that isn’t a country bumpkin I don’t know what is!” Said Vin. “Can you believe it? She is probably going to go home now and think about it for the rest of the week! I can’t believe it. I thought she would be pissed as hell when u said that.” Said Curtis stifling a laugh. “Wow, has this been a good night or what? I’m ready to go home now. I’m tired and I’m hungry and my stomach hurts. I think we should go now.” Michelle said while laughing. The guys got up and waited for the girls to get up and grab their purses. Michelle walked arm in arm with Curtis, and Vin and Carres walked holding hands, each couple having their own private moment. Vin and Carres walked in silence. Carres looked up at him and considered them dating. Well that was what they were kind of doing now. But were they actually boyfriend girlfriend? It was a childish way to think of it. It reminded Carres of high school relationships. All she knew what that she was not going to press anything, just let it all flow. For the first time, just going with the flow was working for her. She felt quite content with him. Carres looked up at Michelle and Curtis. They were both laughing and looking happy. Nothing could be better than this night. They all finally reached the car and drove home. Carres got into the bathroom and took a shower. After which Vin got in and took his shower. Carres walked to the kitchen and got a glass of water. She opened her back door and walked onto her small deck. She sat on the railing with her back facing the door and looked up into the sky. Vin walked into the kitchen. He noticed the door was open. As he walked up to the screen door, he saw Carres sitting quietly on the rail. He looked at her, not daring to make any noise to disturb her. He became engrossed in his own thoughts. “God, she’s beautiful. I can’t believe it. She is the first woman to captivate me like this. I want to say so much to her, but I don’t know what’s going on in her head. I want to be more than just friends with her, but how am I supposed to do that? It’s funny that I’m actually having a problem with this; normally I never have trouble with women. Yet, I don’t feel like I’m having trouble. I don’t know what I’m feeling. All I know is that I’m loving every minute of it.” Vin thought. He slowly brought his senses back to reality and took a step onto the deck. He stood in the place next to Carres. She looked down at him, and turned on the rail so that she faced the door. She placed her hand on his arm and pulled him in front of her. “Did you have fun with us?” She asked. She was quite and reserved at that moment. She felt tired yet she didn’t want to go to sleep, only relax. “I had a wonderful time. I’m glad I accepted your offer to stay with you. I really appreciate it. I loved your song. It was so soulful. It felt as if that was exactly what was in your heart. I never knew you had such a passionate voice.” Vin said. As he replayed the sentence in his mind, he thought how corny it must sound. “It’s really no problem. I like having you around. I’ve gotten so used to you, it would feel weird to not have you with me.” Carres said, while smiling. Suddenly she locked eyes with Vin. His hand reached up and ever so gently touched her face. Carres’s eyes closed to the feeling of the wonderful sensation she felt. Vin drew her face to meet his, while stepping closer to fill the space between them. After what seemed an eternity their lips finally met. Carres’s hands crept up Vin’s arms and wrapped themselves around his neck to draw him closer. Vin’s hands slowly crept up her thighs and enclosed around her waist. Carres could feel something creep through her body, she wondered if Vin felt it too. She didn’t want to end the kiss, and had a feeling that Vin felt the same way. She slowly pulled from him, but tapped a light kiss on his lips. She looked down at him, and smiled. She had wanted to do that for months. She looked into his eyes. And what beautiful eyes they were, the perfect shade of the darkest brown. Neither of them said a word to each other, they just stared. Carres didn’t want to break the wonderful silence, but she desperately wanted to know how far Vin wanted to take this. Did he want a friendship or a relationship? “Vin…” Carres said with a certain strain in her voice. Vin didn’t say anything. He could tell she had more to say than his name. Which sounded wonderful coming from her soft lips. “I want you to be perfectly honest with me. I want to know… How do you feel about me?” Carres said, not looking directly at him, but not looking away from him. Vin took a deep breath. Here was his chance to tell her everything. He hoped he wouldn’t choke. “I like you. I love you like a friend, and I know that there is something more that I feel for you too. I don’t think I fully love you to the point where I want to become your husband and spend the rest of my life with you, you know. But I do love being around you and being with you. Sometimes it makes me wonder if we can have something more.” Vin said, with his usual confidence. He looked her straight in the eye and waited for her response. Carres looked at his face. She wasn’t sure how to respond, and yet knowing exactly how to respond. She just bent down and kissed him. She kissed him deep and slow, making sure her point was given without any misunderstanding. When they broke the kiss, Carres looked at Vin. “I think you understand my answer.” Vin nodded. They both smiled. Vin lifter Carres off the railing, and pulled her into his arms. In the morning Carres rolled over and looked at the clock. It was eight thirty. She moaned and turned on her back. She reached up and turned on the stereo sitting on her bed head. Ja Rule was playing on the radio. She stretched and yawned. She rolled over to get her self out of bed, and fell over. Obviously she still wasn’t fully awake. She laughed and laid on the ground listening to the song. After the song was finished she got up and went to the bathroom to wash her face and brush her teeth. She walked out of her room, and walked straight to Vin’s bedroom. As she was about to knock the door, she noticed the smell of food. She turned and headed towards the kitchen. There she found a perfectly set table with pancakes, French toast, scrambled eggs just the way Carres liked them, and orange juice. Carres looked over at the stove and saw Vin cooking up some sausages. “Yum! I am so hungry, and you are so wonderful to make breakfast. I was going to, but since I’m not a morning person I didn’t get up on time.” Carres said sitting down, with a large smile on her face. Vin came to the table and put down the plate of sausages. He sat at the place set across from Carres, and began to put food onto his plate. Carres did the same. As the month progressed Carres and Vin got closer. They were always together. Vin helped Carres with her work. They worked out each day, and went over the lines for the movie. Carres’s friends embraced Vin into their circle. Everything was going great. Nothing could break Vin and Carres apart. Both were in heaven, nothing could get better. “Hello?” Carres said as she answered the phone. “Hello, Carres. This is Mr. Hayes. I’m calling to let you and Vin know about the promotion dates.” Carres had forgotten all about the promotion. “Hold on let me get a pen and paper.” Carres put down the receiver on the table and went to get a paper and pen. “O.k. You can go ahead now.” Carres said while balancing the receiver between her shoulder and ear. “The promotion will be held at the Hastings hotel. The date is set for May 14th, at two thirty in the afternoon. I’m not sure how long it will last. The dress is casual, not flashy. You don’t have to wear some Gucci evening gown or anything like that. Just a nice simple dress or skirt and shirt will do fine. Is Vin around, I would just like to have a quick chat with him?” Mr. Hays finished. Carres was still scribbling notes on the paper she had. “Just a quick sec and I will get him.” Carres said. She put down the receiver and walked into Vin’s room. He was sorting out his dirty clothes to do laundry later. “Mr. Hays is on the phone. He wants to talk to you.” Carres turned and walked out of the door. Vin followed. “Hello.” Vin answered. Carres walked into the kitchen when he picked up the phone. She noticed that he was quiet for a while. “O.k. Vin, I have to make this quick. I need you and Carres to act like more than just friends at this promo. I want you to act the part, but when they ask if you two are dating don’t say yes but don’t say no either.” Mr. Hays stopped for a second. “We are actually dating, so we wont’ have to pretend.” Vin said. “ It’s about time. I’ve been wondering how long it would take you two. Does she know that your real name is not Vin? You should let her know the difference between your Hollywood status and your real status. It will come back and bite you in the butt if you don’t.” Mr. Hays said. Mr. Hays had always though of Vin as a member of his family, and took the liberty to give Vin the best advice when needed and possible. “Yes, I know. I will before we come back. So I assume that you already told Carres all the other information. Are you going to arrange a limo? I know that’s your style.” “You know me too well. Make sure you both are ready on time.” Mr. Hayes said. “O.k. See you in L.A.” Vin said, and hung up the phone. Vin got up, and walked into the kitchen. Carres was outside sitting on the deck. He walked out and sat with her. They said nothing to each other; they just enjoyed the quiet moment. Vin rested his hand on hers. Carres eventually moved her position from her chair to his lap. They sat in an affectionate embrace. Carres closed her eyes. She rested her head on top of Vin’s. It seemed as if this was what she has been looking for her whole life. All she ever wanted in a relationship was a man who was smart, good looking, kind, and affectionate. Vin was that and more. She felt safe and loved in his arms. Carres had always felt a certain kind of emptiness inside. She never had a relationship with a man where she felt that void fill up. She felt as if she was quiet content and complete now and in this moment. Carres was wholly embracing and fanaticizing the idea that she had possibly found true love. She felt that she had finally found someone who wouldn’t judge her no matter what. “It feels so good to have you in my arms.” Vin said, quietly. “I was thinking the same thing. We think so much a like it’s uncanny.” Carres said, jokingly. “I just want you to know one thing. When we are doing something together for publicity or what ever it may be involving the media, I act totally different. I have to be that way. I have to act cocky and egotistical and all that. But what I am showing you here is me. I know you already know that, but I wanted to make sure.” Vin said he knew he didn’t have to tell her. Carres always knew what was up with him. “It’s fine, as long as you don’t totally ignore me. I know you have two different lives and two different personalities that you have to portray at different times. It doesn’t bother me, because I know that at the end of the night your still here with me. I’m glad you took the effort to make it known though. I’m going to go and pick out what I’m wearing tomorrow. If I don’t’ get up and do it now then I will sit here with you doing absolutely nothing, and we can’t have that then can we.” Carres hugged him, kissed the top of his head, and then got up and walked into her room. Soon after Vin followed her. In their separate rooms they picked out what they would wear. The next morning Carres got her clothes on and got ready to go. She put on a black sleeveless turtleneck, a kaki skirt and black knee high boots to go with it. She put her hair in a tight ponytail, and walked to Vin’s room to get his seal of approval. She entered with out knocking and saw him wearing a black button down Polo shirt with kakis and black shoes. Vin looked up. They both looked shocked to realize that they had picked the same colors to wear. “Well, now we know just how much we think a like. Even in separate rooms we pick the same things to wear. Well we both look great. How great would it be if we went just like this in coordinating outfits, and then act all lovey dovey, as if we aren’t already, and play thins whole thing off. I swear, Hays would love us for it.” Carres said, her head racing with ideas. “I agree we should. It would be too rich not to. The tabloids will chew it up. You are just too good. Beauty, brains, and creativity; what a great combination.” Vin said while walking up to her and wrapping her in his arms. “Should I wear my hair up like this or down like this?” Carres asked as she turned and modeled her hair for him, and then pulled out the hair band and shook her head. “I personally think that down looks ravishing, but up fits the mode of the outfit better. Oh, I sound like a fashion designer, but then again I have to be around them for so long, it’s not surprising that I picked up a few things.” Vin said, with an ironic tone to his voice. Carres walked to the mirror, and checked herself over. She hadn’t put on any make up yet. “I still have to go put on some make up, and perfume. I think you should wear the Preferred Stock cologne. You know that’s my favorite right now.” Carres winked at him and walked out of the room. “You don’t need the make up. You look perfect without it.” Vin called after her. “I really shouldn’t put any on. I don’t’ feel like having to go through all that effort. It’s so annoying to put on make up, it going to come off anyway. I think I will just go put on some make up, and finish with that. Not the problem is which one to use I love them all. Vin which should I use?” “Let me go and help you. You look like you are about to have a whole fit and a half if you don’t decide soon.” Vin said laughing. “You know what? You’re not funny. I think I’m going to call you Mark from now on. I think I like that better than Vin. Vin makes you sound like some macho guy, even though you are, but still.” Carres said, turning to walk out of his room into her own. Vin walked in the room looked at her perfume and chose dream life. Vin took the bottle and sprayed Carres’s neck. He then bent down to her neck and smelt her. He slowly moved upwards and kissed her lips. Carres slowly ran her hands over his muscled arms and entwined them around his neck. “We got to stop. If we continue we won’t ever leave and Hays will be mad if we don’t go.” Vin said, reluctantly pulling away from her. Carres smiled. Right then the doorbell rang. Carres turned and grabbed her purse and light jacket. Vin waited for her and then held the door for her. They left in a black limo. They arrived at the Hastings Hotel, promptly at two. There was a lot of press standing outside of the hotel, flashing cameras. Everyone was trying to get a glimpse of the couple. Carres allowed Vin to go first. She heard millions of people screaming his name. She smiled, feeling a great sense of pride that her boyfriend was getting all this admiration. He turned and held his hand out for her. She took hold and got out of the limo. Vin helped her up and pulled her into his arms. They smiled as people flashed millions of pictures. Vin then led them down the red carpet laid outside of the hotel. They went to entrance and were quickly led to a small room, by a group of very large men. Carres looked at them. “Wow. Hayes hires the biggest and the best security guards.” Carres thought. “Ok. My name is Marcus. This is where you will have to stay for a few minutes, while we finish setting up and ushering the press in. We will introduce you and call you in when we are ready. There are some refreshments over there.” The guy quickly walked out along with the bodyguards. Carres assumed that they were standing outside the door. She looked around the room. Vin had already sat down. She walked over to the table and took a bottle of water. She took it and went to sit next to Vin. He put his arm around her, and she snuggled closer to his body. “So, what is it like? Is it like high pressure, or informal?” Carres asked, taking a sip of her water. “Well, it’s not too high pressure. There is some pressure of trying to quickly think of the right answer. You can’t tell them the whole truth you still have to tell them something with some validity. It’s kind of hard, but it’s somewhat easy. I don’t know. But you really have to be on your game 100%. If they find one fault in how you act or behave they will chew you up. What I do is I act perfectly confident, as if there is nothing that I am hiding. But there is more than enough of what I am hiding. This should be easy for you, because you are confident, and there is nothing for you to hide. But what ever you do, keep the conversation on the movie, and not on us. They will ask you about us, but what you do is tell them about the characters of the movie. When you answer questions make them sound lengthy but be quick. For you, if they ask you what your character is like say something like “My character is a black woman which is why I play here, and she is incredibly confident. She and I share a lot of the same qualities.” Or something like that you know. It sounds more than it is. One thing though, if they ask you if we date or anything about your private life, go right to the character. Say something like “Well Vin and I work closely because our characters work closely. Our characters do eventually hook up in the movie, but I can’t tell you about that, you have to go see the movie to find out.” You know what I mean. Try to keep as much focus of your private life, and keep it on the movie.” Carres nodded, she had a concentrated look on her face. Just as Vin finished his sentence, they were called in. They got up and Vin turned to her. “Ready?” Carres nodded in response. “Remember what how have to do. Perfect confidence.” Carres caught the hidden meaning in his statement. He was reminding her to act as if there was more going on that just a friendship. Carres nodded again in response. He turned to face the door, and Carres held his hand. They walked out together, looking the part of pure confidence. They looked at each other and smiled. A door was opened for them, and they were pointed to the direction of a stage with a podium. “Vin Diesel and Carres Deer, the new stars of XXX: the sequel!” A person standing at the podium quickly said and got of the stage. Carres and Vin walked on. “Hello everyone. It’s nice to be here. Nice to talk about my movie! So if you would like you can start asking questions. I don’t’ know how everyone wants to start.” Vin said. Carres stood at his side. She felt a few butterflies in her stomach but forcibly ignored them. Vin could tell that she was getting nervous. He slowly moved his hand next to hers, and held her hand. Their fingers intertwined. The first question was directed at Carres. “Ms. Deer, how long have you been acting?” “This is my first major production, but I have done very very small projects previously.” Vin could feel Carres’s grip tighten. He robed the back of her hand with his thumb. Hoping that his action could give her some assurance. “Ms. Deer, what is your character like?” “Well, my character is a lot like myself. She is very confident, and doesn’t like to be pushed around. I think I play her very well for that fact.” Carres said smiling. Her nervousness began to slowly ease away. “Vin, how is it working with a new partner instead of Asia?” “Well, it’s a new change, but it has been working out wonderfully. Carres and I work well together.” Vin said nodding in emphasis. “Ms. Deer, same question.” “Well, I never figured I would be working with my favorite actor, but I just have to thank God everyday for blessing me with such an honor. Vin is quite talented.” Carres said looking over and winking at Vin. They both smiled. Vin gave her hand a quick squeeze. She was falling right into role. Even though it was all too easy. “Ms. Deer, where does the opening scene of the movie take place?” “That I cannot tell you. You have to see the movie to find out. Next please.” “Vin, are there any returning stars to the film?” “Yes, there are quite a few. It’s a surprise, you have to see the movie to find out who.” Vin said with a mischievous and confident grin on his face. “How do your characters meet in the movie?” “Well, Vin’s character is called in by the FBI to do another job, and they call in my character to be his new partner.” “What happens to Asia’s character?” “That one has not been finalized yet. They are still trying to come up with a creative enough scene for that. There have been a few ideas on the table, but the producers so far haven’t liked any of them. So I don’t really know the correct answer for that.” Carres said. Vin rubbed the back of her hand again. He was impressed on how well she was doing. He let her take the lead, and answer all the question. She was doing great, why stop her now. “Ms. Deer…” “Please, call me Carres. I hate formalities. Continue.” Carres said smiling. “Carres, I’ve herd that your character and Vin’s get pretty hot on screen, would you please elaborate on that?” “Well, I’m not supposed to say anything, but to wet your appetites, it is true.” Carres said smiling, she could here a muffled buzz around the room, as every one scrambled to write down the facts. “If that is true, is there going on off screen that we should know about?” “Vin’s character and I do have to work very closely. In the film he and I do become very close.” Carres replied. Vin smiled at her. “One thing that I want to say to everyone, and you can quote me on this, I may be new on the scene but don’t be too quick to judge me. Don’t knock it ‘till you’ve tried it. Don’t judge me ‘till you’ve seen my movie.” Carres said. There was a buzz around the room. Carres squeezed Vin’s hand. She knew she had played that question of good. Carres looked at her watch. An hour had passed. A few more questions were asked, and then some guy came up on stage an announced that questioning was over. And that it was time for the junket. Carres was placed in one room, and Vin in a separate room. The same people asked them the same questions. The junket was really boring. After an hour of being questioned, the media was ushered out of the hotel. Vin and Carres were escorted to their limo in the back of the hotel, because there were still a lot of people in the hotel. There were cold drinks in the limo, and a few snacks. Both of them partook of the provisions. They stayed silent all through the ride home. The limo pulled in front of Carres’s house, and they got out and went inside. Carres sat on the couch and Vin sat next to her. He rested his hand on her thigh. “I was very impressed on how you handled everything today. You almost made it look easy and less boring than it really is.” Vin said. “I swear if you weren’t standing with me, I would have gotten incredibly nervous. Normally I don’t get nervous, but when you can’t tell the truth, but you can’t tell a lie it’s kinda hard to think of what to say so quickly. And you have to do it all the time, you poor child.” Carres said, reaching over and resting her head on Vin’s shoulder while hugging him. “I’m going to get comfortable.” Carres said. She hiked up her skirt, and straddled Vin’s lap. She wrapped her arms around his neck and rested her head next to his. Vin instinctively wrapped his arms around her waist. They sat like this for a while. Carres eased up and faced Vin. She looked at his face intently. She started with his smooth baldhead, down to his deep brown eyes, his nose, and small but large soft kissable lips. Carres lowered her head and kissed him. She embraced him closely, and kissed him. It was the deepest, emotion filled kiss that Carres had ever bestowed upon someone. They allowed the kiss to linger on for some time, until Vin broke the wonderful embrace. “What was that for?” He asked, somewhat out of breath and shocked at Carres’s action. “I’m not exactly sure, but I think we should do it again to find out.” Carres said, winking at Vin. They resumed their embrace. As Vin ran his hand down Carres’s back, he felt her shiver in response. His hands traced her body down to her legs. Her legs; smooth and perfectly toned. Vin brought his hands back up to her back allowing his hands to slip beneath her shirt. He shifted the shirt up and brought his hands around her body to the front and fondled her breast. He heard her moan in response. Carres ran her hands over Vin’s muscular arms, and allowed her hands to move to the front of his body and unbutton his shirt. As soon as she managed to get the shirt open, her hands devoured his chest and took in eagerly the feel of every contour, texture, and response. Carres broke the kiss, and kissed Vin on the cheek, then she moved over to his left ear and nibbled on it in a way Vin had never felt, and then downwards to his neck. As she was about to move down to his chest in her exploration of his body, there was a knock on the door. Carres shot straight up, and looked towards the door. Quickly she got of Vin’s lap, and straightened out her clothes. She put her hair back into a neat ponytail, and helped Vin quickly button back his shirt. “Just a minute.” She called. She gave Vin a quick kiss and opened the door. Carres looked up and saw the one and only person who could ruin her current state of mind and emotion…George. Carres’s face looked shocked. She resisted the urge to punch George and slam the door in his face. “George…how may I help you?” Carres said sweetly, with a hint of anger in her voice. “I came to tell you that I broke up with Petronia.” He said looking down. “What do you want me to do? I am not exactly sure how to help you now a days.” Carres said, still not allowing him to enter her home. “I don’t know. I wish we could be friends again like we were in high school. I used to feel at ease around you, now I feel like I have to watch my back and be prepared for some kind of blow whether physical or verbal. I know I did some things to help change that, but I would really like for us to try again.” He said. He looked as if a burden had been lifted from his shoulders. Carres figured that this was probably what he had wanted to saw all along. She smiled. “George, come here.” She held out her arms to hug him. They embraced as old friends do. Carres rubbed his back in assurance. “I really appreciate you coming here and telling me how you feel. I would be honored to be your real friend again. All I wanted was for you to figure out what you really want and tell me to my face. You have a history of not doing that, but I think that time is finished. I’m very glad that we can be friends again.” Carres said. “Me to. Thank you. I’m going to go. So it’s ok for me to call you and stuff like that now right?” He said smiling, knowing very well that it was ok. “I’ll see you later.” Carres said. She slowly closed the door behind George, and turned to Vin. “It’s good to have a friend back. I swear it feels like we have been reunited after a hundred years of separation. Funny.” Carres said. “Shall we resume where we left off, or save the rest for another time?” Vin asked. “Humm let me show you.” Carres said seductively. She stood in front of Vin, and unbuttoned her shirt. She had on a red lace bra. It hugged her body so well, and showed of the curve and the swell of her breasts in a way that captivated and enticed Vin so badly. Vin rubbed her legs and hiked up her skirt as she straddled his lap again. Just as Vin was about to place his mouth on her body, the phone rang. Carres sighed heavily, and sat on the space next to Vin to reach for the phone. “Hello?” Carres said. “Hello? Carres?” Carres quickly scanned her mind for that voice. She then remembered a guy she had previously dated, if you can call it that. “Hi. How are you.” She said trying not to sound to angry that he interrupted her private tête-à-tête. “You don’t recognize my voice do you? It’s Marcus.” He said. Carres’s jaw instantly dropped. “Of course I know your voice. Was up?” She said somewhat glad to hear the familiar voice. “I heard about your movie. Congratulations. I’m happy for you.” He said kindly. “Thank you.” Carres answered his comments with quick and curt responses. “What are you doing tonight? I was hoping I could see you.” “I’m busy tonight. I’m also seeing someone right now.” Carres wasn’t sure how he would react. “You seeing someone. Well, there is nothing I can do about that one. I was hoping you would stay my little girlfriend, but I guess you grew up.” He said, with little to no emotion in his voice. “I told you when I left that it was over. It should have never started.” “So you regret everything that happened?” He asked. “I don’t really, but in a way I do. I regret it because I knew better, but not what happened.” Carres said. She hadn’t thought much about her relationship with Marcus since she left high school. “Well…what exactly happened to us Carres?” He sounded as if he didn’t know what to say next. “You were married and I wasn’t. I was a kid and you had kids. I was 16 and you were 33. It couldn’t have worked. The only reason why I let it happen was because of who you are. You have everything I want, but you weren’t accessible to me. So I grew up and moved on, now I’m with someone who I can be with and has everything I want.” Carres said. Vin was still sitting on the couch next to her. “I still want to see you. I divorced my wife, and my kids have grown up. Why can’t we be together now?” Carres could not believe he actually asked her this question. 26 years old, Carres did not need a man who was 43. That would be gross. “You are still 13 years older than I am. Your 43, that’s…. that’s…. just not what I want. I have someone here with me who is my age, and is great. I can’t be with you anymore. We can be friends, but listen I don’t’ want to have to put up with you obsessing over me. So you need to find your self a little girlfriend that is in your age group, and then we can be friends. I’ve already put up with guys obsessing over me. I’m not doing it again. Anyway, I got to go. I’ll talk to you another time.” “Ok. I see where you’re coming from. I won’t bother you like that but I do still want to be your friend. Bye.” “Bye.” Carres hung up. She looked straight ahead and then rested her head on her knee. Vin wasn’t sure how to react to what he had just heard. He wasn’t sure if he should react. Or if he even wanted to know. He looked over at Carres. At the same moment she looked over at him. “Do you want to know? I have no problem telling you.” It didn’t bother her if Vin knew. It was her past, and he was her future. “It doesn’t really matter. It’s kind of weird from what I herd, but it really doesn’t make much of a difference. It was your past you know what I mean. It would be informative, but doesn’t change anything.” He said, shrugging. “To make a summary of it. He can be classified as my first boyfriend. That’s really it.” Carres looked at him. It looked like she would not be able to get back to the moment before the interrupting call. Carres rose to go to her room. Vin reached out and grabbed her wrist. She turned to look at him. “Where are you going? We have unfinished business.” He winked at her. She smiled brightly, and allowed him to pull her to him. They kissed passionately. Vin ran his hand along her back as he kissed her neck. “Shall we take this to the bedroom? I don’t’ want anymore interruptions.” Vin said in a low sexy tone. Carres got up and walked to her room with Vin right behind her. As soon as the door closed they were in an embrace. Carres unbuttoned Vin’s shirt and ran her hands down his muscular chest. She pushed the shirt over his arms and let it drop to the floor. She then lowered her eyes to his belt. She undid the belt and unbuttoned his pants. Vin stood and allowed her to undress him. She reached into his pants and grabbed hold of his manhood. Vin closed his eyes. He reached around Carres, unzipped her skirt, and watched it fall to the floor. She was wearing red lace underwear that matched her bra. Vin lifted her up and carried her to the bed. He lifted the covers and laid her down. Carres moved over to make space for him to lay with her. He pulled off his pant and boxers and laid next to her. “Are you sure you want to do this?” Vin asked, ready for the acceptance but not for any form of rejection. Carres stood up and straddled over him. She removed her bra slowly and threw it too the side carelessly. As she put her thumbs in the side of her underwear, Vin stopped her. “Leave that. That is going to be my surprise.” He said with a low sexy tone to his voice. Carres smiled mischievously and sat down in his waist. She looked into his eyes, and bent down to kiss him. She placed kisses on his check on his neck, his chest, and stomach. Vin gently grabbed her, and rolled her onto her back so that he was on top. “I am going to give you so much pleasure it will feel like you got a special invite to heaven.” Vin said seductively, as he did just that. They spent the rest of the night, and most of the next day in Carres’s room together. They were sleeping, talking and making love. Both could say that was the best experience they had ever had. They laid in an entwined embrace through out the whole night. The sound of the phone ringing was the dreadful noise that woke them up. Carres moaned and rolled over to answer the phone. It was her friend Ebonie. “Hey Carres. How are you and Vin doing?” She asked with a friendly tone. “Fine, and you?” Carres replied sleepily. “Did you just wake up? You are aware that it is five o’clock in the evening?” Ebonie asked with disbelief in her voice. “Hold on. He’s still sleeping, I don’t want to wake him.” Carres got up and got the cordless phone out of the living room, and went back to her room to hang up the receiver. She then took a seat on the couch, and turned on the CD player. “So, what did you two do to make you be dead asleep ‘til five?” Ebonie asked, already conjuring up her suspicions. “Ebonie, I won’t lie to you. Between yesterday, last night, and this morning I have had the most incredible, most fulfilling, and mind-blowing sex in my life. Now I know I have only had sex once before, but good GOD! This was just too good to be true! Ebonie let me tell you what happened.” Carres paused and continued. “After the press thing we had to do, he and I are just sitting on the couch having a nice little conversation about the press release. I highly impress him. I was so nervous when we started and then I was like, this ain’t that bad. So we were talking, and I just leaned over and kissed him. And then He was like what was that for, and I said something to him. So then I go well I’m going to get more comfortable, and I hiked up my skirt and I like straddled his lap. That man has the nicest pair of lips, we started making out. Just as I finished buttoning his shirt the doorbell rings. Guess who?” Carres said, knowing her friend wouldn’t be able to guess. “I don’t know, tell me! Keep going!” Ebonie said anxiously. “It was George. The reason he cam over was to basically apologize for staking me quote un quote, and told me how he wanted to just be friends like back in high school. I took him back. I think he finally got the point I’ve been trying to get through to him. So he leaves, and I bring my attentions back to Vin. And he’s like, shall we continue or save it. I’m like let me show you. I was all sexy and stuff. So I unbuttoned my shirt, and just as we were about to start kissing, the phone rings. It’s old ass Marcus. He was tryin to get with me again, after I already told him no. So I tell him I’m already with someone, and we hang up. But Vin heard the whole conversation. Some of it sounded weird, like some kind of R. Kelly stuff. I explain it all in a quick summary, and I wasn’t sure how he was going to react, so I was like ok I’ll make my exit now. But as I got up he grabbed my hand as was like where are you going we have unfinished business. I was like yum. So we go to my bedroom, got naked, and have a wonderful night and basically day of meritorious sex. That is why I am just now waking up. Ebonie, I think this one is a keeper, but I am not making any promises yet. Being as how I know him, but in a way I don’t know him. But Ebonie, it was just too good to be true! He knew exactly what to do, I don’t’ think I have ever had an orgasm before him. It’s just like those herbal essences commercials except I got a man to do it for me.” Carres stopped talking. “Wow. I need to get me on of those. I swear I never get to have fun like you. But I know it will come in time.” Ebonie commented. They both stayed silent for a moment. “Well, I will let you get back to your man. Have fun!” Ebonie said. “I will. I’ll talk to you later.” Carres said, both girls laughing. Carres hung up the phone and walked to the kitchen. She grabbed a bottle of water, and then headed to the bathroom. She brushed her teeth before she drank the water and went back into her room. She found Vin wide-awake lounging on her bed. Vin raised his eyebrow at her. She looked at him with a look asking, “What are you looking at?” He looked her body up and down. Carres followed the path of his eyes, and realized that she was naked. “You know you like it.” She said half jokingly half serious. “I didn’t say I objected did I? Come here let me hold you.” Vin said. Carres took the spot next to him. She found a comfortable and warm spot next to him. He wrapped his arms and body around her in a protective feel. Neither of them said anything. Vin played with Carres’s hair, while Carres closed her eyes and enjoyed the feel of him protecting and comforting her. Finally Carres broke the silence. “I was on the phone when you woke up.” Carres said. That wasn’t the best thing she could have said, but it was what first popped out of her mouth. She mentally kicked herself. “I know I heard when it rang. I was just a little slow in reacting to it. How’s Ebonie doing?” “Fine. She said to tell you Hi.” Carres said lazily. “That’s good. So let me ask you a question. Did I bring you to heaven?” He chuckled at the use of his earlier statement. “Most defiantly. If you had kept it up I would have just moved to heaven.” They laughed. Vin changed his position and rested on his elbow above her. “Well I’m glad you enjoyed it. Honestly I’ve never had such wonderful sex in all my years of experience.” Vin said as he moved some hair out of Carres’s face. “Me too. I’ve only had sex once before this, and it wasn’t that damn good. I mean it was good but this; there isn’t a word that can come to mind to describe it. I’m pretty sure that I have never been able to have an orgasm until now. I suddenly feel like I’ve been a deprived woman. For me, this was more than sex. I still can’t get over it, and the way I’m feeling I hope I never do.” Carres said. Vin stayed quite. He just laid next to her and played with her hair. Carres replayed what she just said in her mind. ‘I sounded so corny!’ she thought. Oh well, what was done was done. She just relaxed into Vin’s embrace. She closed her eyes and allowed him to play in her hair. Both of them fell asleep. When Vin woke up he looked at the clock. It was 3:30 in the morning. Vin moved his arm from under Carres, and realized the she was also in the process of waking up. Vin sat up and stretched as he watched Carres. She stretched, and then reached up to turn on the radio. She hit the turner button with perfect accuracy. She then switched between a few stations. Carres couldn’t find what she wanted to hear. She switched from the radio to the CD player. An Ella Fitzgerald cd began to play. Carres pulled the covers over her body, and turned on her stomach. She then stretched again and finally sat up. Carres didn’t look over at Vin. If he didn’t know any better he would have though that she didn’t notice him sitting there. She just got up and walked to her bathroom. She looked as if she was getting up for a regular day. While she was in the bathroom, Vin got out of bed and picked up their clothes that still laid on the floor. He then spread the bed. After Carres left the bathroom, he entered. Carres walked around the house preparing for her day. She then passed by the stereo while glancing at it. She noticed the time. “I really and truly got up at 4 o’clock in the morning. Forget this I though it was later, I’m going back to my nice warm bed.” She said, with humor and disbelief. “Actually, I think I’m going to call Ebonie.” Carres thought. She sat down on the couch with a mischievous smile on her face. She dialed Ebonie’s number. After a few rings Ebonie finally answered the phone. “Hi Soapy! What are you doing?” Carres said cheerfully. “What time is it? Waite, who is this?” Ebonie said cloudily, still half asleep. “It is exactly four o five! For some unknown reason I decided to call you. So what is my best friend doing?” Carres said with her sugary tone. “Your best friend is doing what she always does at four o’clock in the morning with her boyfriend, which you are currently interrupting. But…. Since I don’t have a quote unquote Vin Diesel your not interrupting anything but my much needed beauty sleep.” “So I’m not interrupting anything am I?” Carres said giggling. “No.” Ebonie said with heavy sarcasm. “Well I had one itsy bitsy favor to ask.” Carres said knowing what her ridiculous favor would be. “What?” Ebonie said finally beginning to wake up. “Can you come and do my hair?” Carres said, ready to burst out laughing. “Sure, what time.” Ebonie asked ready to do her friend a favor. “I was thinking right around…now! Yeah now would be good.” Carres said. She could picture Ebonie sitting up in disbelief at the weird request. “Now? Girl what kind of crack are you smoking. Sure I’ll be right over in the next five minutes. Please at found o’clock in the morning the only place I’m going is back to sleep. I think I will talk to you tomorrow, oh wait since you interrupted my sleep it already is tomorrow.” Ebonie said. “So you’ll be over soon, right?” Carres said very excited. “I’ll be over later, but technically it is later. But technically I’m going back to sleep, so technically I’ll see you later. I’m really going to sleep now, good bye.” Ebonie said with heavy sarcasm. “Ok then. I’ll do my hair myself. With no best friend, at four o’clock in the morning. Bye Bye Soapy.” Carres said with a sad tone hoping to change her friends mind, even though she knew that would not happen. “A word of advice, don’t call me at four in the morning anymore. Just because you can’t sleep doesn’t mean that I can’t. Good morning.” Ebonie hung up the phone. Carres busted out laughing. She got up laughing and holding her stomach. She walked back into her room, and saw Vin toweling off. “Wow! It wasn’t a dream. He really was in my room last night. Well, I’ll be damned! I though it was all a dream.” Carres thought to herself. Randomly she just busted out laughing. Vin turned around and saw Carres kneeling on the floor laughing. “What is so funny?” Vin said. “Absolutely nothing! I just got of the phone with Ebonie. It was the dumbest but funniest conversation. I really should not be allowed to leave my bed at four in the morning. I am so hyper now, and I can’t stop laughing.” Carres said holding her stomach. Vin gave her a puzzling look. “Ok. Well I’m hungry. I suggest that we both go and get something to eat, and in the process calm you down.” Vin said. He couldn’t help but laugh. “Ok I think I should go back to bed, being as how I’m not allowed to be up this early anyway. But since I’m up and I know I won’t go back to sleep, lets go.” Carres stood up. “Ouch, my stomach hurts from all the laughing. But I needed it; I was tired of being serious. It’s fun to just laugh for no reason. But I think I’ll go back to being serious now.” Carres took a deep breath and walked out the door with Vin following behind. Chapter 3 Actors & Lovers “Hello.” Vin answered the phone. “Hello Vin. This is Mr. Hayes. I just wanted to call you and Carres to give you all the flight information. Grab a pen and paper.” Vin looked around and found a notepad on the coffee table. He grabbed it with the pen next to it. “O.k. first of all you and Carres will be going to separate locations. She will be going to Paris to shoot her scenes until you finish with Asia. You and Asia will be shooting in L.A. Your flight leaves at 7:30 in the morning. Carres’s flight will be leaving at seven. You guys leave in a week. You should bring warm clothing; weather in Europe can change quickly.” “Ok. That’s fine. I’ll let Carres know. She will be thrilled to go to Paris. All that French she learned will come in handy.” Vin said with a small chuckle. “Yes, maybe she can interpret for us. Tell her to brush up on her French. I’ll talk to you later.” Mr. Hayes hung up the phone. “Carres!” Vin yelled. Carres walked out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel. “Did you forget I was in the shower? What are you screaming for?” Carres said with some sarcasm. “Don’t come with your little sarcasm. I might not tell you then.” Vin said teasing her. “Don’t even start. What do you have to tell me.” Carres walked over in her towel. “Well…Mr.Hayes just called… and told me that your goin g to France. Paris actually.” Vin said as if he didn’t care. He looked over at Carres. He saw her eyes widen in excitement, she was about to jump when she stopped. “I’m sorry I don’t think I heard you right. I though you said I was going to Paris?” She said half believing what he was saying. “Well…” Before he could continue, Carres ran over to him and sat next to him. “Tell me now!” She said behind eager, clenched teeth. “Yes” Carres gave the loudest, most excited scream she could release. Vin covered his ears. Carres’s hands flew into the air, as she screamed. She jumped out of her seat and began jumping up and down. Carres was too excited to contain herself. “Oh my GOD! I have to brush up on my French. After all these years it will finally come in handy! Oh My GOD! How hot is this? I’m going to Paris!” Carres yelled at the top of her lungs. Then randomly she stopped. A thought popped into her head. “Where are you going? Are you going to Paris?” She said. “I’m going to L.A first and then I will join you in Paris.” Vin said. “Ok. That’s fine! We are going to Paris!” She ran into her room, and turned on her stereo and blasted it. She got dressed and then came out of her room to find Vin. “What are we doing tonight? We don’t have to pack or anything, because we have…How much time do we have before we have to leave?” She asked “We have a week. Lets go to the movies. I haven’t seen a good one in a while.” Vin said. “Are you sure about that? People might recognize you and all that drama.” “It will be fine. There shouldn’t be a problem. I’ll handle it.” He kissed her forehead, and went to his room to get ready. For the next week Carres and Vin went out every night together, as they slowly prepared their bags to leave to their sets. They had gotten so used to always being around each other it was somewhat hard to separate. Carres took the long flight to Paris, and Vin to L.A. As soon as Carres got to Paris she was put right back into training. She was allowed to go sight seeing afterwards, but most times she was too tired. She stayed in her room and began to memorize her lines for the first two scenes she was in. After a month had passed, Vin finally arrived from L.A. He told Carres about how he had to go through two weeks of training and then two weeks of filming. As soon as Vin arrived, the filming for their first scene began. Day after day the shooting continued to the wee hours of the morning. Carres loved every tiring minute of it. ***To Be Continued***